Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

4order Discography (2004 - 2007)


  Ghostmetal (demo) 2004

1. Intro
2. Last Rites
3. Hungry Hands
4. Death Wish
5. Betrayal
6. My Master My Slave

 Vampire/Secrets (single) 2005

1. Vampire
2. Secret

 Darkness (single) 2006

1. Darkness
2. Evil Things
3. My Master My Slave (Album Version)

 The Journal 2006

1. Glory Ride (4:27)
2. Death Wish (4:12)
3. Touched by Evil (3:09)
4. Dark Gift (4:23)
5. Born to Darkness (5:29)
6. Vampire (5:02)
7. Evil Things Can't Sing (4:06)
8. Blood and Flame (3:40)
9. Sick Torture (4:23)
10. My Master My Slave (4:12)

 Angry Spirits (single) 2007

1. Angry Spirits
2. Truth Hurts


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