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Hypocaust - "Прилепски заговорr I + II" 2005

Прилепски заговор I+II (live demo)
1. Unknown 
2. Endless Dream 
3. Life in Hell
4. The Other Side

Oskord - "Weapon of Hope" (2011)

Weapon of Hope EP 2011

01 Intro
02 Salvation Ark
03 Weapon of Hope
04 The Waters of MEribah
05 The Serpent of Brass
06 Templation of the Righteous

Golden Resurrection Discography (2010 - 2013)

Glory to My King 2010

1.See My Commands
2.Best for Me
3.Glory to My King
4.Never Look Back
5.The Final Day
6.Proud to Wear the Holy Cross
7.Golden Flames
8.God's Grand Hotel
9.My Creation 

  Pray for Japan (single) 2011

1.Pray for Japan 

 Man with a Mission 2011

1.The Light Overture
2.Man witha Mission
3.Identity in Christ
4.Golden Times
5.Finally Free
6.Generation of the Brave
7.Standing on the Rock
8.Metal Opus 1 in C#m
9.Are You Ready for the Power
10.Flaming Youth
11.Point of Know Return
12.The End of the World

One Voice For The Kingdom 2013

1.The Temple Will Remain
2.Spirit War
3.One Voice For The Kingdom
4.Night Light
5.Golden Resurrection
6.Can't Slow Down
7.Heavenly Metal
8.God's Mercy
9.Born For The Strangers
10.Moore Lord
11.Special Message To Japan (Japanese Bonus Track)
12.Eternal Freedom (Japanese Bonus Track)

 Narnia / DivineFire / Audiovision / Golden Resurrection 
 Metal for Jesus (split) 2013

1.Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross 
2.Narnia - Living Water 
3.Narnia - Long Live The King 
4.Audiovision - The Way 
5.Audiovision - We Will Go 
6.DivineFire - Divinefire 
7.DivineFire - Live My Life For You 
8.Golden Resurrection - Proud To Wear The Holy Cross 
9.Modest Attraction - Down On My Knees 
10.Golden Resurrection - The Final Day 
11.Golden Resurrection - God’s Mercy 
12.DivineFire - Never Surrender 
13.Golden Resurrection - Flaming Youth 
14.Golden Resurrection - Golden Resurrection 
15.DivineFire - Open Your Eyes 
16.DivineFire - Bright Morning Star 
17.DivineFire - The Way To Eternity

Terraphobia Discography (1993 - 2015)


Product of Your Mind (demo) 1993

1.Oracle of the Ancients
3.Where Angels Fear 
4.Bllod and Hatred

Natural Born Killer EP 1996

1.Natural Born Killer 
2.Living a Lie
3.Welcome to the Holocaust 
4.Lost Soul

  An Eye for an Eye EP 1997

2.Disposable Society 
3.Edge of Insanity
4.The Unforgiven 
5. An Eye for an Eye
6.Die Motherf*****r

Enemy Within 2001

2.Lost Identity 
3.Betrayed in Trust 
4.Extreme Fear
6.Addicted to Hate 
8.Black Night
9.System's Failure 
10.The  Enemy Within
11.Forgive and Regret 

Evilution  2011

2.False Prophet 
3.Soldiers of the New Millennium 
4.Fallen Hero
5.Hell on Earth
7.The Unforgotten
8.Doctor Death
9.Meanhouse Effect 
10.Phase 6

Terrafication: The Mort Years  2015

2.The Dead Shall Be Judged 
3.I’m Not Your Commodity 
4.Purest Intent
5.Way Truth Life 
6.Your Time
7.Livin’ Like a Zombie  

Fade to Black - "The Land Of The Thousand Sins" EP 2007

The Land Of The Thousand Sins EP 2007

2. The Eyes That Watch Me Bleed 
3. Call Me Sin 
4. To The Fallen 
5. The Dream

The Crucified Discography (1987 - 2009)

  1. Silent scream
  2. You Don't Understand
  3. G-O-D
  4. Seal Number Four
  5. Conviction
  6. No Decay
  7. This Howl
  8. Be Warned
  9. Rebellion
  10. All You Need
  11. Problem-Solution
  12. Directed Youth
  13. Washed Out
  14. Apathy
  15. Freedom
  16. Bug

Nailed (demo) 1987
  1. I'm Not A Christian Punk
  2. Death To Death
  3. Your Image
  4. God In A Cage
  5. Crucified With Christ
  6. Give It Up
  7. Disposal

The Crucified  1989

  1. The Pit
  2. Diehard
  3. Your Image
  4. Getting A Grip On Things
  5. Hellcorn
  6. Rise
  7. One Demon To Another
  8. Unity
  9. A Guy In A Suit And The Pope
  10. Back To The Cross
  11. Confidence
  12. The Insult Circus
  13. Thread
  14. Crucial Moment 

  Live At The New Order (demo) 1989
  1. Conviction
  2. Seal Number 4
  3. Disposal
  4. I'm Not A Christian Punk
  5. Death To Death
  6. Your Image 

  The Pillars of Humanity 1991

  1. Intro
  2. Hateworld
  3. It's All About Fear
  4. The Wrong One
  5. Mindbender
  6. Path To Sorrow
  7. Fellowship of Thieves
  8. Focus
  9. The Strength
  10. Blackstone
  11. So-Called Living, 1991
  12. The Pillars of Humanity

 Nailed/Take Up Your Cross (compilation) 1994

  1. Silent scream
  2. You Don't Understand
  3. G-O-D
  4. Seal Number Four
  5. Conviction
  6. No Decay
  7. This Howl
  8. Be Warned
  9. Rebellion
  10. All You Need
  11. Problem-Solution
  12. Directed Youth
  13. Washed Out
  14. Apathy
  15. Freedom
  16. Bug 
  17. I'm Not A Christian Punk
  18. Death To Death
  19. Your Image
  20. God In A Cage
  21. Crucified With Christ
  22. Give It Up
  23. Disposal 

 Power of God Live Demo 1999

1. Intro/Hateworld (live)
2. The Strength (live)
3. Mindbender (live)
4. So Called Living (live)
5. Basement Demon One
6. Basement Demo Two
7. Basement Demo Three
8. Basement Demo Four
9. Basement Demo Five
10. Basement Demo Six
11. Straining Life (demo)
12. The Power of God (demo)
13. Loss (demo)

 The Pillars Of Humanity 2009
  1. Intro/Hateworld
  2. It's All About Fear
  3. The Wrong One
  4. Mindbender
  5. Path to Sorrow
  6. Fellowship of Thieves
  7. Focus
  8. The Strength
  9. Blackstone/So-Called Living, 1991
  10. The Pillars of Humanity

Фуснота - "Фуснота" 2010

Фуснота 2010

1.Изгниена стварност 
2. A Colder Place 
3. Една надеж 
4. Проколнатите 
5. Грета 
6. На мое место 
7. Скитник (II) 
8. Со денови 
9. Graveyards (The Warning)

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Hall of Sins Дискографија (2005 - 2010)

Demo I 2005
1. I Can't Take It Anymore 
2. Red Sky 
3. Forsaken Lady 
4. Hall of Sins 
5. Dark World 
Demo II 2006
Night of the Cursed Souls/It Will be Blood (single) 2008

1. Night of the Cursed Souls
2.It Will be Blood 
  She speaks with the devil (single) 2009

1. She speaks with the devil 
 Promo EP 2010 
1. Clouds Without Water 
2. Devil's Domain 
3. Whispers of Agony 
4. It Will Be Blood (demo version) 
5. She Speaks With The Devil (demo version)

Anticipation Discographie (2002 - 2006)

Demo 2002

Anticipation 2003

1. Kinder der Nacht
2. Till I See Your Face
3. Evil in the World
4. The Eyes of Reality
5. Blackest Day
6. Blame
7. Song to You
8. Anticipation

Falling 2006

1. Intro
2. That's how the Last Human...
3. Out of my Hand
4. Falling
5. Amaze me
6. Rise up
7. Risen
8. Mute
9. Arabian Nights
10. On my Way

Inevitable End Discography (2004 - 2011)

  Inevitable End  (demo) 2004

1.Redemed by Fire 
2.End of All Battles 
3.Parade of Chaos

Reversal (demo) 2006

2.Past Darkness 

 The Sever​ed Incep​tion 2009

1.The Sever​ed Incep​tion
2.Dream​sight​ Synop​sis
3.Embra​cing The Origi​n
4.Perse​verin​g Incit​ement​
5.Colla​pse In Rever​se
7.First​born Of All Dead
8.Appre​ntice​ Lumin​ous Acqua​intan​ce
9.The Art Of Corru​ption​ 

 The Oculus 2011

1.Tell Us, Parasites
2.Escaping The Black Hole
4.Dogmaties Paralies
5.The Supreme Treachery
6.The Oculus
7.While Surpassing Ether
9.Chamber Of Apathy
11.Me Tem Psy Cho Sis
12.Cadaver Inc.
13.Of Sublime Dimensions

Corpus Christi Discography (2007 - 2010)


  Its Always Darkest Before Dawn EP 2007

1.Until The Day 
3.The Sacrifice 

 Sampler (single) 2009

1.Fight For Your King 

 The Darker Shades of White 2009

1.Parade of Scars
2.Its Always Been Darkest Before the Dawn
4.Baptized in Fire
5.Until the Day
6.Fight for Your King
7.Starry Nights, Cloudy Hearts
8.Western Downfall
9.The Sacrifice
10.I Will Never Forget
11. Prodigal

A Feast For Crows 2010

1.The Red Horse Is Upon Us
2.A Portrait Of Modern Greed
4.Betrayed Redemption
5.Little Miss Letyouknow
7.Broken Man
8.Blood In The Water
10.(Seeing You Again) For The First Time
11.Shepherds In Sheep's Clothing