Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

What's Left of Nowhere Discography (2014 - 2016)

With Clean Hands 2014
2.Imitation Is the Highest Form of...
3.ThecSpoken Truth
4.Fate of a Sinner
6.Another Candle Lit Another 
7.Enough Is Enough
8.A New Reform
9.It's No Longer a Dream I Have Salvation
10.Silence Is Also Suicide
11.For His Sake
12.His Dying Breath

The Saved and Broken 2016

1.Amongst the Saved and Broken
2.Dissonant Truth
4.All Went Wrong
5. Aboard the Shattered Scene
6.This Place (feat. Wesley Forque)
7.You Will Suffer
8.Dreams and Nightmares    

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Santuário - "A Queda de Satã" (demo) 2008

A Queda de Satã (demo) 2008

1.Fim das potestades 
2.Maléficas heresias 
3.Destruição do império profano 
4.A Queda de Satã

Symphony of Thunder - "Perseverance" EP 2005

  Perseverance EP 2005

1.Intro (instrumental)
2.In Flames
4.The Cross Is Empty 
5.Out of Hell

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

Further The Fall - "Hunger Pains" 2016

Hunger Pains 2016

1.Hunger Pains
3.The Passing Of Tides 
4.Light The Beacons
5.With Faces Like Lions
7.A Sheep Among Wolves 
10.Hold the Line
11.The Psalmist
12.Sincerely, The Broken    

Reassônica - "Demo" 2016

Demo 2016
1.Na estrada
2.Road Is Narrow 
3.Voltarmos à essência

Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

øusia Discographie (2012 - 2014)

Freakstock (live) 2012
1.Ob ich sitze oder steh
2.Es lohnt sich wieder aufzustehen
3.Prayer to the Living God
4.Ich erhebe mein Herz zu dir
5.Größer als mein Herz
6.Ich kann nicht fliehn vor dir mein Gott
7.Set A Fire
8.Take Me
9.Ehrfurcht bleibt
10.You Won't Relent
11.Shake Off All the Dust
Freakstock (live) 2014
1.Gott ist gegenwärtig   
2.Dear God
3.Set A Fire
4.Interlude: endlich bin ich hier   
6. Größer als mein Herz 
7.Es lohnt sich wieder aufzustehen 
8.Ob ich sitze oder steh 
9. Ehrfurcht bleibt 
10.Prayer to the Living God 
12.You Are
13.Berge ins Meer 

Eins zwo fünf Discographie (2012 - 2014)

 Eins zwo fünf 2012
1. Dem Ewigen König
2.God Is Good
3.Kopf oder Zahl
7. Mighty To Safe
Demos 2013 (2014)
1. Rhino Demo 2013
2.Smogmog Demo 2013  

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

The Persuaded Discography 2016

Broken & Reborn 2016
1.Time to Rise
3.Save Me
6.Acroos the Line
7.Heavy Heart

The Persuaded EP 2016

2.Night and Day
3.Don't Wanna Let Go Of You
4.Lost Words 
Unashamed (single) 2016

Montag, 6. Juni 2016

Satan Decapitated Discography (2015 - 2017)

Colossenses II (single) 2015

1.Colossenses II 

Apocalyptic Chaos 2016

1.The Beast 666
1.The Reality of Hell
3.Irresistible Grace
4.Or Fallen is to Swallow 
5.The Return of Christ
6.Holy Blood
7.The True Gospel  

The Return of Christ (single) 2016

1.The Return of Christ

Apocalyptic Chaos 2017

1.The Beast 666'
2.The Reality of Hell
3.Irresistible Grace  
4.The Fallen is Swallowing 
5.The Return of Christ
6.Holy Blood
7.The True Gospel
8.The Logos
9.Theology Color Of Pink
10.Spiritual Battle
11.Apocalyptic Chaos  

Apollyons Demise - "Singles" 2015

Singles 2015

1.Satan Will Die (Intro)
2.Wail Of Dispair
3.Destruction Of The Lawless Ones
4.Perpetual Damnation

Estommacal Deslumbration - "Singles" 2014

Singles 2014

1.S H I T
2.Stinky Pig
3.King Of Huehauheuha
4.Macabre Killing Of Crows
5.Crush Crush Crush
7.Smash The Liar
8.You Can't Stop The Noise

Reconstructed Carcass - "Gore for The Father" (single) 2014

Gore for The Father (single) 2014
1.Gore for The Father

SerpEnd - "Improper Mourning" (single) 2014

Improper Mourning (single) 2014
1.Improper Mourning

Nuclear Blaze Discography (2015 - 2017)

False Prophets and Empty Oracles  (single) 2015

1.False Prophets and Empty Oracles 

Improper mourning (single) 2015

1.Improper mourning 

The Time of Sodom and Gommorah  2017

2.False Prophets and Empty Oracles
3.If We Die with Him
4.Like Lamb to the Slaughter 
5.Like Rams and Goats
6.The Lamp of the Body
7.Wound is Incurable !!
8.Improper Mourning    

Grind Prepp Discography (2012 - 2015)

Demo 2012

1.Grind Prepp

The Ultimate Christian Grindcore Compilation 2015

28.Grind Prepp – Untitled

Seventh Execution - "Arrrf​!​!​!​! / A Chuchita la Bolsearon" (demo) 2011

Arrrf​!​!​!​! / A Chuchita la Bolsearon (demo) 2011

1.Kick the Satan´s Ass
2.See The Truth
3.YHWH Lord
4.Total Salvation
6.The Way
7.Faith in God

Turn To Christ - " Kingdom Of God Is Inside You" 2011

 Kingdom Of God Is Inside You 2011

1.There Is A God
2.I Am
3.Kingdom Of God Is Inside You
4.Change Your Heart

Resurrect - "Live" 2010

Live 2010
1.Suicide (Live@skillman's)
2.Time Lapse (Live)
3.Empty (Live)
4.E.T.A. (Live)

Mutilación Carnívora - "Demo" 2010

Demo 2010
1.Situs Inversus

Resurexion - "Demo" 2008

Demo 2008