Sonntag, 25. August 2013

The Order Of Elijah Discography (2012 - 2016)

Accession 2012

1.The Great Machine
3.Bringing Down Hell
4. Starscream's Symphony
5. David's Frozen Sword
6. Stitches
7. Nails Over Duct Tape
8. Ballad for Jimmy Baker

Dethrone 2013

2.New Line Of Defense
3.Bringing Down Hell
4. David's Frozen Sword
5.The Reclaimer
7.Greed machine
8.Nails Over Duct Tape
10. Starscream's Symphony
11. Ballad for Jimmy Baker

War At Heart 2016

2.War At Heart
3.Tyler Durden
4.God’s Unwanted Children
5.From The Dusk
6.From The Dawn
7.All American Plague
8.Jennifer McKenzie vs. The Vampire Slayer
10.The Art Of Forgiveness

Every Knee Shall Bow Discography (2013 - 2018)

Slayers Of Eden 2013

2.Slayers Of Eden
3.The Story Of...
4.No Longer Slaves
5.The Lion's Teeth
6.Call Of Love
7.The Cleansing
8.His Mercies
9.Avenging The Martyrs
10.Vigilance Of Battle

Birth (single) 2018


Samstag, 24. August 2013

Destroy The Runner Discography (2006 - 2016)

The Saints 2006

2.My Darkness
5. Thoughts in Reverse
6.The Aleph
7. From the Red (ft. Cove Reber of Saosin)
8. Without Sight
10. Sound of Reason
11. There Can Be No Hesitation
12. Pall Bearer

I,Lucifer 2008

1.Crumbs For the Murder
2. Isabella's 
3.Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoldom 
4.Bag of Marbles
6.It's Always Cold In Paris 
7. A Pathetic Psalm
9.On Falling Leaf 
10.A Nowel Of War
11.A Mountain So Big, A Question So Small 

Sinners B-Side (single) 2009


Void EP 2016

2.End Transmission
4.Glass Sk
6.Born to Hate

Dead Poetic Discography (2002 - 2007)


Four Wall Blackmail 2002

2. The Corporate Enthusiast 
3. A Green Desire
4. Four Wall Blackmail
5. August Winterman 
6. Ollie Otson
7. Bliss Tearing Eyes
8. Stereo Child 
9. Arlington Arms
10. Tell Myself Goodbye 

New Medicines 2004

1. Taste The Red Hands
2. The Dream Club Murders
3.New Medicines
4. Vanus Empty
5. Bury The Difference
7. Glass In The Trees
8. Dimmer Light
10. Modern Morbid Prophecies
11. A Hoax To Live For
12. Zonshine (Hiddentrack)

Vices 2006

1. Cannibal Vs. Cunning
3. Self-Destruct & Die
5.In Coma
6. Long Forgotten
8. Sinless City 
9.The Victim
12. Crashing Down
13.Copy Of A Copy

The Finest (compilation) 2007

1.New Medicines
3. Glass In The Trees 
4. Bliss Tearing Eyes
5. Self-Destruct & Die 
6. August Winterman
7. Long Forgotten
8.In Coma
9. Taste The Red Hands 
10.Pretty Pretty
11. The Corporate Enthusiast 
13. Vanus Empty
14. In Coma (Acoustic)
15. Lioness (Demo)
16. Cannibal Vs. Cunning (Demo) 
17. In Coma (Demo) 
18. Sinless City (Demo)

Cry Of The Afflicted Discography (2005 - 2007)

From The Shadows EP 2005

1.The Ignition Legion
2.The Renewing
3.Tale Of A Soul 
4.The Assembly
5.An Opal In The Shale
Consume This Wasteland 2006
1.Take This Day
2.A True Legacy
3.Forgotten Stains
4.Rule Of Corruption
5.Brothers United
6.Our Safety From The Breath
7.Ignite Us
8.Forsaken Freedom
9.Shatter The Silence
10.Dawn Of Vengeance

The Unveilling 2007

1.Lift The Veil
2.Read Between
3.Built To Fall
4. The Influence of False Pretense
5. A Scar Filled Sky
6. New Hopes, New Dreams
7. Self Defiance
8. Heed the Sound
10. Penetrate, Illuminate

Beloved Discography (2001 - 2005)

The Running EP 2001

1.Kiss It Goodbye
2.The Blue Period
3. Going Through the Motions 
4. Before There Was You, There Was Everything
5. The Aftermath
6. Into Your Arms
Failure On 2003
1. Failure on My Lips 
2. Only Our Faces Hide
3. Rise & Fall 
4. Death to Traitors 
5. Defect from Decay
6. Watching the Lines Blur
7. Inner Pattern
8. Aimless Endeavor
9. Allure
10. Insult to Injury
Kiss It Goodbye: The Final  (DVD) 2005

1.Rise and Fall
2. Watching the Lines Blur
3. Before There Was You There Was Everything
4. The Blue Period
5. Aimless Endeavor
6. Insult to Injury
8. Failure on My Lips
10. Death to Traitors
11. Kiss It Goodbye
 Additional Release Material
1. The Making Of "Failure on" Album
2. The Making Of "Death to Traitors" 

VideoBonus Footage
1. Failure on My Lips - Video
2. Death to Traitors - Video

As Cities Burn Discography (2003 - 2009)

As Cities Burn EP 2003


1.The Hoard (demo)
2.New Sun (demo)
3.Tides (demo)
4.The Widow (acoustic)


1.A Breath Of Water
2.Straight Aways To Get Away
3.Far Too Long
4.The Sickness Of Your Memory
5.Higher Than I

Son,I Loved You At Your Darkest 2005
1. Thus from My Lips, by Yours, My Sin Is Purged 
2. Love Jealous One, Love
3. Incomplete Is a Leech
4. Bloodsucker Pt. II
5. Terrible! How Terrible for the Great City!
6.The Widow
7. Wake Dead Man, Wake
8. Admission: Regret
9. One: Twentyseven 
10. Of Want and Misery: the Nothing That Kills
Come Now,Sleep 2007
3.The Hoard
4.This Is It,This Is It
6.New Sun
8.Wrong Body
9.Our World Is Grey
Hell Or High Water 2009

1.'84 Sheepdog (ft. T.J. Bonnette) 3.08
2. Errand Rum 3.17
3. Into the Sea 4.32
4. Made Too Pretty 4.06
5. Lady Blue 6.20
6. Petty 3.39
7. Daughter 3.13
8. Pirate Blues 4.08
9. Capo (ft. Robert Chisolm of Jonezetta, Micah Boyce of So Long Forgotten) 4.10
10. Gates 5.47 Bonustrack (Digital)

Advent Discography (2008 - 2017)

Remove The Earth 2008

3.Set Apart
4. Hanging the Giants (ft. Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter)
5.The Anger Of Death
8.Three Seasons
9.The Cost
10.I Am 

Naked And Cold 2009

4.Naked And Cold
6.Pack Of Fools
8.Crown Of Thorns
10.Pierced With Grief
11.With Anger
12.Out Of Line
13.Blackeness Of Day 

Pain & Suffering EP 2017

1.Wind From the Valley
2.Weight of the World
3.Shadow of Death

Freitag, 9. August 2013

Emery Discography (2002 - 2018)

The Columbus EP Three EP 2002

1.It Always Depends 
2.To Whom it May Concern 
3.The Walls 
5.When Broken Hearts Prevail 
6.The Weak's End 
7.The Secret 

The Weak's End 2004

2.The Ponytail Parades 
3.Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes 
4.By All Accounts (Today Was a Disaster)
6.The Note from Which a Chord Is Built 
8.Under Serious Attack 
9.As Your Voice Fades 
10.The Secret 

The Question Pre-Sale Exclusive EP 2005

1.Ponytail Parade (Acoustic) 
2.Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes (Acoustic) 
3.As Your Voice Fades (Acoustic) 
4.Listening to Freddie Mercury (Acoustic) 
5.Anne Marie 

The Question 2005

1.So Cold I Could See My Breath 
2.Playing with Fire 
3.Returning the Smile You Have Had from the Start 
4.Studying Politics 
5.Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes 
6.Listening to Freddie Mercury
7.The Weakest 
8.Miss Behavin' 
9.In Between 4th and 2nd Street 
10.The Terrible Secret 
11.In a Lose, Lose Situation 
12.In a Win, Win Situation 
 Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
13.Playing with Fire (Acoustic) 
14.The Ponytail Parades (Acoustic) 
15.Walls (Acoustic) 
16.Fractions (Acoustic) 
17.Studying Politics (Acoustic) 
18.Death to Inconvenience (Demo) 
19.ThoughtLife (Demo) 

I'm Only A Man 2007

2.The Party Song 
3.World Away 
4.After the Devil Beats His Wife 
5.Can't Stop the Killer
6.Story About a Man with a Bad Heart 
7.Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus 
8.What Makes a Man a Man
9.The Movie Song 
10.You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change) 
11.From Crib to Coffin 
 Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
12.Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus (Acoustic Live) 
13.Listening to Freddie Mercury (Acoustic Live) 
14.The Ponytail Parades (Acoustic Live) 
15.As Your Voice Fades (Acoustic Live) 
16.What Makes a Man a Man (Acoustic Live) 
 Bonustrack (Digital)
17. Whoa ! Man

While Broken Hearts Prevail... EP 2008

1.The Smile, the Face 
2.Edge of the World 
3.Say the Things (You Want) 
4.Ten Talents 
5.It Always Depends 
7.Do the Things (You Want) 
8.Thoughtlife (Alternate Version)  Bonustrack (Digital)

...In Shallow Seas We Sail 2009

1.Cutthroat Collapse 
2.Curbside Goodbye 
3.Inside Our Skin 
4.Churches and Serial Killers 
5.Butcher's Mouth 
6.In Shallow Seas We Sail 
7.The Poor and the Prevalent 
8.The Smile, the Face 
9.A Sin to Hold On To 
10.Piggy Bank Lies 
11.Edge of the World 
12.Dear Death Part 1 
13.Dear Death Part 2 
14.Closed Eyes, Open Hands  Bonustrack (Digital)

Are You Listening? (compilation) 2010


2.The Ponytail Parades
3.Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes
4.By All Accounts (Today Was a Disaster) 
6.Note from Which a Chord Is Built 
8.Under Serious Attack 
9.As Your Voice Fades
10.The Secret


1.So Cold I Could See My Breath
2.Playing With Fire
3.Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start
4.Studying Politics
5.Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes
6.Listening to Freddie Mercury
7.The Weakest
8.Miss Behavin'
9.In Between 4th and 2nd Street 
10.The Terrible Secret
11.In a Lose, Lose Situation 
12.In a Win, Win Situation 


2.The Party Song
3.World Away
4.After the Devil Beats His Wife
5.Can't Stop the Killer
6.Story About a Man with a Bad Heart
7.Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus
8.What Makes a Man a Man
9.The Movie Song
10.You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change) 
11.From Crib to Coffin 

We Do What We Want 2011

1.The Cheval Glass
3.The Anchors
4.The Curse Of Perfect Day
5. You Wanted It
6.I’m Not Here for Rage I’m Here…
7.Daddy’s Little Peach
8.Addicted to Bad Decisions
9.I Never Got to See the West Coast
10.Fix Me 

10 Years (compilation) 2011

2.So Cold I Could See My Breath
4.The Butcher's Mouth
5.Don't Bore Us Get to the Chorus
6.Under Serious Attack
7.Cutthroat Collapse
8.Studying Politics
9.Edge of the World
10.In Shallow Seas We Sail
11.The Party Song
12.In a Win, Win Situation
13.The Secret
14.Ponytail Parades
15.Listening to Freddy Mercury

You Were Never Alone 2015

1.Rock, Pebble, Stone
3.Hard Times
4.The Beginning
5.The Less You Say
6.Pink Slip
7.To the Deep
8.What's Stopping You
9.Go Wrong Young Man
10.Taken for a Bath
11.Salvatore Wryhta

The Question - 8 Bit Version by Czarenne 2015

1.So Cold I Could See My Breath (8-Bit Version)
2.Playing With Fire (8-Bit Version)
3.Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start (8-Bit Version)
4.Studying Politics (8-Bit Version)
5.Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes (8-Bit Version)
6.Listening to Freddy Mercury (8-Bit Version)
7.The Weakest (8-Bit Version)
8.Miss Behavin' (8-Bit Version)
9.In Between 4th and 2nd Street (8-Bit Version)
10.The Terrible Secret (8-Bit Version)
11.In a Lose, Lose Situation (8-Bit Version)
12.In a Win, Win Situation (8-Bit Version) 

Emery Acoustic: Live in Houston 2016

1.The Ponytail Parades
2.Can't Stop the Killer 
3.From Crib to Coffin
4.Dear Death Pt. 1
5.Dear Death Pt. 2
6.In a Win Win Situation
7.Studying Politics

Revival: Emery Classic Reimagined 2017

1.Story About A Man With A Bad Heart
2.Studying Politics
3.Under Serious Attack
4.The Smile,the Face
5.The Ponytail Parades
6.After The Devil Beats His Wife
7.In Shallow Seas We Sail
8.So Cold I Could See My Breath
9.As Your Voice Fades
10.Taken For A Bath

Is This the Real Life (single) 2018

1.Is This the Real Life

Safe (single) 2018


Eve  2018

1.Is This the Real Life
2.Fear Yourself
3.Jesus Wept
5.Young Boy's Dream
6.People Always Ask Me if We're Gonna Cuss in an Emery Song
7.Streets of Gold
8.Name Your God
12.Everything That She Offered Me
13.See You on the Other Side
14.2007 Clarksville High Volleyball State Champs Gay is OK
15.Sins of Every Father