Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2019

Battle Of Armageddon - "End of The World Holocaust" 2019

End of The World Holocaust 2019

1.Battles Of Armageddon
2.Leave The Past Behind
3.New Creation
4.Killed For Their Faith
5.Light In Darkness
6.End of The World Holocaust
7.Suffered Long Enough
8.No Horn Or Red Glowing Eyes
9.Peace Be With You
10.Seeking The Future Kingdom
11.Antichrists Have Risen
13.In Our Place
14.Never Walk The Earth Again
15.Our Weakest Moments
16.Fire That Burns With Sulfur
17.Life After Death
18.Mental Healing
19.The Beast And The False Prophet

Kremator - "Every Knee" (demo) 2014

Every Knee (ddemo) 2014

1.Every Knee

Hellfire Denied - "The Morbid Transition" 2019

The Morbid Transition 2019

1.Pagan Slaughter
2.Impotent Mad Redeemer
3.Skeleton Burning
4.When a God Dies
5.Blood Flows from the Altar
6.Sister Babylon
7.Fight Fire with Fire

Samstag, 21. Dezember 2019

Crowned in Sorrow - "Eternity Upon Your Grave" (single) 2019

Eternity Upon Your Grave (single) 2019

1.Eternity Upon Your Grave

Marilla - "Act I: Creation" EP 2019

Act I: Creation EP 2019

3.Whispered Lies
4.The Pit

Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019

Discerner Discography 2019

Pharisees (single) 2019


Gnashing Teeth (single) 2019

1.Gnashing Teeth

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019

Heidendoder Discography (2018 - 2019)

Promo MMXVIII (demo) 2018

1.De smeulende donareik

De smeulende donareik: een ode aan Bonifatius (cassette) demo 2019

1.De neergang van Wodan
3.Gott Mit Uns
4.Heimdall zal bloeden
5.Oktober 782
7.Verdelging der heidenlanden
8.Vernietiging van de Irminsul

Incinerating The Infidels - "The Undivided Trinity" EP 2019

The Undivided Trinity EP 2019

1.The Almighty Father Of The Perpetual Light
2.Who Descended And Appeared In The Flesh
3.The Inextinguishable Fire Within

World Breaker Discography 2019

Fight or Die (single) 2019

1.Fight or Die

Emmanuel (single) 2019


Dienstag, 26. November 2019

Seiertrone - "Lyskongens Gjenkomst" 2019

Lyskongens gjenkomst 2019

1.Lyskongens gjenkomst
2.Mørkets makter
4.Evighetens rike
5.Seirende offerlam
6.Lys mot evigheten