Samstag, 27. September 2014

Come The Dawn - "Light of the World" 2014

Light of the World 2014

1.Worlds Collide (As It Ends Tonight)
2. It’s Not Me, It’s You (ft. Caleb Shomo of Beartooth)
3.My Body’s Falling (the Undertaking)
4.What the Water Gave Me (Florence The Machine cover)
5.Daily Gnargoyles
6.Game Over
7.Far Away
8.My Own Way
9.Light of the World
10.The Last Night
11. Perspectives
12.The Overtaking

The Old-timers Discography (2011 - 2014)

 Punk's Not Dead! Nor Are We! (demo) 2011

1.Adonai's Agape - or - The Lord's Love
2.Punk's Not Dead! Nor Are We!
3.Tumbull ACs
4.On Hope
5. Contend Earnestly For The Faith

Soli Deo Gloria 2012

1. Intro/ The Old-timers Anthem
2.Adonai's Agape
3.This City
4.Posi Isn't Enough
5.On Hope
6.This State
7.The Language Barrier
8.Soli Deo Gloria
9.Prescribed Rebellion
10.Annals of Klepsis
11.Run in A Circle
12.Turnbull ACs
13.This Decay
14.Family (A Prayer)

Spiritus Sanctus 2013

2.On My Knees Again
3.Goonies Never Say Die!
4.Joe #1
5.Love Alone Is Strength
6.Carpe Vitae Part II

For The Love of Hippos (single)  2014

1.For The Love of Hippos 

 Be Reconciled  2014

1.Hole In My Heart
2.Blessings out of Buffetings
3.Hope for the Rejected
4.Father God I Wonder
5.The Joy of Reconciliation

Supresion Discography (2009 - 2013)

Invierno Toxico (demo) 2009

1.AK - 47 (instrumental)
2.La Guerra Comenzo 
3. Invierno Toxico 
4.Total Thrashing

Supresion / Tempestor / Sangre Antigua / Designio 
 Thrash Slash Vol. 2 (split) 2009

1.Supresion - Total Thrashing 
2. Supresion - Invierno toxico 
3. Tempestor - Tempestor 
4. Tempestor - Proyecciones del mundo oscuro 
5. Designio - Ejercito de parcas 
6. Designio - Perverso sentimiento 
7. Sangre Antigua - Sentencia de muerte 
8. Sangre Antigua - TxDxAx (tiempos de adiccion) 
 La Guerra Comenzó EP 2010

1.Intro (instrumental)
2.Tiempo Final 
3. Crossing the Narrow Path 
4.Voz que Clama

Invierno Toxico + La Guerra Comenzo (compilation) 2010

Side A
1.AK - 47 (instrumental)
2.La Guerra Comenzo 
3. Invierno Toxico 
4.Total Thrashing 
Side B
1.Intro (instrumental)
2.Tiempo Final 
3. Crossing the Narrow Path 
4.Voz que Clama 
 Exterminio Emergente 2013
1. Retroceden las tinieblas 
2.Total Thrashing
3. No me importa 
4.Intro (instrumental)
5. La guerra comenzó 
8. Catástrofe 
9. Invierno Tóxico 
10.Almagor (instrumental)
11.Crossing the narrow path 
12.Tiempo Final

Sonntag, 21. September 2014

The Color Morale Discography (2009 - 2014)

We All Have Demons 2009

1.The Sage of Washington Oaks
2.Close Your Eyes and Look Away 
3.When One Was Desolate 
6.A Sponge in the Ocean
7.Hopes Anchor
9.The Man Behind the Hands 
10.I,the Jury

My Devil in Your Eyes 2011

1.Nerve Endings
2.Human(s)being (ft. Chad Ruhlig of Legend)
3.The Dying Hymn
4.Be Longing Always
6.Demon Teeth (ft. Joey Sturgis) 
7.Falling Awake
8.Quote on Quote (ft. Chris Roetter of Like Moths To Flames) 
9.This Last Song Is Yours

Know Hope 2013

1.Burn Victims
2.Smoke and Mirrors
3.Learned Behavior
4.Living Breathing Something
5.Strange Comfort
6.In Light In Me
7.Silver Lining
9.Hole Hearted
12.Never Enders

Hold on Pain Ends 2014

2.Outer Demons
3.Prey for Me
4.Lifeline (Left to Write)
5.Scar Issue
6. Suicide;Stigma (ft. Dave Stephens of We Came as Romans)
7.The Ones Forgotten by the One Forgetting
8.Developing Negative (ft. Craig Owens of Chiodos)
9. Is Happiness a Mediocre Sin?
10.Between You and Me
11.Throw Your Roses
12.Hold on Pain Ends

Among Titans - "Solum Vocibus" EP 2014

Solum Vocibus EP 2014

1.Enter Titan
3.What Lies North
4.The March
5.Rise Now Champion
6.Alone With Voices

Freitag, 19. September 2014

Titus Discography (1997 - 2001)

Time's Flying (demo) 1997

1.Time's Flying 
2. Rotten Apple 
3. Too Late When You're Dead 
4. Pharoah's Tomb 
 Fade 2001
1. Breath of Life 
2. Myself Denied 
4. In My Secret World 
6. The Chronicle

Psordid - "Demus Disgustimus" (demo) 2007

Demus Disgustimus (demo) 2007

1.Conform to Your Reflection 
2. Nothing's Wrong 
3. 13 Fridays 
4. Phenomenon

Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Deaf Discography 2013

Sola Scriptura 2013

1.II Corinthians 4:8-9 ; I Corinthians 4:12-13 
2.Romans 3:10-11
3.Hebrews 13:5

The Doctrines of Grace  2013

1.Total Depravity

Bring the Arsenal - "Brevity" 2011

Brevity 2011

2.Torrential (ft. Matt Ball of Therefore I Fear)
3.Idle Hands,Our Idols
4.Voice of Reason
5.A Monument to All Your Sins
6.We Are the Resistence
7.Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet
8.The Antagonist
9.If They Came to Hear Me Beg…
10.The Light Guiding Me Home (ft. Lee Zook of Blood Of The Martyrs)

Arje Discography (2004 - 2005)

Visiones (demo) 2004

1.Hijos del Dolor 
2.Huesos Secos
3. Fuego en el Cielo 
4. Sueños 

Buscando Horizontes 2005

2.Aliento de Victoria
3.Buscando Horizontes 
4.Eterna Libertad
5.Mi Tributo
6. Guerrero del Alba 
7. Honor a Los Valientes 
8. Por Toda La Eternidad 
9. Correré 
10.Gloria Perpetua