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Within The Torn Apart Discography (2006 - 2011)

In Emptiness (demo) 2006

1.Sorry,no information
2.Sorry,no information
3.Sorry,no information
4.Sorry,no information
 From Humble Beginnings Come Brutal Ends (demo) 2007

1.Left To Dry In The Sun
2.Like Glass Scraped Across The Skull
3.Up Above
4.Better Off Dead
5.Dragged Through A Nightmare

 Drone In Blood Out (2007/2009) - EP 2009

1.Drone In Blood Out (First Track Made For WTTA, Previously Called "In Emptiness")
2.Up Above (Alt Version)
3.To Rage In Sound This Valiant Despair (Sunn O))) Tribute)
4.The Day Of My Disaster (Feat. Fire - Frost like Ashes On Vox)
5.Darkness Into Light (Feat. Fire - Frost like Ashes On Vox)
6.A Slow Frenzy Of Despair (Electric Drone Mix)
7.There Be The Ditch That You Shall Die In (Sunn O))) Tribute)

 Sun Setting On A Spirit Death  EP 2010

1.The Light In This Space (Intro)
2.Blackened Sun Setting In A Dead Sky
3.It's Called Insanity My Dear
4.Defeating Earth's Gravity (Sunn O))) Tribute)
5.Dwelling Inside My Curious State (Outro)
6.Dead Inside, The Decline Of Hope (Bonus Track)

  Now In This Time Of Death 2011

1.The Kingdom of Salvation (Intro)
2.Waiting With A Patience Truly Terrifying
3.Decline Of Hope
4.The End Is Within The Torn Apart
5.Inside This Torn Apart Soul
6.Peace Through Somber Thought
7.Take Me Home (Outro)

 Drone In, Blood Out 2011

1.Drone In, Blood Out
2.Up Above
3.To Rage In Sound This Valiant Despair (Sunn O))) Cover)
4.The Day Of My Disaster
5.Darkness Into Light
6.A Slow Frenzy Of Despair
7.Judgement We Shall See
8.The Awakening

 Time Wilts Away In This Era Of Death 2011

1.C.O.U. (Feat. Jason De Ron - Paramæcium on Sounds [Ambience] )
2.Withered In Blood Tide
3.Alone In Silence (Feat. Sebat Frost - Frost like Ashes on Guitar)
4.Orion's Chamber
5.The Failing As We Fall Pt. 1
6.The Failing As We Fall Pt. 2 (Feat. Jason De Ron - Paramæcium on  Guitar)
7.Crack The Pillars
8.Time Wilts Away But My Work Is Never Done

  Drone In, Blood Out (Part 2) 2011

1.This Life Will End Soon Pt1
2.This Life Will End Soon Pt2
3.Fallen Giant (Tribute To Pete)
4.1986 Pt1
5.1986 Pt2
6.1986 Pt3
7.When All Else Fails
8.Dead To The World (Demo)
9.Drowning (Demo)
10.Defeating A Blackened Sun (Ambient version)
11.No Longer Lost In The Sky (2007  W.T.T.A Demo)
12.Inside This Suicide (An Ambient Tribute To Justin Wayne Brown)
13.Black Sabbath (Rough Cover)

 No Longer Torn Apart (2007 R.I.P. 2011) 2011

1.Dwelling Within Shadows Of The Past (They Are All Dead)
2.Blood Tide Revisited (Featuring Pat Choko)
3.All Sins Washed Away
4.Give Us This Day
5.The Final Page (Featuring Pat Choko)

 The Revelation Within (single) 2011

1.Droning Waves Of Lifeless Air (Feat. Saint Raven - Cephalophore on Vox)

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