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Guardian Discography (1985 - 2014)

Rock in Victory EP 1985

1.Livin' for the Promise 
3. Rock in Victory
4. Step into the Light 
5. Armored Defense 
6. Your Love Looks to the Future 
 Voyager (demo) 1987

1.Instrumental Intro 
2. Voyager
3. Across the Universe 
4. Run to the Light 
5. In a World Without Love 
6.I Am Here
7. Prisoners Zone 
8. Look into the Future 
10. When the Time Is Right 
11.Marching On
12. Spiritual Warfare 
13. Miracle of the Galaxy 
 Barren Cross / Deliverance / Neon Cross / Guardian / Hero 
 California Metal (split) 1987

1.Barren Cross - Deadlock 
2. Guardian - Marching On 
3. Neon Cross - I Need Your Love 
4. Hero - I Surrender 
5. Deliverance - A Space Called You 
6. Mastedon - Wasn't It Love 
7. Guardian - Spiritual Warfare 
8. Deliverance - Attack 
9. Hero - Sing It Out 
10. Neon Cross - Son of God 
  First Watch 1989

1.I'll Never Leave You 
2.Mistery Man
3. Livin' for the Promise 
5. Saints Battalion 
6.Kingdom of Rock
7. Good Life 
8.One of a Kind
9. World Without Love 
10.Rock in Victory
11. Hyperdrive
12.Marcing On

I'll Never Leave You / Kingdom of Rock (single) 1989

1. I'll Never Leave You 
2.Kingdom of Rock 
  Fire and Love 1990
1.Power of Love
2. Send a Message 
3.Time Stands Still
4. Forever and a Day 
5. Takin' on the World 
6. Fire and Love
7. Turnaround 
8.Time and Time Again
9.The Rain
10. Never Say Goodbye 
  Miracle Mile 1993
1. Dr. Jones & The Kings of Rhythm 
2. Shoeshine Johnny 
3.Long Way Home
4. I Found Love 
5.Sweet Mistery
6. Let It Roll 
7.Mr.Do Wrong
8. Curiosity Killed the Cat 
9.Sister Wisdom
10. Captain 
11.You & I

Streets of Fire (VHS) 1993

1.Streets of Fire 
 Like the Sun / Endless Summer (single) 1994

1.Like the Sun (chr edit) 
2. Like the Sun (album version) 
3. Endless Summer 
4. The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake 
 Swing Swang Swung 1994
1. The Way Home Back 
2. Endless Summer 
3.C'mon Everyone 
4.Like the Sun
5. Rich Man over the Line 
6.Your Love
7. Don't Say That It's Over 
8.See You in Heaven
9. Let the Whole World 
10. Preacher and the Bear 
11. Still on My Mind 
12. Why Don't We 
  Nunca te Dire Adios 1995
1. Que el Mundo de Su Gloria Llene 
2.Todos Vamos Ya
3. Te Veo en el Cielo 
4.El Capitán
5. ¿Sabes qué Es Amor? 
6. Nunca te Dire Adios
7. Toma Tu Cruz 
8.Uno Para el Otro
9. Como el Sol 
10.Creo en Ti

As Seen on TV (VHS) 1995

1.Power of Love 
2. Shoeshine Johnny 
3. Way Home Back 
4.See You in Heaven
5. Lead the Way 
6.This Old Man

Buzz 1996
1. This Old Man
2. Lead the Way 
3.State of Mine
4. The Lion’s Den 
5. Are You Gonna Keep Your Word? 
6. One Thing Left To Do 
7.Hand of the Father
8. Psychedelic Runaway 
9.Even It Out
10. Lift Me Up 
13. Them Nails 
  Delicious Bite-Size Meat Pies (live) 1996

1.Dr. Jones and the K.O.R. 
2.Sister Wisdom
3.Fire and Love
4. Let It Roll 
5. Shoeshine Johnny 
6. Curiosity Killed the Cat 
7.The Rain
8.Power of Love
9. I Found Love 
10.Never Say Goodbye
11.The Captain
12. Forever and a Day 
13. Time Stands Still 
 Kingdom of Rock 1982-1989 (compilation) 1996

1.Kingdom of Rock
2. Mystery Man 
3. I'll Never Leave You 
5. Rock in Victory 
6. Saint's Battalion 
7. Spiritual Warfare 
8.Marcing On
10. Voyager 
 Bottle Rocket 1997
1. Are We Feeling Comfortable Yet? 
2. Bottle Rocket
3. Coffee Can 
5. What Does It Take? 
6.Babble On
7. Blue Light Special 
8.Break Me Down
9. The Water's Fine 
10. My Queen Esther 
11. Hell to Pay 
12. Fear the Auctioneer 
13. Harder Than It Seems 

Promesa (compilation) 1997

1.Tu Amor
2. No Compitas por Su Amor 
3. SÃ Mi Gu­a 
5. Acamo Podr­a Hacerte Ver? 
6. Dulce Misterio 
8. Una Tonta Realidad 
10. Ya No Llores Mas 
 The Yellow & Black Attack is Back EP 1998

1.Loud 'n Clear 
2.From Wrong to Right
3. You Know What to Do 
4.C'mon Rock
5. You Won't Be Lonely 
6.Loving You

Live 1999

1.Bottle Rocket 
2. Coffee Can 
3.Lion's Den
4. Psychadelic Runaway 
5.Lead the Way
6. This Old Man 
8.Babble On
10. Pride (In the Name of Love) (U2 cover)
  Sunday's Best (compilation) 1999

1.Take up Your Cross (studio version) 
2. Awful Dreadful Snake 
3. C'Mon Everyone (live) 
4. Curiosity Killed the Cat 
5. Time Stands Still 
6.I Found Love
7. Sweet Mystery 
8.You & I
9. Like the Sun 
10.Preacher and the Bear
11. See You in Heaven (live) 
12.The Rain
13.Power of Love
14. Never Say Goodbye 
15. Take up Your Cross (live)

Smashes: The Best of Guardian (compilation) 1999

1.Dr. Johnes and the King of Rhythm 
2. Shoeshine Johhny 
3. The Way Back Home 
4. Endless Summer 
5. C'Mon Everyone 
6.This Old Man
7. Lead the Way 
8.Lion's Den
9. State of Mind 
10.Psychedelic Runaway 
11. Bottle Rocket 
12.Coffee Can
13. Break Me Down 
14. This Old Man (T.R.s This Old Dance Mix) 
15. Bottle Rocket (CHR Remix) 
16. Babble On (acoustic remix) 
17. Queen Esther (mellow remix) 
18. Bottlerocket (dance remix) 
 Live at Cornerstone 2001

1.Lead the Way 
2. Psychedelic Runaway 
3.Shoeshine Johnny 
4. Curiosity Killed the Cat
5. Bottle Rocket 
7.The Rain
8.Power of Love
10. This Old Man 
11. Never Say Goodbye 
Dime 2001
1. Dime, Dime 
2. Tu Nombre Alabo Hoy 
3.Santo Dios
4. Si A Mi Lado Tu Estas 
5. Llévame 
6.Eres Dios
7.Un Dia
8. Loco Debo Estar 
9. Si Perdiera El Camino 

Voyager / Fusion (compilation) 2002

1.Instrumental Intro 
3.Across the Universe
4. Run to the Light 
5. In a World Without Love 
6.I Am Here
7.Prisoners Zone
8. Look to the Future 
10. When the Time Is Right 
11.Marcing On
12.Spiritual Warfare
13. Miracle of the Galaxy 
14. Living for the Promise 
16. Rock in Victory 
17. Step to the Light 
18. Armored Defense 
19. Your Love Looks to the Future 
  House of Guardian Volume One EP 2009

1.Psychedelic Runaway 
2. Shoeshine Johnny 
3. C'mon Everyone / Todos Vamos Ya 
4. See You in Heaven 
  La Casa de Guardian Volumen Uno EP 2009

1.Psychedelic Runaway 
2. Shoeshine Johnny 
3.Te Veo en el Cielo 
4. Todos Vamos Ya 
  Three to Get Ready (¿Estás listo?) EP 2011

2.All You Got 
4. No Abandones Tus Sueños (Reaching) 
5. ¿Estás Listo? (Ready) 
6. Tienes Que Entregarte (All You Got) 
  The Real Me (single) 2013

1. The Real Me
  Almost Home 2014

1.Boom She Said 
2.The Real Me
3. Little Things 
5. California Rain 
6. Show Us What You Got (Interlude) 
7. King of Fools 
8. The Calling (Interlude) 
9.Paranoia Kills
10. Price We Pay 
12. Requiem Calavera (Interlude) 
13. Almost Home

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