Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

4order Discography (2004 - 2007)


  Ghostmetal (demo) 2004

1. Intro
2. Last Rites
3. Hungry Hands
4. Death Wish
5. Betrayal
6. My Master My Slave

 Vampire/Secrets (single) 2005

1. Vampire
2. Secret

 Darkness (single) 2006

1. Darkness
2. Evil Things
3. My Master My Slave (Album Version)

 The Journal 2006

1. Glory Ride (4:27)
2. Death Wish (4:12)
3. Touched by Evil (3:09)
4. Dark Gift (4:23)
5. Born to Darkness (5:29)
6. Vampire (5:02)
7. Evil Things Can't Sing (4:06)
8. Blood and Flame (3:40)
9. Sick Torture (4:23)
10. My Master My Slave (4:12)

 Angry Spirits (single) 2007

1. Angry Spirits
2. Truth Hurts

Buried In Verona Discography (2008 - 2010)


  Circle the Dead 2008

1. Five Bullet Russian Roulette (4:07)
2. All for Nothing (4:47)
3. Colonel Mustard In the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe (3:39)
4. Can I Borrow a Feeling (3:24)
5. Taken to the Light (4:45)
6. Dirt Nap (3:26)
7. Face of Tragedy (3:08)
8. Circle the Dead (0:51)
9. Don't Call Me Baby (3:31)
10. For Darker Days (3:08)
11. No Time to Die (4:23)

 Saturday Night Sever 2010

1. The End (4:25)
2. Temptress (3:46)
3. Saturday Night Sever (4:02)
4. Professor Plum in the Ballroom with the Candlestick (3:02)
5. Hangin’ Hoes by Their Toes (3:31)
6. Go Go Gadget Suicide (3:36)
7. Rohypnol Suicide (4:07)
8. Bell Ringer (3:25)
9. You Left Me with No Goodbye (3:54)
10. Cut Wrists and Sinking Ships (3:35)
11. The Beginning (3:24)

A Bullet For Pretty Boy Discography (2008 - 2012)


  Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder EP 2008

1. Dial M for Murder (3:29)
2. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (4:10)
3. The Hope I Confide in (3:22)
4. And Still You Chose Surrender (1:28)
5. Pale Horse (2:28)
6. Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder (3:29)

 Revision: Revise 2010

1. The Deceiver (3:52)
2. Revision:Revise (3:53)
3. Decisions (3:32)
4. Patterns (3:41)
5. Only Time Will Tell (4:37)
6. Voices and Vessels (4:23)
7. Tides (3:16)
8. Windows (4:38)
9. Vita Nova (3:15)
10. I Will Destroy the Wisdom of the Wise (ft. Tyler Carter of Woe, Is Me) (6:14)

  Symbiosis 2012

1. Red Medic
2. Forgiven Not Forgotten
3. Come Clean
4. White Noise
5. Illumination
6. The Grateful Prey
7. De (V) Tails
8. Reptilian Tongue
9. Obstruct
10. Self-Disclosure

A Thousand Years Slavery Discography (2006 - 2008)


 An Eternal Three (demo) 2006

1.A True Love My Angel 
2. A Melody For The Restless 
3. The Messenger

A Fury Named Spartan 2008

 1. Epicurean
2. Drastic Oversleep
3. An Eternal Tree
4. Une Etoile Incandescente
5. A Fury Named Spartan
6. Betrayed Flavour

Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Vortice Discography (2008 - 2010)


Human Engine 2008

2.Eternal Insanity
3.Land Of Thorns
4.Exodus Of Breeds
5.Splinters From Bones
6.Schemes Of Reality
7.Vortice (The Eye Of The Hurricane)
10.Human Engine
 Zombie 2010

01. Filed Process
02. Zombie
03. Killer Condition
04. Blood Suckers
05. The Shame
06. Dawn of the Dead
07. Redrum
08. The Uncertain Age

Crystavox Discography (1990 - 2010)


Crystavox  1990

01 - Sacrifice
02 - Power Games
03 - Wear It Out
04 - Turn It On
05 - Home Again
06 - All The Way
07 - It's Alright (To Rock N' Roll)
08 - All Around The World
09 - Never Give In
10 - Tough Boys
The Bottom Line 1992
01  - The Big Picture
02 - Tear Down The Walls
03 - Rise Up
04 - Snakes In The Grass
05 - Stick To Your Guns
06 - Paradise
07 - Cry Out
08 - Shame
09 - Rockin' In A Hard Place
10 - No Boundaries
 The 20 Year Mix (DVD) 2010
 The 20 Year Mix (CD) 2010

1.The 20 Year Mix
2. Break Down The Wall
3. Power Games
4. Stick To Your Guns
5. Sacrifice
7.Home Again
9. It’s All Right (To Rock-n-Roll)
10. No Boundaries
11. The Big Picture
12. Snakes In The Grass

Faith Discography (1985 - 2013)

Faith (demo) 1985

1.Dark Fate 
2.Searching Through Darkness 
5.A Time of Crucifixion 
6.Death Sleep 

 Insanity (demo) 1986

1.Cloak of Darkness 
4. By the Maze 

Hymn of the Sinner (single) 1986

1.Hymn of the Sinner 

Salvation Lies Within 2003

2.Now It's Gone 
3. Cloak of Darkness 
4.Dark Fate
5. The Real Me 
6.The Maze
7. Searching 
8.Death Sleep

Sorg 2005

1.Emotional Retard 
2.The Day I Died 
4.Star Child 
5.Bride of Christ
7.Star Child  Part II
8.What Would I Do Without Me 
9.Skogsrået / Finngalkn 

  Blessed? 2008

1.Blessed Void of Bewilderment 
2.Big Red, Nebraska 
3.Polska Efter Ida I Rye 
7.Father Pious 
8.Never Got to Know (instrumental)

 Decades of Despair 2013

1.Decades of Despair
4.Boeves Psalm 
5.Ashes to Ashes
7.Marion Crane
8.Stums Polska 
9.Codex Dei
10. What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover)

The Lead Discography (1985 - 2018)


The Lead EP 1985

1.It's Thru You
2.Better Off
3.Get Out Of My Face
4.Question What Authority?

Return Fire 1986

1.You Don't Know
2.Kill Satan
3.It's Thru You
4.The Law Of Love
6.Second chance
7.Lead You To Repent
8.Question What Authority
9.One Step Ahead
10.Death Of A Gunfighter
11.Better Off
12.Lead Us To Salvation
13.Take Him Home
14.Get Out Of My Face
15.I Can't Hide His Name
16.It's A Crazed World
17.No Religion
19.Revolution In The Heart

 Automoloch  EP 1986

1.No One's An Atheist
3.Sick of This
4.You Don't Need Him
5.Calling Out to You

The Past Behind  EP 1987

2.National Pride
3.He Won't Take a Joke
4.No Religion
5.Old Warrior
6.Tunnel Vision
8.Jesus Became Sin

Burn This Record 1989

1.Change The World
2.Boring World
3.Suicide Is A Lie
4.Internal Pain
5.Hope You Stay Alive
6.Oh No, Not Again
7.To The Ends Of The Earth
9.Who's The Victim
10.I Can't Find It In My Heart
11.Skate Or Die
12.Kill Satan Mosh
13.The Empty Sepulchre

First EP + Automoloch (compilation) 1990

1.No One's An Athiest
3.Sick of This
4.You Don't Need Him
5.Hurricanes and Earthquakes (live)
6.A Bit of Strange (Take 1)
7.A Bit of Strange (Take 2)
8.Calling Out To You
10.It's Thru You
11.Better Off
12.Get Out Of My Face
13.Question What Authority?
14.Get Out Of My Face (live)
15.One Step Ahead (live)
16.A Bit of Strange (Take 3)

 Hardcore For Jesus '85-'89 (compilation) 2006

         CD 1

1.It’s Thru You
2.Better Off
3.Get Out Of My Face
4.Question What Authority?
5.You Don’t Know
6.Kill Satan
7.It’s Thru You
8.The Law Of Love / Throwaway
9.Second Chance
10.Lead You To Repent
11.Question What Authority?/One Step Ahead
12.Death Of A Gunfighter
13.Better Off
14.Lead Us To Salvation
15.Take Him Home
16.Get Out Of My Face
17.Hide His Name
18.It’s A Crazed World
19.No Religion
21.Revolution In The Heart
22.No One’s An Atheist
24.Sick Of This
25.You Don’t Need Him
26.Calling Out To You

       CD 2

1.Abomination/National Pride
2.He Won’t Take A Joke
3.No Religion
4.Old Warrior
5.Tunnel Vision
7.Jesus Became Sin
8.Change The World
9.Boring World
10.Suicide Is A Lie
11.Internal Pain
12.Hope You Stay Alive
13.Oh No! Not Again
14.To The Ends Of The Earth
16.Who’s The Victim
17.I Can’t Find It In My Heart
18.Skate Or Die
19.Kill Satan Mosh
20.The Empty Sepulchre

 Wink Of An Eye  EP 2008

1.Wink Of An Eye (REX master)
 2.Wink Of An Eye (REX master)
 3.Wink Of An Eye (REYmaster)
4.Wink Of An Eye (REYmaster)

 What I Should Have Told Tim Yohannon In 1985 (Julio Rey demo) 2011

1.What I Should Have Told Tim Yohannon In 1985

 Dressed In a Robe (Rehearsal demo) 2012

1.Dressed In a Robe

Religion No Rite (In Your Face Again) (Julio Rey demo) 2012

1.Religion No Rite (In Your Face Again)

Heaven Is Waiting (feat. Steve Rowe - Mortification) 2013

1.Heaven Is Waiting

Live & Lo​-​Fi 84​-​87 (the MySpace tracks) EP 2015

1.Can't You Just Turn It Down?
2.Death of a Gunfighter
3.Nina Writes "Take Him Home"
5.Julio Presents "Better Off"
6.Get Out Of My Face
7.Robbie and Julio Rehearse "He Won't Take A Joke"
8.Tunnel Vision

The Lead Again 2017

1.Dressed in a Robe (Rev. 19)
2.The World Tomorrow/Adoration
3.Every Fear Forgiven
4.The Lead (feat. Steve Rowe) - Heaven is Waiting

Tunnel Vision (single) 2018

1.Tunnel Vision (remastered)

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Behead Demons - "Satanas Destronado" 2008


Satanas Destronado (split) 2008
Behead Demons 
Memorias De La Oscuridad
Scrolls Of The Meguilloth
Bonus Track

Preludo Del Getsemani
Sentence Of Death
Blasfemo Rito Satanico
Birkat Hacobenim
Inmunda Ceremonia Satanica
Luto Del Falso Profeta
A Sovereign Fortress