Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Philadelphia Discography (1984 - 1985)

Tell the Truth 1984

1. Tell the Truth
2. Livin' in Love 
3. No Time for Honey 
4. No Compromise 
5. Razor's Edge 
6. The Life Inside 
7. New Jerusalem 
  Search and Destroy 1985

1. Search and Destroy
2. Bobby's Song 
3.Oh My Boy
4. Judgement Day 
5. Mirror Man 
6. Fastrack 
7. Showdown 
8. Decision Time

Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Betraying The Martyrs Discography (2009 - 2014)


The Hurt, The Divine, The Light EP 2009

1. Out Of Egypt
2. The Covenant
3. The Righteous With The Wicked
4. The Hurt, The Divine, The Light
5. Being Your Servant

 Breathe In Life 2011

1. Ad Astra
2. Martyrs
3. Man Made Disaster
4. Because Of You
5. Tapestry Of Me
6. Liberate Me Ex Inferis
7. Leave It All Behind
8. Life Is Precious
9. Love Lost
10. Azalée
11. When You're Alone

Phantom 2014

2.Where the World Ends
3.Walk Away
4.Let It Go (Disney's Frozen Cover)
5.L’Abysse des Anges
6.Phantom (Fly Away) (ft. Gus Farias of Volumes)
7.What's Left of You
9.Legends Never Die
11.Your Throne
12.Our Kingdom
13.Closure Found

Boanerges Discography (1998 - 2016)


Senales Antes Del Fin 1998

1.Senales Antes Del Fin
3.Date Otra Oportunidad
4.La Profecia Cumplida
5.Despertar de la Mentira
6.Necios Sin Razon
7.El Tiempo Final
8.Nada Ni Nadie
9.Por Siempre A Tu Lado
10.Salmo 96
11.Poder Soberano

Más Allá Del Umbral EP 2002

1.Héroes En Soledad
2.La Gran Batalla
3.Castillo Fuerte - (Eine feste Burg)
4.Imperios Y Reinos
5.Soldiers Under Command (Stryper Cover)

 Más allá del Umbral (Beyond The Threshold) Alive Clip (DVD) 2003

1.Heroes In Loneliness
2.The Big Battle
3.Strong Castle
4.Empires And Kingdoms
6.Soldiers (bonus track)
7.Under Command (Boanerges version)

 Renacer / Boanerges (split) 2004


1.Deja De Llorar
2.Espada Sagrada

Boanerges (Arg)

3.El Valor Del Presente

 Hora Novena 2009

1.Consumado Es 
2.Un Mundo Diferente 
3.Hora Novena
4.Todo Pasa Nadie Sabe 
5.Vidas Marcadas 
6.Mucho mas por Vivir 
7.Tierras Liberadas 
8.Siglo Virtual 
9.El Valor del Presente 
10.Extraño Quijote 
12.La Profecia Cumplida (Acoustic)

Secreto original 2016

1.Genesis - Secreto original
2.Volviendo a las raices
3.No solo huellas
4.La matriz de una vida
5.Mente suicida
6.Volverás a ser
7.La humanidad
8.Esclavo de un avatar
9.Libera tu alma
10.Emprende tu viaje
11.Recobra el fuego (Bonus track + Videoclip)

Neon Cross Discography (1987 - 1995)

Frontline Life (demo) 1987

1.The Battle 
2. Frontline Life 
3. We Are the Children (of Our Lord) 
4. Far Cry (From Eden) 
5. Victory 

Neon Cross 1988

 01 Heartbreaker
02  Frontline Life
03  We Are The Children (Of Our Lord)
04  On The Rock
05 -I'm Not Alone
06  Right Time
07 -Run Into The Light
08 -Far Cry (From Eden)
09 -Outta The Way
10  Victory
 Premium Cuts (split) 1994

1.Barren Cross - Here I am 
2. Barren Cross - Time for Love 
3. Barren Cross - Midnight Son 
4. Red Sea - Soulshaker 
5. Red Sea - Dust to Dust 
6. Red Sea - Walk on Fire 
7. Neon Cross - Buy my Record 
8. Neon Cross - Mystery of Love 
9. Neon Cross - In your Mind 
10. P.K. Mitchell - Nothing but the Blood 
11. P.K. Mitchell - Amazing Grace 
12. P.K. Mitchell - Do you Believe 
 Torn 1995
01  Intro
02  Bitterness
03  Spinning
04  No One's Home
05  Seasons Of Change
06  '81
07  Videosmut
08  Now
09  Prussian Blue
10  Backlash
11  I'm Free

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Бастион - "Works & Rew>>works" (2007)

Works & Rew>>worksm 2007

1.Бастион - Hollywood
2.Бастион - Deca Sunca
3.Бастион - Hot days in Mexico
4.Бастион - Mesec u solji
5.Бастион - Mr. Complex
6.Бастион - Lica u Ogledalo
7.Бастион - Molitva
8.Бастион - Boje
9.PMG Колектив - Холивуд
10.PMG Колектив - Деца на сонцето
11.Foltin - Hot days in Mexicо
12.Robotek vs The John feat Dora - Мистер Комплекс
13.Special People Club - Лица во огледало
14.KLO - Mолитва
15.Bei the fish - Colors
16.Pogan Pogan - Емил врати се
17.Oliver`s Heisha - Mister Kompleks
18.Neletrosnki - Месечина во шолја
19.Steel Temple - Sun Children

Samstag, 25. September 2010

I,The Breather Discography (2009 - 2012)


Demo 2009

01 - Forgiven
02 - Victims
03 - Interlude
04 - Allspark
05 - Crown Me King
These Are My Sins 2010

01 - Forgiven
02 - The Common Good
03 - Destroyer
04 - High Arise
05 - Longevity
06 - Doomsday
07 - Conquer
08 - Empathy
09 - Crown Me King
10 - Allspark
11 - Illuminate
Truth and Purpose 2012

01 - False Profit
02 - The "Beginning"
03 - Bruised And Broken
04 - Mentalist
05 - Meaning (Victory)
06 - Lunar
07 - Knights And Pawns
08 - Judgement
09 - Rephaim
10 - 4.12.11

Ordained Fate Discography (1989 - 2014)

Demo 1989

Side A
1.Midnight Exodus
2.The Light Bearer
3.Sweet Dreams

Side B
1.Trick of the Night
2.The Election
3.Mystic Wind

Ordained Fate (demo) 1990

1.Let's Make a Deal 
2.No Death 
3.Midnight Exodus 
4.Light Bearer 
5.The Haunted 
6.Temptation 2 
7.Wonderful Love

Ordained Fate 1992

1.Let's Make A Deal
3.Holy Wars
4.Wonderful Love
5.Gold Cross
6.Tame The Tongue
7.The Election
8.One Of The Insane
9.No Death

 Glimmer of Hope 1995

1.That's Entertainment
2.Parade Of Pain
3.So Many Hours
4.He's Alive
5.Gate Of Faith
7.Monkey On My Back
8.Divine Abandonment
9.Santa's Little Helper
10.Throne Of The Beast

 Demo Anthology (compilation) 2014

1.Minions of the Adversary 
2.The Pit
3.Midnight Exodus 
4.The Light Bearer
5.Sweet Dreams
6.Trick of the Night 
7.The Election
8.Mystic Wind 
9.Let's Make a Deal 
10.No Death
11.The Hunted
12.Temptation II 
13.Wonderful Love

Freitag, 24. September 2010

Bloodgood Discography (1985 - 2013)

Metal Missionaries (demo) 1985

2.Accept The Lamb 
3.Anguish And Pain 
4.Battle Of The Flesh

Bloodgood 1986

1.Accept The Lamb
2.Stand In The Light
3.Demon On The Run
4.Anguish And Pain
6.Soldier Of Peace
7.You Lose
8.What's Following The Grave
9.Killing The Beast
10.Black Snake

  Detonation 1987

1.Battle Of The Flesh
2.Vagrant People
4.Alone In Suicide
5.Heartbeat (Of the City)
6.Eat The Flesh
7.Holy Fire
9.The Messiah
10.Live Wire

 Rock in A Hard Place 1988

1.Shakin' It
2.Never Be The Same
3.The Presence
4.What Have I Done!
5.Heaven On Earth
6.Do Or Die
7.She's Gone
8.The World (Keeps Runnin' Around)

  Out of the Darkness 1989

1.Out Of The Darkness
2.Let My People Go
4.It's Alright
5.Top Of The Mountain
6.Hey You!
7.Mad Dog World
8.Changing Me
9.New Age Illusion

  Alive in America: Live Volume One 1990

1.Out Of The Darkness
2.Do Or Die
3.It's Alright
4.Hey You!
5.Alone In Suicide
6.She's Gone
7.Heaven On Earth
8.Shakin' It
9.Soldier Of Peace
11.Never Be The Same

 Shakin' the World : Live Volume Two 1990

1.Let My People Go
2.Mad Dog World
3.Top Of The Mountain
5.Eat The Flesh
6.Holy Fire
8.The Sixth Hour
9.The Messiah
10.Accept The Lamb
12.New Age Illusion

  Alive in America: Live Volume One (VHS) 1990

1.Out Of The Darkness
2.Do Or Die
3.It's Alright
4.Hey You!
5.Alone In Suicide
6.She's Gone
7.Heaven On Earth
8.Shakin' It
9.Soldier Of Peace
11.Never Be The Same

  Shakin' the World : Live Volume Two (VHS) 1990

1.Let My People Go
2.Mad Dog World
3.Top Of The Mountain
5.a) The Trial
6.b) The Verdict
7.c) The Crucifixion
8.The Messiah
10.New Age Illusion
11.Never Be The Same
13.a) Demon On The Run 
14.b) Killing The Beast 
15.c) Battle Of The Flesh 
16.d) Black Snake 

  All Stand Together 1991
2.All Stand Together
3.Scape From The Fire
4.Out Of Love
5.Say Goodbye
6.Kingdom Come
7.Fear No Evil
8.Help Me
9.Rounded Are The Rocks
10.Lies In The Rocks
11.Steel Light Dancer
12.I Want To Live In You

The Collection 1991
1.Anguish And Pain
2.Battle Of The Flesh
3.Eat The Flesh
4.Never Be The Same
5.New Age Illusion
7.The Messiah
8.What's Following The Grave
9.Shakin' It
10.Killing The Beast
11.Alone In Suicide
12.Out Of The Darkness
13.Do Or Die
14.The Presence
15.Top Of The Mountain
16.Black Snake

  I Want To Live In Your Heart (single) 1992

1.I Want To Live In Your Heart 
2.Say Goodbye 
3.Help Me 

 To Germany, With Love! (live) 1993

1.Kingdom Come
2.Heaven On Earth
3.Let My People Go
4.Out For Love
5.All Stand Together
6.Hey You!
7.Anguish And Pain
8.Escape from the Fire
9.Holy Spirit Jam
10.I Want To Live in Your Heart
11.Self Destruction & Drum Solo
13.Intro & Messiah

Rock Theater (DVD) 2002


1.Out Of The Darkness
2.Do Or Die
3.It's Alright
4.Let My People Go
5.Top Of The Mountain
6.Mad Dog World
7.Hey You!
8.Alone In Suicide
9.She's Gone
10.Heaven On Earth
11.Shakin' It
12.Soldier Of Peace


2.Eat The Flesh
3.Holy Fire
-The Trial
-The Verdict
-The Crucifixon
5.The Messiah
7.New Age Illusion
8.Never Be The Same
-Demon On The Run
-Killing The Beast
-Battle Of The Flesh
-Black Snake

Rock Theater Shakin the World (compilation) 2007

1.Let My People Go
2.Mad Dog World
  3.Top Of The Mountain
5.Eat The Flesh
  6.Holy Fire
8.The Sixth Hour
  9.The Messiah
  10.Accept The Lamb
  12.New Age Illusion

Live In Norway (DVD) 2009

  1.Anguish And Pain
3.Heaven And Earth
4.Holy Fire
6.The Messiah
9.Never Be The Same

Dangerously Close 2013

1.Lamb of God 
2.Run Away
3.Child on Earth 
4.I Will
5.Bread Alone 
7.I Can Hold On 
8.Run the Race
9.Father Father 
10.Man in the Middle 
11.Crush Me 
12.In the Trenches

Leviticus Discography (1982 - 2003)

Stå Och Titta På EP 1982

1.Stå och titta på 
2. Leva som man lär 
3. Följ mej 
4. Min mästare 

  Jag Skall Segra 1983

 1. Jag Skall Segra
2. Låt Mig Strida
3. Han är Livet
4. Tvivel
5. Handling Mer än Ord
6. Allt är Lugnt
7. Dag för Dag
8. Sträva Framåt
9. Ps. 23 

  I Shall Conquer 1984

01 - I Shall Conquer
02 - Let Me Fight
03 - He's My Life
04 - Doubt
05 - Action More Than Words
06 - All Is Calm
07 - Day By Day
08 - Strive Fowards
09 - Psalm 23
  Let me Fight (single) 1984

1.Let Me Fight
2.Day By Day

The Strongest Power 1985
01 - The Winner
02 - Deborah And Barak
03 - On The Rock
04 - King Of Kings
05 - Stay With Us
06 - I Got Power
07 - Look Around
08 - I Love You
09 - A New Day
10 - Light For The World
  Setting Fire to the Earth 1987
01 - Flames Of Fire
02 - Saved
03 - The First And The Last
04 - I'm A Believer
05 - Don't Go Out
06 - Elijah On Carmel
07 - The Suffering Symbol
08 - Get Up
09 - Love Is Love
  Love is Love (single) 1987

1. Love is Love 
2.Flames Of Fire
Knights of Heaven 1989
01 - Born Again
02 - The World Goes 'Round
03 - Isn't It Love
04 - Oh, Lord
05 - Feel So Good
06 - Strong Love
07 - Messiah
08 - Over The Hills
09 - For Once In My Life
10 - Love On Fire
Born Again (single) 1989
1. Isn't It Love 
2. Born Again 
 The Best of Leviticus (compilation) 1994

“The Winner” (4:04), 
“Over The Hills” (3:55), 
“Lovin' My Woman” (3:04), 
 “The Suffering Servant” (4:52), 
“I Got Power” (3:57), 
“Look Around” (4:29),
 “Oh, Lord” (4:51),
 “Stand Up” (4:05), 
“Flames Of Fire” (3:23),
 “All Is Calm” (5:20),
 “Born Again” (3:38), 
“I Love You” (3:14), 
“A New Day” (4:11), 
“Deborah & Barak” (3:24), 
“On The Rock” (2:56),
 “Psalm 23” (4:17)
 Live at Bobfest... After Thirteen Years of Silence...2003
01 - Flames Of Fire
02 - Saved
03 - Messiah
04 - Oh, Lord
05 - Majestic In Power
06 - On The Rock
07 - All Is Calm
08 - Born Again
09 - The Suffering Servant
10 - Deborah And Barak
11 - I'm Gonna Rock