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Seven Angels Discography (2001 - 2005)

To Know God... and Make Him Known (demo) 2001

1.The Way
3.Here I Am 
 The Second Floor 2002

1.The Second Floor 
2. Breathless Years 
3. Revelation 
4. Deceiving Time 
5. The Wisdom of His Majesty
7. Mask of Sadness 
8. Here I Am 
9. From Hills and Woods 
  Faceless Man 2005

1.A Handful of Sand 
2. Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon 
3. Nothing besides Dust 
4. Walking over all the Seas 
5. Faceless Man 
6. Unseen Truth 
7. Daydream 
8. Nobody wants to Live alone 
9. From now to Eternity

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Acéldama Discography (2006 - 2018)

Víctimas de la Muerte (demo) 2006

1.El Regreso del Mesías 
2.Hábitad Podrido 
3.Todos a Juicio 
4.Sana la Agonía 
6.La Caída del Imperio de Satán 
7.Hija de las Caldeas 

Sepultados en Tinieblas EP 2007

1.Salvador De La Opresion
2.Bautizados En Fuego
3.El Regreso Del Mesias
4.Habitat Podrido
5.Camino De Perdicion
7.El Jardin De Luzbel
8.Basura Terrenal
9.Sepultados En Tinieblas 

Promo  2009

1.Mundo de Muertos 
2.Decidido a Morir 

  Melquisedec 2010

1.Destrucción para Este Mundo 
2.Basura Terrenal 
3.Decidido a Morir 
4.Salvador de la Opresión 
5.El Jardín de Luzbel 
7.Mundo de Muertos 
8.Oráculos de Condena 

  Essence of Impurity 2014

 1.Intro (instrumental)
3.Dying Into Human Depravities
4.Deceit of Creation
5.Beyond Everlastingness (Interlude) instrumental
6.Essence of Impurity
7.Storm of Voices
8.Zombified Carcass
9.Enough Pain

Desbridamiento De La Miseria 2018


Exousia Discography (2000 - 2007)

Serpiente de Bronce 2000

2.Serpiente de Bronce
3.Break the Silence
4.Huesos Secos 
5.Ven Fuera de Egipto 
6.Ciudad Brutal
7.Quién es tu Señor? 
8.Extremo Amor

Welcome to the Kingdom of Light 2001

1.Eterna Dimension
2.Master Of Masters
3.Yo creo en Dios
6.Welcome to the Kingdom of Light
7.Puedes Confiar
8.Extreme Love
9.Bebed mi Sangre

Exousia Alive (DVD) 2003

1.Hyper Underground video 
2.Extreme Metal Scene in Mexico and Brazil 
3.More than 5 Underground concerts 
4.Live Performance 
5.TV Show interview 
6.More than 60 minutes 

Conquer 2004

1.Conquer (Conquistador) 
2.Victory (Victoria) 
3.Vengeance (Venganza) 
4.Intro - Generación Guerrera (Intro - Warrior Generation) 
5.Generación Guerrera (Warrior Generation) 
6.Intro - Te Necesito (Intro - I Need You) 
7.Te Necesito (I Need You) 
9.La Historia de Alguien (Somebody's History) 

  Underground Festival Helsinki Finland 12-13.08.2005 (DVD) 2007

3.Yo creo en Dios 
4.Eterna Dimencion 
6.Master of Master 
8.Extremo Amor 
9.Welcome to the Kingdom of Light 

Segør Discography (2009 - 2018)

The Man of God 2009

1.Divine Love To Mankind
2.A Prayer of Faith in Time of Distress
3.The Eternity of God, and Man's Fraitly
4.Save Me, oh God
5.Prayer Of Moses
6.True Judgment of Mighty 

The Everlasting Grace 2009

1.The Spirit of the Truth 
2.Sweet Jesus
3.Alpha & Omega 
4.The World of Life
5.Show Your Mercy on Us 
6.The Deep Ocean of Peace 
7.The Beauty in the Darkness 
8.The Everlasting Grace
9.The Last Ruin 
10.The Love of God
11.The Lord Is My Shepered 
12.Celtic Prayer 
13.Aria (J.S.Bach) 
14.Ave Maria (Guitar-Violin) 
15.Ave Maria (Revitar-Flute) 
16.Ave Maria (Klavisin-Violin) 
17.Ave Maria (Piano-Oboe) 
18.Ave Maria (Klavisin-Choir) 

10 Commandments (single) 2010

1.10 Commandments 

 Warmageddon 2013

1.Preparation for War (Intro) 
2.The Valley of the Shadow of Death 
3.Even When You Fall 
4.In The Presence of the Holy One 
5.Endless Madness 
6.Vision of the Beast 
7.A Prison Without Walls 
8.Kingdom of Heaven 
9.The Storm
10.Glory and Dominion 
11.Symphony of Heavenly Peace (Outro) 
12. Breath of Life (Aperture cover)

Unstoppable Faith EP 2018

1.Shaper of The Future
2.String of Words
4.Divine Ingenuity

Crutch - ".Hope Prevails" 2001

...Hope Prevails 2001

01. Break in the Clouds
02. Embrace the Beauty
03. A Cold Dark Whisper
04. Illumination
05. Wounds of the Tongue
06. Awe and Disbelief
07. The Voice of Love
08. Obscured Reflection
09. Proverbs 

Necromanicider Discography (1993 - 2005)

Hoje é o Dia (demo) 1993

2. Hoje é o Dia
3. Ei Você 
4. Mulligan's Stew (Vengeance Rising Cover) 
5. The King of Kings 
6. Céu ou Inferno 
7. Ídolos 
8. Overdose 
  Cannibal Devastation (demo) 1995

1.Intro - After Mortification 
2.Today is the Day
3. War, Death and Religion 
4. Age of Putrefaction 
5. Ariel 

Revelations Of The Third Millenium 2004

1.After Mortification
2. Today Is The Day 
3. Creature Betrayal 
4. Sacrifice Children 
5. Idols 
6. War, Death, and Religion 
7. Fire's Funeral 
8. Eternal Decision 
9. Revelations Of The Third Millenium 

The White Demo Collection Vol. 01 (compilation) 2005

1.Intro - After Mortification
2. Today Is The Day 
3. War,death e religion 
4. Age of putrefaction 
9. Arrependei-vos

Fearscape Discography (2002 - 2009)

Detonator (demo) 2002

2. Die Is Cast 
3. Dreams 
5. Under The Blade 
6. Hypocratic Oath 
7. Blitzkreig 
8. Ground Zero 
  Sleeping In Light 2004
1. Deathwalker 
2. Blasphemy of Life 
3.War Prayer
4. Die to Me 
5.Fall of Icarus
6. No Contest 
7. Sleeping In Light
8. Die is Cast 
9. The Last of the Celts 
  Scent of Divine Blood 2008

1. Scent of Divine Blood
2. Abaddon Destroyer 
3. Inheritance of Dust 
4. Falls of Crimson Free 
5. Terrible Majesty
6. Ex Animus Ad Astrum
 Nightmare Hymn (single) 2009

1.Nightmare Hymn

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Doomenicus Discography (2001 - 2013)

Suffering of Souls (demo) 2001

1.Light a Candle for my Soul 
2. My Last Hours 
3. Prayer is the Only Way Out 
  Promo 2007 
1. Cold Embrace 
2. Prayer is only way out 
3. Mercy and unforgiveness 
  Sacred (single) 2008

  Sacred 2009
1. Cold Embrace 07:17
2. You Are Nothing 04:22
3. Remember November 08:58
4. Sacred  09:52
5. She Haunts You 06:53
6. Mercy and Forgiveness  07:00 

 Endless EP 2013

2.Cemetery! (The Future) 
3. Those Dreams 
4. Confession

Doctrina Discography (2001 - 2004)

Doctrina 2001

01 El Alma y el Fuego
02 Esclavo de la Oscuridad
03 El Vivo Sustento del Inquisidor (VS cover)
04 Sin Ti
05 Depresion
06 Usurpadores
07 Cuanto Amor
08 Todo es Vano
09 Escapa del Infierno
10 Any
11 El Alma y el Fuego (version demo)
12. Tiempos De Estio (Imperio cover) 
13. Depresion (Acoustic) 
  Cruzando el Umbral 2004

1.Lejos del Mal
3.Para No Perecer
4.La llama Eterna
5.Vencer al Temor
6.El Vado de Cristal
7.Cruzando el Umbral
8.La Gran Batalla
9.Junto al Rock and Roll

Belica Discography (2001 - 2002)

Looking for the Light 2001

1. Purple Land
2. Credo
3. Running Time
4. Where is the Pride?
5. Looking for the Light
6. Prisoner of Silence
7. Don't Stop the Music
8. Devil's Child
9. Avalon
10. Revenge
11. Free Will 
  For All 2002

1. Life's Victory (5:09)
2. Mistake (5:41)
3. Serpent of Bronze (5:59)
4. Little London (6:27)
5. Give me Strength (3:58)
6. Fire (3:51)
7. God is the Heart of the World (5:20)
8. Insane (6:41)
9. Full Salvation (6:07)
10. Confession (6:41)
11. Fight Girl (5:12)

dElohim Discography (2006 - 2011)

The Choice Is Yours (demo) 2006

1.Strong Tower (Intro) 
2. Don't Forget Me 
3. The Choice Is Yours 
4. God Is in Command 
5. Lord's Day 
6. The Power of Love 

  The Choice Is Yours (demo) remastered 2003 - 2006
01.:Valley Of Choice (0:33)
02.:The Choice Is Yours (4:17)
03.:Don´t Forget Me(4:59)
04.:The Power of Love (Acoustic) (3:07)
05.:Lord´s Day (Demo 2003 - Semi Live) (4:49)
06.:Sound Of Storm (Instrumental) (3:20)
07.:Isaiah - 06 -09 (Bonus Track) (1:21)
08.:Lagrimas de Sangue (Bonus Track) (5:02)
09.:OutSide (Bonus Track) (3:51)
10.:The Choice Is Yours (First Version - Bonus Track) (5:09)
11.:The Power Of Love (First Version - Bonus Track) (2:55)
12.:To Hell With The Devil (Live Skyper Cover - Bonus Track) (5:09)

Your Spirit Never Dies (single) 2011

1.Your Spirit Never Dies