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My Heart To Fear Discography (2009 - 2016)

Invictus 2009

1. Meus Deus Meus Vires (My God My Strength)
2. A Strength from Within
3. Sleeping in the Arms of Irony
4.The Escape
5. Rise Up My Fallen Soldier
6. Sheep in Wolves Clothing
8. The Weeping Demon
9. Here I Am Falling
10. Cardboard Cities

A Ship Build To Sink EP 2010

1. Dreams That Breathe
2.The War
4.We Are Nothing
5.There's a Snake in My Boot

Into The Maelstromt 2012

1.Blood Money
2.Encased In Glass
3.Life Under The Stairs
4.Misery Lights
5. Into The Maelstrom
6.The Witching Hour
7.Legends Never Die (GLV) 
8.Hell Or High Water
9.Dear Mr.White
10.Whore de Culture

Lost Between Brilliance And Sanity 2012

1.Blood Monesy
2.Life Under The Stairs
3.Legends Never Die
4.Dear Mr.White
5.The Witching Hour

Algorithm 2013

1.Dust to Dust (ft. Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse)
2.414 Days
4.The Sneaking Chair
6.The Witching Hour, Pt.II
7.Wish You Were Here
8.End Transmission
9. Bottomed Out (ft. Josh Hines of Maitland) 
10. 4th Dimension Opera House 
11. Pack Up, We're Moving 

The Draft EP 2016

1.Rent Past Due
2.The Draft
3.If It's Aliens It's Not
4.You've Been Distant Lately
5.Years Gone By   

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