Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

Clean Heart Discography (2000 - 2003)

Manipulation  (demo) 2000

2.Jesus Resurged 
3.Clean Heart
4.Accept Jesus 
 Fight in the Name of God EP 2003

1.Fight in the Name of God
2.Heavenly Place
3.Time to War
4.Human Safety

Scarlet Drop Discography (2007 - 2013)

Metamorphosis  EP 2007

3.Last Time
4.Your Loss My Gain 

Broken Wings  EP 2009

2.Broken Wings 
3.Pursuit (the Chase) 
4.A Silent Scream

Just Watch Me (single) 2011

1.Just Watch Me 

 This Is a Story (single) 2011

1.This Is a Story

This Time Around (single) 2013

1. This Time Around 

Dead Moons Grey Discography (2009 - 2010)


Smokey Mountain Way 2009
2.One Eyed God (the TV) 
4.Thirst for War
5.True Colors
6.Wait On
7.Ferry Man 
8.Sad Holar
9.Ashe Tuesday
DMG 2010
3.Mother Truth
 7.Knuckles in the Wind
8.True Colors
 9.Let Go

Sacrosent Discography (2015 - 2018)

El reino perdido 2015

2.Barco a Tarsis
3.Soldado de metal
5.Legado eterno
6.El reino perdido
 7.El último portal

Lastima (single) 2018


Neversatan Discography (2005 - 2014)

Antidemon / Margorium / Neversatan / Escarna 
 Extreme Fest (split) DVD 2005

1.Neversatan - Intro - Music "Walking at Night Cold" of Neversatan 
2.Margorium - Intro, Interview and Show 
3.Escarna - Intro, Interview and Show 
4.Antidemon - Show and Interview 

Walking into the Cold Night 2014

2.Walking into the Cold Night
3.Mythological Cry 
5.Time Tempest of the Dark Village

Dreamer - "Full Metal Racket" 1991

Full Metal Racket  1991

1.Full Metal Racket (5:10)
2.Cryin (3:29)
3.Don't Stop Now (3:39)
4.Somewone Cares For You (3:43)
5.She's My Angel (4:37)
7.Never Alone (3:51)
8.Shake The Dust (3:27)
9. Love From Above (3:35)
10. Take It Away (5:53)
11.Thank You Lord (3:07)

My Place Was Taken Discography (2015 - 2018)

Demo 2015

2.El Lugar De La Calavera
3.Caos Total 
4.En Mi Lugar

Imparables (single) 2018

2.Cordero Y Leon
3.Mi Familie
4.Guerra Interna
5.Sociedad Demente

Septemberdead - "The Ruins of Faith" 2015


The Ruins of Faith 2015

1.The Ruins of Faith
2.Holy War
4.Price of Salvation

Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Miryade - "Canto dos anjos" EP 2014

Canto dos anjos  EP 2014

2.Ele virá 
5.Canto dos anjos

Perpetual Legacy Discography (2015 - 2019)

A New Symphony for Him 2015

1.Lost in Darkness 
2.Looking for the Endless Light
3.nside Your Secret Chest 
4.A Beautiful Truth
5.A New Symphony for Him
7.Kairos in Aeternum 
8.Our Pride
9.Singing Forever 
10.Blood Tears 
11.I Looked up High  

119 - Theme Of My Songs (single) 2019

1.119 - Theme Of My Songs

Diall Discography (1986 - 1994)

 Shoseiki II (demo) 1986

2.Dark Eyes Know Place 

 Pierrot and Crime 1994

1. Make Me Forget 
2.Let's Talk Over 
3.Granted Life
4.Too Late to Turn Back 
5.Favorite Phrase
7. Dividing Line 
8. Pierrot and Crime
9. Call My Name 
10.Sailing Alone
11.Sailing Alone (orchestral version)

Frank Needs Help Discography (2012 - 2019)

 I Am a Believer (single) 2012

1. I Am a Believer (Demo Edition) 

Mister Rich's Decay (single) 2013

1.Mister Rich's Decay 

The Storm Is Still Raging 2013

1.Intro (instrumental)
2.Outside Inside 
4.Mr. Rich's Decay 
5.Red Heart on a Paper 
6.A Song For You
7.I Am a Believer
8.Take Me As I Am 
10.Mission Love: Failed 
11.King Of Love
12.Storm Is Still Raging
13.Gifts (instrumental)
14.Bread for the Deathmachine 
15.Frank Needs Help 
16.Mr. Rich's Decay (Bonus Edit) 

 Dead Man Alive (single) 2015

1.Dead Man Alive

Dethroned EP 2016

2.Mexican Standoff
3.Tunnel Digger
4.False Prophet
5.Fake Promises (feat. Askara)
6.Follower (feat. Lena Tiefenthaler)  

Relevance 2019

2.Dear Thoughts
3.Mammon (feat. Ryan Kirby)
6.Eternal Longing (feat.Colin Staeger)
7.Hermit Heart
9.The Circus

Enzo and the Glory Ensemble Discography (2015 - 2020)

 In the Name of the Father 2015

 1.In the Name of The Father (vocalizations: Enzo Donnarumma)
2.Psalm 63 (special guest: Brian Ashland)
3. The Lord’s Prayer (special guest: Kobi Farhi)
4.Anima Christi (special guest: Kobi Farhi)
5.Glory be to The Father (special guest: Amulyn)
6.Benedictus (special guests: Ralf Scheepers & Nicholas Leptos)
7. The Apostle’s creed
8.Hail Holy Queen (special guest: Marty Friedman)
9.Guardian Angel Prayer (special guest: Amulyn)
10. Psalm 3 (special guest: Gary Wehrkamp - Shadow Gallery)
11.Hail Mary (special guests: Mark Zonder & Tina Gagliotta)
12.Maybe you (special guests: Mark Zonder, Gary Wehrkamp, Nicholas Leptos, Brian Ashland)

In the Name of the Son 2017

1.Waiting for the Son
2.The Tower of Babel
3.Luke 1:28
4.Psalm 8
5.Glory to God
6.Psalm 133
8.Isaiah 53
9.Matthew 11:25
10.The Trial
11.Eternal Rest
12.Te Deum
13.If Not You

Amazing Grace (single) 2018

1.Amazing Grace

In the Name of the World Spirit 2020

2.Nothingness (It's Everyone's Fate)
3.The Bronze Age
4.Try to Put in Pit the Fear
5.To Every Chest
6.Just in My Heart the Blame
7.I'll Add More
8.My Pillory
9.Last Weep
10.Psalm 13 (Tell Me)
12.One Reason
13.The SIlence Speaks for Us

Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2015

Search for Light - "Demo" 2015

 Demo 2015
1.Tormented by Inner Struggle 
3.Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) 
4.Zje Pacifier
5.Mercy, Oh Lord 
6.Fields of Blood

Sareptah Discography (2013 - 2020)

 Laços Mortais 2013

1.Filho do Rei
2.Laços Mortais 
3.Paz em Israel 
4.Leão de Judá 
5.Eu Navegarei 
6.Mortal Ties 
7.Eterna Salvação 

Fruitless Wars  EP 2015

1.Fruitless Wars 
2.Son of King 

Kingdom of Heaven 2016

1.Strait Way 
2.Kingdom of Heaven
3.Fruitless Wars
4.The Answer
6.The Desert
7.Don't be afraid
8.Heaven or Hell
9.Son of King
10.On the Cross   

Living Water EP 2018

1.Living Water
2.Don't Be Afraid
3.You Saved My Life
4.O Nosso General

For the King 2019

1. The Prophet's Journey
3.On the Waves
4.Fight, for the King
5.So Faraway
6.Author of Creation
7.About God
8.Eternal Salvation
9.You Saved My Life
10.Living Water
11.On the Jungle
12.Lion of Judah

Acoustic 2019

1.Heaven or Hell
2.Fight, for The King
3.Fruitless Wars
4.About God
5.The Answer
6.Living Water
7.Filho do Rei
8.Laços Mortais
9.Lion of Judah
10.On the Cross
11.Don't be afraid

Sola Scriptura EP 2020

1.Eterna Salvação
2.Sola Scriptura
3.Jesus em Tua Presença
4.Lion of Judah
5.Fruitless Wars