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Far Beyond Discographie (2003 - 2016)


  The Bleeding Rose (demo) 2003

1. Bleeding Rose 
2. Prophecy of Salvation 
3. The Ancient Realms 
4. Forgotten Past 
5. Mournful Abyss 
6. Dream in Beautiful Slumber 

  An Angel's Requiem 2005

1.The Gate (instrumental)
2.A Kingdom's Lost Beauty 
3. The Ancient Realms 
4. An Angel's Requiem 
5.Bleeding Rose
6. Dream in Beautiful Slumber 
7. Mournful Abyss 
8. Tribute to Resurrection 
9. Prophecy of Salvation 
10. Forgotten Past 

  Songs of Hope and Sorrow EP 2009

1.My Way of Endless Grief 
3. Hope and Sorrow 
4. Tempus Fugit - Part I 

 A Frozen Flame Of Ice  2016

1.Evernight - Part I
2.The Song Remains The Same
3.A Frozen Flame Of Ice
4. Last Farewell
5.Unrelenting Force
6.Evernight - Part I    

Evig Mørke - " Under a Black Sky of Blasphemy" 2011

Under a Black Sky of Blasphemy 2011
1. False Victory of the Dark Hordes 
2. The Darkness Within 
3. Unimmortal 
4. Hatred Under a Blackend Sky 
5.Raven Black Evil
6. This Night's Funeral 
7. Crusade Through the Grimwoods

Pro-Pain Discography (1992 - 2015)

Foul Taste Of Freedom 1992

1.Foul Taste Of Freedom
2.Death On The Dance Floor
3.Murder 101
4.Pound For Pound
5.Every Good Boy Does Fine
6.Death Goes On
8.The Stench Of Piss
9.Picture This
11.Johnny Black
12.Lesson Learned
13.God Only Knows
14.Take It Back [2005 re-issue bonus]
15.Pound For Pound [2005 re-issue bonus]

The Truth Hurts 1994

1.The Truth Hurts
2.One Man Army
3.Bad Blood
4.Put The Lights Out
6.Make War (Not Love)
7.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
8.Down In The Dumps
9.The Beast Is Back
10.Switchblade Knife
11.Bad Blood [live] [2005 re-issue bonus]

Contents Under Pressure 1996

3.State Of Mind
4.Gunya Down
5.The Mercy Killings
6.Contents Under Pressure
7.Against The Grain
8.Box City
9.Odd Man Out
10.Political Suicide
11.Pound For Pound [bonus] [remix version]

Pro Pain 1998

1.Get Real
3.No Love Lost
4.Don't Kill Yourself To Live
5.Love / H8
6.Life's Hard
7.Mark My Words
8.My Time Will Come
9.Smokin' Gun
10. Godsize
11. Blood Red

Act Of God 1999

1.Stand Tall
2.In For The Kill
3.Act Of God 
 4.On Parade
5.I Remain
6.Time Will Tell
8.Love And War
11.All Fall Down

Round 6 2000

1.Fed Up
4.All Or None
5.Status Quo
6.Fuck It
8.Take It Personal
9.Make Some Noise
10.Let Live
11.Thou Shall Not
12.Draw Blood
13.Down In Flames

 Road Rage [Live] 2001

1.Stand Tall
2.I Remain
3.Life's Hard
4.Get Real
5.Act Of God
6.Smokin' Gun
7.In For The Kill
8.Don't Kill Yourself To Live
9.Foul Taste of Freedom
12.Make War (Not Love)
13.State Of Mind
14.The Stench Of Piss
15.Bad Blood
17.Pound For Pound

 Shreds Of Dignity 2002

1.The Shape Of Things To Come
2.Gone Fishin'
3.Down For The Cause
4.No Way Out
5.Shreds Of Dignity
6.Walk Away
8.Lock N' Load
9.Casualties Of War
11.Justice Must Be Done
12.Kill Or Be Killed

 Run For Cover 2003

1.Never Again [Discharge cover]
2.Circle Of The Tyrants [Celtic Frost cover]
3.The Crowd [Operation Ivy cover]
4.Refuse - Resist [Sepultura cover]
5.Iron Fist [Motörhead cover]
6.100% [The Spudmonsters cover]
7.Terpentin [Bohse Onkelz cover]
8.Nothing [Negative Approach cover]
9.Weeds [Life Of Agony cover]
10. ust Sit There [Crumbsuckers cover]
11.Damaged II [Black Flag cover]
12.Your Mistake [Agnostic Front cover]
13.Knife Edge [GBH cover]
14.South Of Heaven [Slayer cover]

 Fistful Of Hate 2004

1.Can You Feel It ?
2.Left For Dead
5.American Dreams
6.Cut Throat
8.Save Face
9.The Better Half Of Forever
10.Freedom Rings
11.Lost Horizons
12.Fistful Of Hate

 Prophets Of Doom 2005

01. Neocon
02. Un-American
03. Hates Marches On
04. One World Ain't Enough
05. Getting Over
06. Operation Blood For Oil
07. Torn
08. Death Toll Rises
09. The Prisoner
10. Days Of Shame

 Age Of Tyranny: The Tenth Crusade 2007

1.The New Reality
2.All For King George
3. igs In Clover
4.Beyond The Pale
5.Three Minutes Hate
6.Heads Will Rock
7.Company Jerk
8.Impeach Indict Imprision
11.Live Free (Or Die Trying)

 No End In Sight 2008

1.Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
3.Hour Of The Time [feat. Stephan Weidner]
4.To Never Return
5.Where We Stand
6.Phoenix Rising [feat. Rob Barrett]
7.Go It Alone
8.All Rise
9.God's Will
10.The Fight Goes On
11.Where We Stand [remix version] [bonus]

 Absolute Power 2010

2.Destroy The Enemy
3.Stand My Ground [feat. Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer]
4.Road To Nowhere
6.Hell On Earth
7.Divided We Stand
8. one Rogue (I Apologize)
9.Rise Of The Antichrist
10.Hate Coalition

Straight to the Dome 2012 

1.Straight to the Dome
3.Nothing Left
4.Bitter Pill
5.Pure Hatred
6.Sucks To Be You
7.Bloodlast for War
8.A Good Day To Die
9.Fallen Son

Bonustracks (Limited Edtion)
1. Egg Raid on Mojo (Beastie Boys Cover)
2. Destroy the Enemy (Original Demo Version 2010) 
3. Stand Tall (20 Years of Hardcore Tour 2011)
4. Pound for Pound (Live at Sittard, Netherland, 2001)

The Final Revolution 2013

2.One Shot One Kill
3. Southbound
5. The Final Revolution
6. Can’t Stop the Pain 
7. All Systems Fail 
8. Want Some? 
9. Fall from Grace
11. Mass Extinction 
12. Under the Gun 

13. Life’s Hard (Live 2010)
14. Get Real (Live 2010)
15. Party in Paris (UK Subs Cover)

 Voice of Rebellion 2015

1.Voice of Rebellion 
2.No Fly Zone
3. Righteous Annihilation 
4.Souls on Fire
5.Take It to the Grave 
6.Age of Disguit
7.Bella Morte
8.Cognitive Dissonance 
9.Blade of the Cursed 
10.Crushed to Dust
13.DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) 
14.Fuck This Life

Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Шарло Акробата (Šarlo Akrobata) Дискографија 1981

 Она се буди/Ona se budi (single) 1981

1.Она се буди/Ona se budi
2.Мали човек/Mali covek

 Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad... 1981

 1. Šarlo je nežan
2. Pazite na decu (I)
4.Sad se jasno vidi
5.Rano izjutra
6.Ljubavna priča
7.Samo ponekad
10. O,O,O...
11. Problem
12. Ja želim jako
13. Pazite na decu (II)

Svi mars na ples (kompilacija) 1981

 1.Bijelo dugme - Ha, ha, ha
2.Haustor Moja prva ljubav (My first love)
3.Zana - Pepito pantalone 
4.Šarlo akrobata - Ona se budi (She's awaking) 
5.Laboratorija zvuka - Skakavac joj zašo u rukavac (A grasshopper got into her collet) 
6.Električni orgazam - Konobar (Waiter) 
7.Film - Zamisli život u ritmu muzike za ples (Imagine life in the rhythm of dance music) 
8.Idoli - Retko te viđam sa devojkama (I rarely see you with girls) 
9.Azra - Poziv na ples (Calling for dancing) 
10.Aerodrom - Stavi pravu stvar na pravo mesto (Put the right thing on the right place) 
11.Bulevar - Nestašni dečaci (Playful boys) 
12.Pekinška patka - Bolje da nosim kratku kosu (It's better for me to wear short hair)

Machine Head Discography (1993 - 2018)

1993 demo 

1.Death Church 
3.The Rage to Overcome 
4.A Nation on Fire 
5.Real Lies / Fuck it All

Burn My Eyes 1994

3.A Thousand Lies
4.None But My Own
5.The Rage To Overcome
6.Death Church
7.A Nation On Fire
8.Blood For Blood
9.I'm Your God Now
10.Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
12.Alan's On Fire [Poison Idea cover] [Japanese bonus]
13.Davidian [live] [Japanese bonus]
14.Hard Times [live] [Japanese bonus]

The Tour '95 (Split)  [EP] 1994

1.Serenity In Murder
3.Divine Intervention
4.Killing Fields

5.Lack There Of
6.Five Blocks To The Subway [Live In Berlin]

Machine Head
9.Davidian [Live At The Limelight In New York City]

  Old (single) 1995


Take My Scars (EP) 1997

 1.Take My Scars
2.Negative Creep [Nirvana cover]
3.Ten Ton Hammer [demo]
4.Struck A Nerve [demo]
5.Take My Scars [live]
6.Struck A Nerve [live]
7.A Thousand Lies [live]
8.Blood For Blood [live]
9.Violate [live]

The More Things Change...1997

 1.Ten Ton Hammer
2.Take My Scars
3.Struck A Nerve
4.Down To None
5.The Front Lines
7.Bay Of Pigs
10.Blood Of The Zodiac
11.The Possibility Of Life's Destruction [limited edition digipack bonus]
12.My Misery [limited edition digipack bonus]
13.Colors [Ice-T cover] [limited edition digipack bonus]

  Take My Scars (single) 1997

1.Take My Scars
2.Negative Creep (Nirvana Cover)
3.Take My Scars (live)
4.Blood for Blood (live)

The Burning Red 1999

1.Enter The Phoenix
2.Desire To Fire
3.Nothing Left
4.The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
6.From This Day
7.Exhale The Vile
8.Message In A Bottle [The Police cover]
9.Devil With The King's Card
10.I Defy
12.The Burning Red
13.House Of Suffering [Bad Brains cover] [Japanese bonus]
14.Alcoholocaust [Japanese bonus]

  From This Day (single) 1999

1.From This Day (edit)
3.House of Suffering (Bad Brains cover)

Year Of The Dragon [EP] 2000

1.The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
2.Desire To Fire [live]
3.The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears [live]
4.From This Day [live]
5.New Resistance [demo]

 Year of the Dragon: Tour Diary Japan (compilation) 2000

1.Desire to Fire
2.Take My Scars
3.The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
4.Struck a Nerve
5.Ten Ton Hammer
7.A Nation of Fire
9.Nothing Left

Supercharger 2001

1.The Declaration
3.White-Knuckle Blackout!
4.Crashing Around You
5.Kick You When You're Down
6.Only The Names
7.All In Your Head
8.American High
9.Brown Acid
11.Blank Generation
13.Deafening Silence

 Crashing Around You (single) 2001

1.Crashing Around You
2.Silver (live)
3.Ten Ton Hammer (live)
4.Crashing Around You (video)

  Imperium (single) 2003


 Through the Ashes of Empires (single) 2003

1.Left Unfinished (Unmastered)
2.Imperium (Unmastered)
3.Elegy (Unmastered)

Hellalive [Live] 2003

2.The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
3.Ten Ton Hammer
5.Crashing Around You
6.Take My Scars
7.I'm Your God Now
8.None But My Own
9.From This Day
10.American High
11.Nothing Left
12.The Burning Red

Through The Ashes Of Empires 2003

Disc I
2.Bite The Bullet
3.Left Unfinished
5.In The Presence Of My Enemies
6.Days Turn Blue To Gray
8.Seasons Wither [USA bonus]
9.All Fall Down
10.Wipe The Tears
11.Descend The Shades Of Night

Disc II [European slipcase edition bonus]
1.Bite The Bullet [demo]
2.Left Unfinished [demo]
3.Elegy [demo]
4.All Fall Down [demo]
5. Descend The Shades Of Night [demo]
+ The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears [video]
+ The Making Of "Through The Ashes Of Empires" [video]

  Days Turn Blue to Gray (single) 2004

1.Days Turn Blue to Gray
2.Seasons Wither
3.The Rage to Overcome (live)

The Burning Red B-Sides [EP] 2004

2.House Of Suffering [Bad Brains cover]

 Elegies (DVD) 2005

3.Seasons Wither
6. Days Turn Blue to Gray
7. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
8. Ten Ton Hammer
9. The Burning Red
10. In the Presence of My Enemies
11. Take My Scars
12. Descend the Shades of Night

The Blackening & Beyond EP 2007

1.Imperium (Live)
2.Halo (live)
3. Aesthetics of Hate (Edit)
4.Halo (edit)

The Blackening 2007

Disc I
1.Clenching The Fists Of Dissent
2.Beautiful Mourning
3.Aesthetics Of Hate
4.Now I Lay Thee Down
8.A Farewell To Arms
9.Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden cover] [bonus]
10. Battery [Metallica cover] [bonus]

Disc II [Special Edition Bonus CD - B-Sides/Rarities 1994-2008]
1.Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden cover]
2.Alan's On Fire [Poison Idea cover]
3.Negative Creep [Nirvana cover]
4.Seasons Wither
5.My Misery
6.House Of Suffering [Bad Brains cover]
7.The Possibility Of Life's Destruction [Discharge cover]
8.Ten Ton Hammer (Extended Original Mix)
9.Hole In The Sky [Black Sabbath cover]
10.Colors [Ice-T cover]
11.Hard Times [Cro-Mags cover] [live]
12.Halo (I Want Your Soul) [demo 2005 version]
13.Aesthetics Of Hate (Thrash-terpiece) [demo 2005 version]

Disc III [Special Edition DVD]
1.Clenching The Fists Of Dissent [Live With Full Force 2008]
2.Now I Lay Thee Down [Live With Full Force 2008]
3.Halo [Live With Full Force 2008]
4.Aesthetics Of Hate [Live Rock In Rio 2008]
5.Davidian [Live Rock In Rio 2008]
6.Imperium [Live Download 2007]
7.Old [Live Download 2007]
8.A Thousand Lies [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
9.The Rage To Overcome [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
10.Death Church [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
11.Blood For Blood [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
+ Halo [video]
+ Now I Lay Thee Down [video]
+ Aesthetics Of Hate [video]
+ Making Of Feature For Each Video

  Halo - Hallowed Be Thy Name (single) 2008

1.Halo (Radio Edit)
2.Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover)

The Black Procession [EP] 2011

1.Beautiful Mourning [live]
2.Bite The Bullet [live]
3.Halo [live]

  Locust (single) 2011

1.Locust (Advance mix)

Unto The Locust 2011

 1.I Am Hell (Sonata In C#)
    1 - Sangre Sani
    2 - I Am Hell
    3 - Ashes To The Sky
2.Be Still And Know
4.This Is The End
5.Darkness Within
6.Pearls Before The Swine
7.Who We Are
8.The Sentinel [Judas Priest cover] [Special edition bonus]
9.Witch Hunt [Rush cover] [Special edition bonus]
10.Darkness Within [Acoustic version] [Special edition bonus]
+ The Making Of Unto The Locust [Documentary DVD] [Special edition bonus]

  B-sides & Rarities EP 2012

1.Negative Creep (Nirvana cover)
2. The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Discharge cover)
3. Hole in the Sky (Black Sabbath cover)
4. Locust (My Name is Purity) (Demo 2011)
5. Be Still and Know (Can We Be Reborn) (Demo 2011)
6. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#) (Alt. Vocals) (Demo 2011)

 Machine Fucking Head Live 2012

1.I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
2.Be Still And Know
4.Beautiful Mourning
5.The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
7.This Is The End
8.Aesthetics Of Hate
10.Darkness Within
12.Ten Ton Hammer
13.Who We Are

 Killers & Kings (single) 2014

1.Killers & Kings
2.Our Darkest Days / Bleeding (Ignite Cover)

 Bloodstone & Diamonds 2014

1.Now We Die
2.Killers & Kings 
3. Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones 
4. Night of Long Knives
5. Sail into the Black
6.Eyes of the Dead
7. Beneath the Silt 
8. In Comes the Flood 
9.Damage Inside
10.Game Over
11. Imaginal Cells )instrumental)
12.Take Me Through the Fire 

Is There Anybody Out There? (single) 2016

1.Is There Anybody Out There?

Catharsis 2018

3.Beyond the Pale
4.California Bleeding
5.Triple Beam
8.Hope Begets Hope
9.Screaming at the Sun
10.Behind a Mask
11.Heavy Lies the Crown
13.Grind You Down
14.Razorblade Smile