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Brigade O.D. Дискографија (1991 - 2002)

Smash the Army Before They Smash You(demo) 1991

1.Intro (Hello Industrial) 
2.Brigade O.D. 
3.Real dulls (Stop using animals) 
5.Use them together 
6.Nuclear power-shit 
7.I fuck____________ 
8. Money still stinks (for D.R.I.) 
9. Money still stinks (reprise) 
10. No more 
11.What's wrong with you 
12.Staight edge sucks 
13.This is not my war, FUCK YOU !!! 
14.No control 
15.We love jazz, we love John Zorn 
16.Interuption creed 
17.Live your own life 
18.Straight things

Forever Punk, Forever Drunk (split) 2000

Side A
1.Pizda Materna - UnproforPomaga
2.Pizda Materna - Lost Life
3.Pizda Materna - Jump in the Void
4.Pizda Materna - Skok V Prazno

Side B
1.Brigade O.D. - No More
2.Brigade O.D. - Intense

The Last Temptation of Dying Us (Dark, Smoke, Action!)
(split) 2000

Side A
1.Pizda Materna - Izgubljeno Življenje 
2.Pizda Materna - Usoda Človeštva 
3.Pizda Materna - Skok V Prazno 
4.Pizda Materna - Karaoke Punk 
Side B
1.Brigade O.D. - What's Wrong With You 
2.Brigade O.D. - Live Your Life 
3.Brigade O.D. - No More 
4.Brigade O.D. - Intense 
5.Brigade O.D. - Real Dull
6.Brigade O.D. - That Girl 
7.Brigade O.D. - No Control 
8.Brigade O.D. - Double Play 
9.Brigade O.D. - Better World

  Live ? 2002

1.Intro /Against War/ 
2. New Soldier 
3. No Control 
4. Live Your Life 
5. No More 
6. Nuclear Power Shit 
7. What's Wrong with You 
8. Show Me the Way 
9. Day Without 
10. Better World 
11. F.O. Pray 
12. Right Choice 
13. Don't Tell Lies 
14. Bukefal 
15. Intense 
16. Real Dulls

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