Freitag, 14. August 2020

Gratitude - "Low Road" EP 2020

Low Road EP 2020

1.Gnashing of Hope (feat. Harley Mathews)
2.No Shame
3.Merton 23

Mittwoch, 12. August 2020

Slammed Into Oblivion Discography 2020

Demo 2020

1.Merciful God
3.God Bless You

3 Way Split Slammed 2020
into Oblivion / Rotten Redolence / -OTOMY

1.Rotten Redolence - Delicious Flesh
2.-OTOMY - Track 1
3.-OTOMY - Track 2
4.Slammed into Oblivion - Untitled
5.Slammed into Oblivion - Untitled
6.Slammed into Oblivion - Untitled

2 Ways of Goreship 2020

3.Slammed into Oblivion

Washed By His Blood (single) 2020

1.Washed By His Blood

Crucifying Demons (demo) 2020

1.Beyond Understanding
2.Inverting Hell
3.Hell Will Fall
4.Mutilate Demons
5.Revenge for Christ
6.Serverly Mangled Demons
7.Words like Blades
8.Bless You All My Brothers

Amen (single) 2020


King Of Kings EP 2020

1.Satan Whimpers
2.Satan Is the King of Cowards
3.Lucifer Is Weak
5.Christ Is Eternal
6.The Anti-Christ's Death
7.Make a Mockery of the Anti-Christ
8.Worthless Anti-Christ
9.Demons Disfigured
10.Praise God
12.Satan's Pathetic
13.Mutilated Anti-Christ
14.Blessed Be the LORD of Lords

The LORD Most High (demo) 2020

1.Mightiest Of All
2.Beware Of Pharisees
3.Bury The Antichrist
4.Greedy Pastors

Quivering Demons EP 2020

1.Who I Am
2.The Walls That Divide
3.Demons Quiver
4.Disconnected From The Flesh
5.Jesus Stands Up For Sinners
6.Feel God's Presence
7.I'm Not Scared Of You
8.The Lord Accepts All
9.Power Incomprehensible
10.The Divine Creator
11.No Demon Shall Live

5 Ways of Brutal Noise Split 2020
Slammed into Oblivion / BxIxOxIxAxAxP / Favourite Person / IxC / Rotten Redolence

1.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Unzip the Body Bag
2.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Lesion Progression
3.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Mitochondrial Dysfunction
4.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Purulent Drainage Pooling at the Incision
5.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Exploration of Human Anatomy
6.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans
7.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Bacterial Reproductive Tract Infection
8.BxIxOxIxAxAxP - Combustion of Vital Organs
9.Favourite Person - Not All Men Be Cheating Some of Us Just Be at Home Making Gorenoise
10.Favourite Person - The Mitochondria Is the Powerhouse of the Incel
11.IxC - You're an Asshole, Now Die
12.Rotten Redolence - 8 Untitled Tracks
13.Slammed into Oblivion - This Track Melts Demons
14.Slammed into Oblivion - Stomping on Demons Skulls
15.Slammed into Oblivion - Feasting on Locusts
16.Slammed into Oblivion - Life Beyond Flesh

Simultaneously A Saint And A Sinner EP 2020

1.Reassured by Christ
2.Death to the Wicked One
3.Let the Agony Better You
4.None Is Sinless
5.Blame Humans
6.Mortal Men
7.God Is for You

Burning Dismembered Demons EP 2020

1.Deathless Creations
2.Satan's Slaves
3.Flesh Rots, Spirit Thrives
4.Number of the Weak
5.Refuse to Denounce the Lord

Power in His Name EP 2020

1.Forever with Christ
2.Supreme Creator
3.Always Prevail
4.Beyond Thinkable
5.I Will Never Denounce Christ
7.Power in His Name

Life After Dismemberment EP 2020

2.After I Rot
3.Death of 1000 Demons
4.God of Glory
5.No Fear
6.Pale Horse
7.For the Kingdom of God

The Coward Hiding In Flames (single) 2020

1.The Coward Hiding In Flames

Gorenoise Cristiano (split) 2020
Slammed into Oblivion / Ligature Strangulation / Meekness / Fleuve de Vie

1.Ligature Strangulation - The Heretics' Fatal Misconception of Christ's Crucifixion
2.Ligature Strangulation - Fatally Piercing the Idols Through the Integrity of Revelation 20.10
3.Ligature Strangulation - Eternal Worship of the Creator Yhwh
4.Ligature Strangulation - A Heart Which Devises Wicked Imagination
5.Ligature Strangulation - Feel Which Be Swift in Running to Evil
6.Ligature Strangulation - That Mankind Is Left Without Excuse
7.Ligature Strangulation - There Is None Which Doeth Good, No, Not One
8.Ligature Strangulation - From Whence Come Wars and Fightings Among You
9.Ligature Strangulation - He Was Bruised for Our Iniquities
10.Ligature Strangulation - And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Our Eyes
11.Meekness - Infección de un idealismo hegemónico
12.Slammed into Oblivion - Death to Satan Lets Praise Christ
13.Slammed into Oblivion - You Can't Kill My Christ
14.Slammed into Oblivion - Above All
15.Slammed into Oblivion - Why Worship Something Lower
16.Slammed into Oblivion - No Fear of Suffering
17.Slammed into Oblivion - You Are Not Condemned for Sin
18.Slammed into Oblivion - Praise to the Lord
19.Slammed into Oblivion - Hail Christ
20.Slammed into Oblivion - Power Above All
21.Slammed into Oblivion - Beyond Thought
22.Fleuve de Vie - The Spirit Renewed in Christ

Feel His Power EP 2020

1.Heavenly Blessed
2.The Creator
3.Immortal Father
4.Praise to God

Samstag, 8. August 2020

Power Divine Discography (2019 - 2020)

Glory to God 2019

1.Apocalypse Introduction
2.Save Oh Christ
3.Introduction: Gods Jugment
4.White Horse Rider
5.Im Who Im
6.Gods Armor
7.Archangel Miguel
8.Introduction: Thunder of God
9.Glory to God
10.God Fire
11.My Life I Give

Principio de Dolores 2020


Dienstag, 4. August 2020

Raecylahk Discography 2020

Blood Cross (single) 2020

1.Blood Cross

Annihilating The Arrows Of Sathannás (demo) 2020

2.The House
4.Blood Cross
5.My Name
7.Another Place
8.Tha Last Chance

Frozen Burial Discography (2008 - 2020)

Chöre des Niederganges (split) 2008
Trauer / Balnasar / Frozen Burial / Leichenstätte

1.Leichenstätte - Frostnacht
2.Balnasar - Gedankenhass
3.Frozen Burial - Ejaculating Abomination
4.Trauer - ...und immer dunkler ward die Nacht

Demo 2020

1.Destroy The Baphometic Agenda
2.Burn The Fortress
3.Tyrants In Exile

Desrotarium Discography 2020

Eternal Damnation 2020

1.Eternal Damnation
2.Cust Out
3.Cutting With Stones
4.Point Of Death
5.Took Up His Corpse
6.Gone Out
7.In The Glory
8.His Own Soul

Destruction And Misery 2020

1.Field Of Blood
2.Both Dead And Buried
3.They Should Be Put To Death
4.Fallen Down Dead
5.Was Eaten Of Worms
6.Pollutions Of Idols
7.Destruction And Misery
8.Nothing Worthy Of Death
9.Entreat Them Evil
10.Inventors Of Evil Things

Mistress of Witchcrafts 2020

1.Lies And Robbery
2.Bloody City
3.Noise of A Whip
4.Mistress of Witchcrafts
5.Abominable Filth
6.Into Captivity
7.Bound In Chains
8.Dashed In Pieces
9.Fire Devour
10.Spoiling And Violence

Brain Matter Discography 2019

Survive (single) 2019


Recovery (single) 2019


Storms (single) 2019


Oppressed (single) 2019


Daygraves - "Silver" EP 2020

Silver EP 2020

1.Morning Stars
2.The Headache. The Heartache
3.So Weep

Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2020

Memorium Discography (1995 - 2020)

Symphony of Grief / Memorium (split) 2020

Side A
1.Memorium - Tranquil Paradise (7" Edit Mix)

Side B
1.Symphony of Grief - Immortal Fluids

Promo 2001

1.I'm Alive
2.New Day

A New Dawn (single) 2019

1.A New Dawn

The Singles 2020

1.A New Dawn (Single Mix)
2.Beautiful Sadness (Single Mix)

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2020

Incarnate Deity - "Theodicy" 2020

Theodicy 2020

1.Darkest Night
3.Valley Of Dry Bones
4.Legionnaire Of Degradation
6.No Quarter
7.Stygian Oppression
8.Finis Noctis