Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

Only - "Winter Demo" 2017

Winter Demo 2017


I Am Eternity - "Restructure" EP 2014

 Restructure EP 2014
1.Sector 7 (FT Josh Connell of Normandy)
2.Silenced (FT Leo Gardner)
3.Daggers & Flowers (Good Luck, Good Bye)
4.How He Loves (FT Hannah Weir)   

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2017

Sarcross Discography (2002 - 2003)

Demo House (demo) 2002

1.Colors Dead 
3.Conected For Light 
4.Tractors of Death
5.Center of Mind 
6.The End 
Kill the Beast  (demo) 2003

1.Black Forest - Intro
2.Satanic Liar
3.Connect for Light 
4.Kill the Beast
5.Army from God
6.Center of Mind 

A Broken Line Discography (2015 - 2016)

Citation (single) 2016

I am the Contrary  (single) 2016

1.I am the Contrary 
A Broken Line 2016
1.Intro (Welcome to the Shindig)
4.La Segunda Sombra
5.Alive on the 111
6.I Am the Contrary
8.The Enemy is Within When the Heart is Without
9.Big Black Ocean
10.The Rude Boy
11.John Tesh is Giving us a Bad Name    

Every Passing Hour - "Judgment from the Deep" EP 2006

  Judgment from the Deep EP 2006

1.Conqueror Worm 
2.Our Grief Arisen from the Waves 
3.The Final Baptism

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Undaunted - "Faith Alone" EP 2013

Faith Alone EP 2013
2.Foot Of The Cross

Countermeasures - "A Moment Of Self​-​Reflection" EP 2016

A Moment Of Self​-​Reflection EP 2016
2.By the Wayside
5.Seeing Deeper

Among The Valiant Discography (2014 - 2015)

Transcending The Skies EP 2014
1.Journey to Izmir
2.By Thy Blood
4.Evoking Axiom 

Therefore EP 2015

1.Many Crowns
2.By Thy Blood
3.Graceful Wake
4.Psychosis (Ft. Alex Lee of Apparitons)

Prayers From The Abyss Discography (2012 - 2015)

Death's Disagreement (single) 2012
1.Death's Disagreement
Here's To Your Narcolepsy  (single) 2015
1.Here's To Your Narcolepsy 

As Lonely As I - "As Lonely As I" 2016

As Lonely As I 2016
1.A Well Needed Introduction
2.The Original MaddHattter
3.Sir Sure Surrendered
4.Spirit Lord
5.Between Awake And Asleep (Sleep Paralysis)
6.The Reason For My Insomnia
7.Children Amongst Wolves
8.You're Not Crazy, You're Insane, There's A Difference
9.You Are Without
10.I Hope This Song Gives You Chills
11.I Hope This Song Gives You Chills (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)