Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Heart Like War Discography (2009 - 2013)

The Battle Begins EP 2009

1. Today I Grew Up (feat. Mike Herrera of MxPx)
2.Flirting With Dynamite 
4. In Suspension 
5.Last Call
6. Your Institution
 Party Propaganda Machine 2012
1. Let Her Go 2.0 
2.It's Time
3.Wake Up Kid 
4.Sing a Song
5.Hopeless Romantic 
6.Black Heart
8.Party Bomb 
10.Los Angeles
 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (single) 2013
1.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift Cover Song)
Christmas Snooze (single) 2013
 1.Christmas Snooze

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