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Showbread Discography (1999 - 2010)


Goodbye Is Forever 1999

1.Despair Has a Name
2. Cry for Help
3. Power Will Be Fought
4.Drug Song
5. Diary of a Failure
7. Everything Is Meaningless
8.War Song
9. Of Love and Rain
10. Bleeding Generation 
11. Goodbye Is Forever
  Life, Kisses, and Other Wasted Efforts 2003

1.What to Ask Yourself Before You Die
2. Your Friends Are Fake 
3. I Had Music In My Heart, But Now My Heart Is Broken
4. Killing Myself 
5. The Sad Thing About Sunday Morning
6. Cry For Help
7. Where We Begin And I End
8. The Pursuit Of Happiness 
9. A Better World 
10. I Want To Get Married 
11. I Am A Machine Gun 
12. My Heart Is Yours 
13. Stabbing Art To Death
 No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical 2004
1.A Llama Eats a Giraffe (And Vice Versa) 
2. Dead By Dawn 
3. Mouth Like a Magazine 
4. If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don't I'll Die 
5. Sampsa Meets Kafka
6. So Selfish It's Funny 
7. The Missing Wife 
8. Welcome to Plainfield Tobe Hooper 
9. And the Smokers and Children Shall Be Cast Down 
10. Stabbing Art to Death
11. The Dissonance of Discontent
12. Matthias Replaces Judas
13. The Bell Jar
Age Of Reptiles 2006
1.Naked Lunch
2. Pachycephalosaurus 
3. Your Owls Are Hooting 
4. Oh! Emetophobia! 
5. Sing Me To Sleep
6. George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding
7. The Jesus Lizard 
8. Centipede Sisters 
9. Dinosaur Bones 
10.Age Of Reptiles
11. Age of Insects (Hidden track) 
Anorexia 2008
1. The Journey (Featuring Soul Glow Activatur of Family Force 5) 
2.The Vulture
3.The Sky
4.The Dirt
5.The Dirt (Alpha)
7.The Files
8. The Goat (Featuring Jeff Fortson of Squad Five-O & Ivory "TAE" Mobley) 
9.The Death
10.The End
11.The End (Omega)
12. The Beginning (Featuring Reese Roper)
Nervosa 2008
1.The Journey
2.The Vulture
3.The Sky
4.The Sky (Alpha)
5.The Dirt
6.The Pig
7.The Files
8.The Goat
9. The Death
10.The End (Featuring Ivory "TAE" Mobley) 
11.The End (Omega)
12.The Beginning 
The Fear Of God 2009
1. I'm Lost 
2. Nothing Matters Anymore
3. Lost Connection with My Head
4. Regret Consumes Me 
5. Out of My Mind
7. The Great Emasculation 
8. Shepherd, No Sheep
9. Let There Be Raw
10. I Think I'm Going to See You 
11. Precursor
12. The Fear Of God
13. Until We Meet Again
Who Can Know It? 2010
1. A Man with a Hammer
2. I Never Liked Anyone and I'm Afraid of People
3.Dear Music
5. The Prison Comes Undone
7. Myth of a Christian Nation
8. You're Like a Taxi
9.Time To Go
10. The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

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