Dienstag, 29. Mai 2018

Silence The Foe Discography (2001 - 2009)

When Summer Turns To Sand 2001

1.When Summer Turns To Sand
2.Weak But Strong
3.Fashion Creates Falsenes
4.Monophonic Sound Of Revolution
5.New Songs

Sweet Sweet Suicide 2004

1.Chaotic Mind
2.Sweet Sweet Suicide
3.As The Holy Spirit Carries Me Like Angels
4.Penny For Your Lies
5.Playing With The Old Me
6.Everything They Thought Was Everything
7.Melancholy Street

Shaking Hallelujah 2006

1.Shaking Hallelujah
2.Privacy Please
3.I Killed The Last Punk
4.Take It! Tap It!
5.Heaven Have Me
6.$experience $ick
7.Cover To Discover
8.Black Paints The Lillies
9.Freakin' Nightmare
10.Evel Knievel
11.Perplexed In A Labyrinth
12.Shape Me Straight (or make me cool)

Unreleased Demo Material (2001) 2009

1.Death Of My Doings
2.Healing Of A Restless Soul
3.The Other Warlord
4.My Heart Of Stone

Against Darkness - "Spirtual Warfare" 2018

Spirtual Warfare 2018

1.The spiritual world
2.Spirtual Warfare
3.The burdens of life
4.End times
5.Light and darkness
6.Jesus is the savior
7.The judgment of the dead
8.God's wrath against sinful humanity
9.Resigning from sinful life
10.Meaningless life

Samstag, 26. Mai 2018

Glassworld - "Wrecked" 2017

Wrecked 2017

3.Talking Myself Down
6.High Tide
7.Starting Over
8.The Slow Climb
10.Where Am I

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

Dawnbreaker Discography (2018 - 2019)

Deus Vult 2018

1.Vileness Exalted
2.To Jerusalem
4.Burnt Offerings
5.Deus Vult
6.Armor of Light
8.New World Crusade

Total Depravity 2019

1.Man of War
2.Strength Of Passion
3.Blot Out The Night
4.Secrets Of Enoch
5.Waterless Places
6.The Dark Tower
8.Radically Corrupt
9.Post Tribulation Rapture
10.Ruins Of Babylon

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018

Krimson Kross Discography (2017 - 2018)

Kingdom Of Shadows (single) 2017

1.Kingdom Of Shadows

Lost In A Dream (single) 2017

1.Lost In A Dream

The Realms Of Eternal Death (single) 2017

1.(Entering Into) The Realms Of Eternal Death

The Descent (single) 2017

1.The Descent (instrumental)

The Ninth Circle (single) 2017

1.The Ninth Circle (Instrumental)

The Inferno (single) 2018

1.The Inferno

Best Of All (single) 2018

1.Best Of All (bonus track)

Kingdom Of Shadows 2018

1.Kingdom Of Shadows
2.Lost In A Dream
3.(Entering Into) The Realms Of Eternal Death
4.The Descent (instrumental)
5.The Inferno
6.The Nineth Circle (Instrumental)
7.The Awakening
8.Best Of All (bonus track)

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2018

These 5 Down Discography (2000 - 2006)

These 5 Down 2000

3.One Wicked Eye
4.What's Your Kind?
6.Hit The Wall
7.I Am The Media
8.Revelation War
10.Dream Again
11.Get It Back

Friction 2006

1.Got Your Back
2.Nu America
4.I Can't Wait
6.It Aint Right
8.Do You Wanna?
10.Special 37

Woke Up In Hospital - "Self​-​Made Man" EP 2012

Self​-​Made Man EP 2012

1.It's all about you
2.Bite the hand that feeds you
4.Straight forward
5.Counting backwards

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

Dehumanize Discography (2015 - 2018)

Demo 2015

1.Spewing the Acrid Carnage of the Blasphemous
2.Let Me "Axe" You a Question...

Unbridled Apathetic Torment EP 2016

1.Chieftain of Sin
2.Pneumothorax (ft. Roberto Granados of Seraphim Defloration)
3.Unbridled Apathetic Torment (ft. Anthony Leasgang of Anatomy of a Creation)
4.Festering Intracranial Explosion (ft. Zack Gleaser of Travesty of Mankind)

The Evisceration Of Man 2016
Urethral Injection / Dehumanize (colaboration)

1.The Evisceration Of Man

Slamphibian / Ventriculostomy / Dehumanize / Internal Pus Leakage 
 Epoch of Total Somatic Devastation (split) 2016

1.Dehumanize - Sacrament for the Dead (Intro)
2.Dehumanize - Excised by Urbanicidal Fruition
3.Dehumanize - Imperialistic Structures Cocooned in Rotting Cadavers
4.Dehumanize - One Life Wasted for Another to Lay Waste
5.Slamphibian - King of the Swamp
6.Slamphibian - Pond Water Lubrication
7.Internal Pus Leakage - Encephalopathic Rage
8.Internal Pus Leakage - Genocide Fetish
9.Internal Pus Leakage - Subtle Infantile Massacre
10.Ventriculostomy - Grotesque Shemale Face​-​F*ck
11.Ventriculostomy - Violent Sodomy
12.Ventriculostomy - Penetration by the Cross

Proclamation of Ethereal Rebuking (single) 2017

1.Proclamation of Ethereal Rebuking (unreleased instrumental)

Tomes of Splintered Skulls (single) 2017

1.Tomes of Splintered Skulls

Malicious Parasitic Virulency (single) 2017

1.Malicious Parasitic Virulency

That Which Is Sown 2017

1.Behold His Wrath Cometh
2.Tomes of Splintered Skulls (feat. Matthew Plunkett of Abated Mass of Flesh)
3.Pecking Apart the Carrion
4.Malicious Parasitic Virulency
5.Torturous Inclination (feat. Kamal Ali of Skirr)
6.Purification Through Bile And Gore (feat. Ricky Witte of Ventriculostomy)
7.That Which Is Sown, Must Be Reaped
8.Torment (instrumental)
9.Proclamation of Ethereal Rebuking (instrumental)
10.The Evisceration of Man (instrumental)

My Cup Overfloweth (single) 2018

1.My Cup Overfloweth (feat. Tommy Rouse of Necroexophilia)

Malum, Scelesto, Ferox 2018

1.A Vile Progression
2.Virtue Signaling
3.As Sodom Burns (Ft. Bryon 'Cricket' Johnson of Insidious Asphyxiation)
4.For We Are Many
5.Our Unending Depravity
6.To Be Spared Of Evil (fett. Zack Plunkett of Abated Mass of Flesh)
7.My Cup Overfloweth (fett. Tommy Rouse of Necroexophilia)
8.Ad Nauseam
9.Apex Creation, Dubious Catalyst
10.Imperii Inmotuae
11.Let Me Axe You A Question (feat. Brandon Smith of Agonal Breathing)

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018

Angel of Sodom Discography (2015 - 2016)

Divine Retribution 2015

1.All Shall Die
2.Righteous Kill
3.Divine Retribution
4.Bring the Sword
5.Entry Denied
6.Chaos (The Seven-Headed Beast)
7.The Burning Hammer
8.Through the Fire to Molech
9.War of Attrition
10.Laid to Waste

Heavens Ablaze (single) 2016

1.Heavens Ablaze
2.Die as a Martyr

Seraphim Discography )2004 - 2006)

Dynamite Fishing 2004

3.Little Boy
6.Go Away
10.When I See
11.Die Alone

Metamorphose 2016

2.Life Is Good
4.I Know Why She Came
5.As a Child
6.Let It Go
7.Love You Lord
8.Dry Tears
9.I'm Home

Seraphim - "Overcome" 1994

Overcome 1994

Side A
2.Turn It On
3.Jesus Is the Way

Side B
2.Can I Lose It
4.The Flood
5.Reach Out

With Teeth - "Captives" 2012

Captives 2012

2.Merciless (feat. Joshua Weir)
7.Betrayer (feat. Deena Jakoub)

Shook Like Dead Men Discography (2012 - 2014)

The Unworthy EP 2012

1.The Lone Wolfe
2.The Politician.The Lawyer.The Priest
3.Ms.Iscariot Pt.II
4.The Man Upstairs
5.Die - Agra
6.Shelby, the Conquerer (feat.Josh Richter of Shall Be The Conquerer)

The Five Solas EP 2014

1.Slave < Master (Solo Christo)
2.Tetelestai (Sola Fide)
3.Soli Deo Gloria