Samstag, 26. April 2014

Adora Discography (2004 - 2005)

Adora (demo) 2004

1.My Cross to Bear 
2. Crown of Thorns 
3.Eternal Warfare
4. Betrayed 
5. The Uprising of a Downfall 
  Safeguard the Helpless 2005

1.The Era of Destruction 
2.Eternal Warfare
3. Crown of Thorns 
4. Everything I Despise 
5.My Cross to Bare
6. This Constant Heart 
7.The Vanguard
8. Safeguard the Helpless Pt. I 
9. Safeguard the Helpless Pt. II
11. Condemning the Righteous

Zombie Gutz - " Who's Come'n with Me?" 2006

Who's Come'n with Me? 2006
1. Moonpies and Browne Chocolate 
2. Wilkesboro 
3.Bo Fever
4. How Does It Go 
5.Burned Alive
6. Sold
7.Wacko Jacko 
8.Track 7
9. Keep Poundin 
10. Dumpzilla 
12. Water Hockey

The Tug Fork River Band Discography (2009 - 2013)

Catch for Us the Metal 2009
1. Catch for Us the Metal 
2. Canadian Geese Ain't 'Merican 
3. A Cry to All Nations 
4. Bad Intentions for a Billy Goat 
5. Gravedigger 
6. Pound, Explode, Pound Pound, Explode 
7.Amazing Grace
8. Date of Birth 
9.Bleeding Tree
10. Duct Tape Fixes Errthing 
11. Metal the Us for Catch 
  Vulture EP 2012

1.Ex Wives 
2. Breezes Through Treezes 
3. Piggly Wiggly 
4. Carne Diem 
5. Han Shot First 
  No Hope for Man EP 2013

1.To the Wilderness Dead 
2. No Hope for Man
3. Typical Juvenile Squatch Behavior 
4. The Rural Juror 
5. Junkyard Reality 
6. Can't Clown, Sleep Will Eat Me 
7. Death of False Hope

Of the Son Discography (2004 - 2005)

The Dead Will Rise 2004

2.I Am Nothing 
3. One Thirteen 
6. Burn the Inside 
7.Follow You
8. Eyes to God 
9.Praise unto Christ
10.Save Me
11. Lion of Judah 
13. Prayer for the Dying 
  At War EP 2005

1.Kill Your Past 
3. I Live for the Day I Die 
5. Sinless (live) 
6.Praise unto Christ (live)
7. Lion of Judah (live)

Bringing Down Broadway - " It's All Gone South" 2007

It's All Gone South 2007
2. Barely There 
4. Eternal Journey 
5. Unseen Tears 
6. Choice or Chance 
8. Killing Compassion 
10. With the Wake 

Neviah Nevi Discography (2008 - 2009)

By the Blood of Their Feet 2008

3.Deep Within 
4. We Will Not Be Silent 
5. Prepare for War 
7. Bare the Scars 
8.Not in Vain

Tales of Terror 2009
2. Immortal Reign of Vincent Price 
3. Molestation of Innocence 
4.No Escape
5. Pit and the Pendulum 
7. Blood Stained Hands 
8. Pushing Up Daisies 
9. Eve of Destruction 
10. Break These Chains

Morbid Sacrifice - "Severed Death" 2002

Severed Death 2002

1.The Offering 
2.Buried Alive
3. Humping the Dead 
4. Misogynicide 
5. Severed Death
6. Divinely Exhumed 
7.Whom I Serve
8. Deliverance of the Beast

Martyrs Shrine - " Martyrs Shrine" 2007

Martyrs Shrine 2007

1.The Final Devastation of the Terrorthrone 
2. For a Burning Eternity 
3. Butchered Planet 
4. Amongst the Putrid 
5. Valley of Darkness 
6. Martyrs Shrine
8. Apparition

In Heavens Eyes - " Salvation" 2009

Salvation 2009

1. Salvation
2.Jesus Power
3. Return to Reality 
4. Sons Hymn 
5.Purge Your Soul
6. Wall of Jericho 
7.The Cleansing

Random Eyes Discography (2003 - 2018)

Eyes Ablaze 2003

3.Son of Perdition 
4.New Creation Girl
6. Little Angel 
10. Tomorrow Will Come 

Living for Tomorrow (demo) 2007

1. Living for Tomorrow
2.Take Me Away
3.You Are the Reason 

 Invisible 2008

1.Deep Waters 
2.Living for Tomorrow 
4.New Flow
5.Where I Belong 
6.For Your Love
8.Take Me Away 
9.For All the Nations 
10.You Are the Reason

Living for Tomorrow (single) 2008

1.Living for Tomorrow
2.You Are the Reason 

Light Up 2011

1.Light Up the Dark
3.Hold Me
4.Tell Me
5.Blind Man 
7.Stand Your Ground 
9.Chaos Theory 

Grieve No More 2018

1.Trail of Tears
3.Grieve No More
4.Fates loves the Fearless
5.2 Worlds Collide
7.Do what thou Wilt
8.Never too Late
10.The Final Quest

Megiddon Discography (2002 - 2011)

Incidents Before the Time EP 2002

1.Time of Departure 
2. Incidents Before the Time
3. This Chaotic World 
4. A Prayer of Help in Despondency 
5. The Greatest Cry of Exultation 
  Covered by Blood, Burning Inside 2011
1.The Signal
2. Carry My Heart 
3. Necrosis of Conscience 
5. The Flame That Burns Inside 
6. Trial of Our Lies 
7.Path of Blessings
8. Miniature Life Protection 
9. The Decipherment 
10....Of the Past
11. My Final Breath

Sueños De Diarrea Discography (2007 - 2008)

Demo 2007

01.Gritos del Infierno
03.Purgatorio Emocional
04.Horizontes Blancos
05.Alma en Cristo
 In memory of Sophie Lancaster - One Oreo Kill My Reeses / Sueños De Diarrea (split) 2007

01.OOKMR - Finish Him
02.OOKMR - Symphony Waltz
03.OOKMR - Moder Warfare
04.Sueños De Diarrea - Castidad y Pureza
05.Sueños De Diarrea - Sentimiento de Fe
06.Sueños De Diarrea - ...To Sophie
 Anneliese's Song  EP 2008

01.Anneliese's Song

Way Discography (2006 - 2012)

O Lado Sombrio da Mente  EP 2006

02.O Eterno Ciclo
03.O Lado Sombrio da Mente
  Seis Côvados e Um Tombo (single) 2009

01.Seis Côvados e Um Tombo
 Meu Silêncio  EP 2012

02.A Vitoria Sobre a Morte
03.Meu Silêncio
05.Seis Covados e um Tombo
06.Livrai nos do mal
07.A Morada do Altissimo

Colonic FetuS - "Festering Ejection of Pustulent Liquids" (demo) 2004

Festering Ejection of Pustulent Liquids (demo) 2004

01.Festering Ejection of the Pustulent Liquids
02.Suicidal Abomination of Judas in the Field
03.RepulsiveScabs & OpenSoresUpon the Dermatitis Of Job

Nocturnal Faith Discography (2004 - 2008)

Emblem of Glory (demo) 2004

2.Arrival of the Final Holocaust 
3. Emblem of Glory
4. Cosmic Desecration 
5.Blackness Reality

SorrowStorm / Nocturnal Faith 
 Collected Works (split) 2004

1.SorrowStorm - Cursed Fires of Gehenna 
2. SorrowStorm - Occult Moon 
3. SorrowStorm - Funeral Oath and Resurrection 
4. SorrowStorm - Breed The Tyrants 
5. SorrowStorm - Nocturnal Apparition 
6. SorrowStorm - Enslaver of Hateful Souls 
7. SorrowStorm - The Arduous Warpath 
8. SorrowStorm - Caverns of Grief 
9. SorrowStorm - Silent Plagues 
10. SorrowStorm - Ensemble of Perdition 
11. SorrowStorm - Chanting the Last Passages 
12. Nocturnal Faith - Blackness Reality 
  Whispering Death (demo) 2008

1.The Abstract Desire 
2. The Inner Dark Soul 
3. Those Who Never Saw 
4. Whispering Death

Ministros del Santuario Discography (1999 - 2005)

Antidiabolic Inquisition 1999

2.El Anticristo
3.Submerged in Fire 
4.Músculo Cardíaco 
5.Noche Podrida
6.Antidiabolical Inquisition 
7.Rasguño Mental 
8.Image of the Beast 
9.Restos del Invasor
10.Vientre Maligno 
11.Depresión Crónica 
12.A Simple Vista 

 Antidiabolical (compilation) 2005

2.El Anticristo
3.Submerged in Fire 
4.Músculo Cardíaco 
5.Noche Podrida
6.Antidiabolical Inquisition 
7.Rasguño Mental 
8.Image of the Beast 
9.Restos del Invasor
10.Vientre Maligno 
11.Depresión Crónica 
12.A Simple Vista 
13.Encadenado (live) 
14.Noche Podrida (liv)
15.Depresion Cronica (live) 
16.Image of the Beast (live) 
17.He Was Beheaded (Encryptor bonus song)