Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Nihilist Дискографија (2000 - 2013)


 Hate-Addicted (demo) 2000

3. Pure Hate 
4. Union of Sick Assholes 
5. (2BLIND2C) 
6. Am I Desease? 
7. Cat in a Gloves Catches no Mice 
8. The Real Game 
9. Cleandown 
10. Occupied (HA, HA, HA) 

 Another Dispersion of Hate 2005

1.Modern Age Control
2.Decapitation Of The Two-headed Eagle
3.Grind Our Kind
4.Underground Of The Underground
5.Spanish Inquisition For The TV Soap Production
7.One Book Man
8.Real Game
9.Until I See Red
10.Hard-core Crusade
11.Down With...
12.Pretty Shitty City

After a Decade in Hate (Alive) / Metal je Rat (split) 2010
Nihilist (Mkd)

1.Modern Age Control
2.Decapitation of the Two-headed eagle
3.Am i disease
4.Hard-Core crusade
5.Spanish inquistion for the tv soap production
6.Down with...
7.Cat in gloves catches no mice
8.Underground of the underground
9.Marks of life
10.Don't kill yourself to live (Pro-Pain cover)

11.Metal je rat
12.Zlo i naopako
13.Hrani babu da te ujede
14.Iks iks iks
15.Usro si motku

  Hate Induced Global Decay 2013

1. In The Tomb
2. Two-Colored Option
3. Kingdom Under Fire
4. Servants of the Prison Box
5. This Fight is Mine
6. Balkanian Picnic
7. Uforical Mind Evaporation
8. Marks of Life
9. Strong Beliefs
10. Victims of Tomorrow
11. The Final Prelude


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