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AltarEdge Discography (2010 - 2011)


My Jesus (single) 2010

1.My Jesus

Pray (single) 2011


Pilgrim Song - "Good Shepherd" EP 2012

Good Shepherd EP 2012

2.Oceans New
3.Good Shepherd
4.Oh My Soul
5.The Midnight Hymn
7. They Shall Come Back

Endless Alive Discovery (2014 - 2015)

On The Shore EP 2014

1.His Kingdom Is Forever
2.On The Shore
3.We Are Shipwrecks
 We Are Shipwrecks 2015

Coming soon

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Wrecked Religion - "When Is There A God" 2015

When Is There A God 2015

1.Fill in the Blanks
2.Last Of The Sun
3.End Of The World,CELEBRATE!
4.Go Runaway
5.Hold On Fast
6.It's A Medical Miracle
7.Left Behind
8.Let It Rain
9.Liste To The Sound
10.What Is There To Discover
11.Which Direction
12.If He Dies Tonight
13.Just Like A Brother

Heart Like War Discography (2009 - 2018)

The Battle Begins EP 2009

1. Today I Grew Up (feat. Mike Herrera of MxPx)
2.Flirting With Dynamite 
4. In Suspension 
5.Last Call
6. Your Institution

 Party Propaganda Machine 2012

1. Let Her Go 2.0 
2.It's Time
3.Wake Up Kid 
4.Sing a Song
5.Hopeless Romantic 
6.Black Heart
8.Party Bomb 
10.Los Angeles

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (single) 2013

1.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift Cover Song)

Christmas Snooze (single) 2013

 1.Christmas Snooze

Crazy Christmas (single) 2016

1.Crazy Christmas

Fired Up 2016

1.Bring It On
2.Media Zombies
4.Never Be A Zero
6.Pluck My Heart
7.Starting Line
8.August Burns Blue
10.Boy Meets World

Start Over EP 2018


Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

To Cross An Angel - "This World Is Not Ours" 2014

This World Is Not Ours 2014

1. Intro 
2. This World Is Not Ours
3. Desperate Prayer
4. Eyes Of Recognition
5. Saprophyte
6. HisStory
7. Black Dove
8. Something Like Superman
9. The Fire
10. Forgiveness

Final Vortex Discography (2014 - 2019)

Threshold  2014

2.Enemy Mind
3.Human Enigma
4.Deathbed Confessions
5.Mirror Of Eternity
6.Love Is A Revolution
8. Funeral Of Fire
9. The Covenant
10. Illumination
11. Ascension
12.Human Enigma (Psychosomatic Mix)
13.Shadows In Exile
14.Arch Imperiator

Ivory Eve 2015

1.The Ivory Eve
3.Star Oracle
4.The Color Of Love
6.Enraptured Charity
7.Orphanized Planet
9.Beyond The Veil
10.The Ultra War
11.Order Of Melchizedek
12.To The Unknown God
13.The Men Of Sodom
14.Omni One
15.Black Sun / Red Moon

Tetramorph 2015

2.Primordial Ruin
3.Men Without Chest
4.The Dark Fortress Is Fallen
5.Earthborn Chronicles
7.The Eternal Kiss

Labyrinth Of Haunted Mirrors 2018

1.The Harrowing Of Hell
2.The Mission
3.Reborin In Blood
4.The Legions Bow To One
5.Canticles Of Doom
6.Rare Earth
7.Nocturnal Symphony
9.Black Widow (feat.Perla Farias)
10.Labyrinth Of Haunted Mirrors

War In the Heavens 2019

1.Love Conquers All
2.New - Eval
3.Revive Us
4.Majestic King Enthroned
5.War In the Heavens
6.Immortal Ascension
7.Impectory Prayer
8.Desecrate The Dark
10.Till We Have Faces
11.Eschaton Of Creation
12.The Crowning
13.Dungeon Master
14.Amazing Grace

Liberty N Justice Discography (1992 - 2013)

Armed with the Cross 1992

1.Jesus Love Shout
3.Praise Be to God
4.My Love Would Remain
5.Let Them Now
6.Ever Since the World Began
7.Justice/Armed with the Cross
8. When You Get Home
10.What They Need
11.All Your Love
12.We Outta Here

Big Guns 1994

1.Big Guns
2.License to Jam
3.Times Are Changin'
4.Mona Lisa
5.Wings of an Angel
6.Foolish Child
7.With a Tear
8.Somewhere in the Night
9.Stay with Me Forever
10.Civil War
11.We Are Family
12.Heroes Never Die

Forever Till the End 1996

1.A Fool Says
2.Forever Till the End
3. More Than a Pretty Face
4.Free Will
5.Lost Soul Cafe
6.Come Back to Me
7.  Find Your Way Back Home
8.Shout %
9.Love Me Real
10.My First Love
11.Christian Man
12.Little Boy Brave
13. Yesterday's News
14.In Good Faith

Bargain Bin 2000

1.Lead Me
3.Bargain Bin
6.Jesus Saves
7.Hey Eddie
8.Nowhere Man
9.Love Has Finally
10. Leaving the Warmth of the Womb
11.Herats of Many

Welcome to the Revolution 2004

1.Blind Man's Bluff (Michael Sweet - Stryper)
2.Noise (Jamie Rowe - Guardian/London Calling)
3.Shed My Skin (Lou Gramm - Foreigner)
4.Rebel Son (Paul Q Pek - One Bad Pig)
5.Only Heaven Knows (Mitch Malloy)
6.One Word (Ken Tamplin)
7.Do You Know (Bob Carlisle)
8.Change Comes Around (Harry Hess - Harem Scarem & Mike Roe - The 77's)
9.Rise (Scott Wenzel - White Cross)
10.The Lord's Prayer (Robert Fleischman - Journey)
11. It's About Love (John Schlitt - Petra / Head East)
12.Bargain Bin (Greg X. Volz - Petra)
13.Forever, I Love You (Doug Phelps - the Kentucky Headhunters)
14.Holy Roller (Mitch McVicker)
15.Dr. Love (Michelle Lynn)
16.Cain 2 Abel (Dale Thompson - Bride)
17.FHL (Rick Florian - White Heart)
18.Foolish Child (Jeff Fenholt - Black Sabbath)

Soundtrack of a Soul 2006

2.Kings of Hollywood (Ez Gomer - Jet Circus)
3. Another Nail (Sebastian Bach)
4.State of Grace (Russell Arcara - Surgin/Prophet/Arcara)
5.Malice in Wonderland (Jamie Rowe - Guardian)
6.Grenade (Dale & Troy Thompson - Bride)
7.Show Me the Way (Oni Logan - Lynch Mob)
8.Sight Unseen (Leif Garrett)
9.Up That Hill (Josh Kramer - Saint)
10.Surreal (Scott Wenzel - White Cross)
11.Flinch (Tony Harnell - TNT/Starbreaker)
12.Thy Will Be Done (Mark Slaughter - Slaughter & Pete Loran - Trixter)
13.Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcy - Ratt)
14. If The World Could Be Mine (Joe Cerisano - Silver Condor/Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
15.Always Tomorrow (Ted Poley - Danger Danger)
16.Hope & Pray / Ballad of King David (Phil Naro - Talas/Peter Criss Band)
17.Make Believe (Mike Lee - Barren Cross)  

Independance Day 2007

1.Doubting Thomas (John Corabi - ex Motley Crue/Ratt/Union) 
2.Monkey Dance (Jack Russell - Great White)
3.Soldier (Kelly Keagey - Night Ranger & Mark Slaughter - Slaughter)  
4.My Sacrifice (Shawn Pelata - Line Of Fire) 
5.Phoenix (Pete Loran - Trixter)
6. Independence Day (Kelly Keeling - Baton Rouge/Michael Schenker Group) 
7.Meet My Monster (Tony Mills - TNT/x-Shy)
8.Praying for a Miracle (Ted Poley - Danger Danger) 
9.Fade (Jamie Rowe - Guardian)
10.Bullet, Train, Breakdown (Jaime St.James - Warrant/Black n' Blue) 
11.Addiction (Jani Lane) 
12. Wake the Dead (Ez Gomer - Jet Circus & Tony Carey - Rainbow) 
13.Snake Eat Snake (David Raymond Reeves - Neon Cross)
14.A Little Bit of Love (Mark & Shannon Hovland - Hovland)

Light It Up 2010

1.Light It Up
2.The Other Thief
4. Do What You Believe
5.Man Vs. Mother Nature
6.Treading on Serpents
7.Uncle Sam
8.Every Reason to Believe
9.Wrestling with God
10.Best Time You Never Had
11.Beatiful Decision
12.Drunk Dead Gorgeous
14.For Better or Worse

Chasing a Cure 2011

1.Say Uncle
2.Throwing Stones 
3.Paige's Song
4.Chasing a Cure
5. Black or White (Michael Jackson Cover) 
6.Quicksand Jesus (Skid Row Cover)     
7.Snake Eat Snake (Electric Version)
9.When Mullets Ruled the World 
10. Ground Zero (Kansas Cover)
12.Damascus Road

 Hell Is Coming to Breakfast 2012

1. Hell Is Coming to Breakfast
3.Whack a Mole
4.Thankful Heart
5.Nakatomi Plaza
6.Stretch Armstrong
7.Get Down
8.Your Memory Just Won't Do
9.Thy Will Be Done
10.What Do You Believe?
11.Monkey Dance

The Cigar Chronicles Volume 1 & 2 2013

01. Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice Cover)
02. I Can't Dance  (Genesis Cover)
03. Pride (In The Name Of Love) U2 Cover
04. Staying Alive (The Bee Gees Cover)
05. YMCA (The Village People Cover)
06. Iris (The Goo Goo Dolls Cover)
07. You're So Vain  (Carly Simon Cover)
08. Queen Of The Night (Whitney Houston Cover)
09. Blame It On The Rain (Milli Vanilli Cover)
10. Bye Bye Bye (N’Sync Cover)
11. Dancing On The Ceiling (Lionel Ritchie Cover)
12. Stuck In The Middle With You  (Stealers Wheel Cover)
13. Mmmbop  (Hanson Cover)

01. Devil His Dues
02. The Greatest
03. Cupids Gonna Bleed
04. Under Construction
05. Been There Done That
06. Grace
07. Sucker Punched
08. Broken Bones
09. Sin
10. Give Em' A Light
11. Daddy Long Legs
12. Cut Me Mick
13. Tomorrow

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

Thy Fiery Haze - "Abyss" EP 2013

Abyss EP 2013

1. Intro
2. Mourning Those Below
3. Liars Of The Moon
4. Abyss

Lightmare Discographie (1991 - 1997)

Lightmare (demo) 1991

2.Judgement Day 
4. Love Is a Lie 
 Certain Death 1993
1. End of Dawn at Noon 32 AD 
3.Black Mess
5. Certain Death 
6.Fade Away
7. Fearless Soldiers 
 Vampires (demo) 1994

5.Master's Call 
 Vampires EP 1995


The Fool 1997
1. Theme of Rebellion (instrumental)
2. Rebellion
4. Wasted Lives 
6.The Fool
7. Call from Solitude 
8.The One
9. Take a Stand
10. My Slowly Dying 
11. Dungeons of Society 
12. Please, Survive!

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Awake the Suffering - "Inside the Mind We Die" 2009

Inside the Mind We Die 2009

1.Bury the Breakdown 
2.Blood, the Sacrifice 
3.Inside the Mind We Die 
4.Fixed on the Gray 
5.Sloths In a Box 
6.The Taste of Blood and Sin 
7.Slit Wrist Slave 
8.Purities Walk Through the Vines 
10.Beaten Down and Still a Threat 
11.Embraced In Blood

Nebbia Discography (2014 - 2015)

Glorious Ritual from the Sky EP 2014

1.Dark Clouds on the Horizon 
2.Serenity into the Storm 

Onirica notte EP 2015

1.Parte 1 – Spiriti Nelle Tenebre – Instrumental Track (Part 1: Spirits In The Darkness)
2.Parte 2 – Nel Cuore Del Buio - Instrumental Track (Part 2: In The Heart Of Dark)
3.Dark Clouds On The Horizon
4.Serenity Into The Storm