Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Hazeroth Discography (2004 - 2015)

Impérios Desolados (demo) 2004

1.Profecias das Escrituras 
3.Multilação e Aniquilação 
4.O Novo Reino 
5.Para Total Desolação

 Supreme Might of War (demo) 2007

1.Flame of the Battle in Hazeroth 
2.Supreme Might of War 
3.Predictions of the Famous Punishment (Call and Mercy)

 Supremo Poder da Guerra EP 2008

1.Constante Misericórdia 
3.Supremo Poder da Guerra 
4.Predições do Célebre castigo (Clamor e Misericórdia) 
5.Chamas da Batalha em Hazeroth 
6.Predições do Célebre Castigo (Bonus)

 Arsenal 2011

1.Constante Misericórdia 
3.Supremo Poder da Guerra 
4.Chama da Batalha em Hazeroth 
5.Predições do Célebre Castigo 
7.Multilação e Aniquilação 
8.O Novo Reino 
9.Frykt Ikke (Drottnar Cover) 
10.Cordeiro Imolado 
11.Para Total Desolação 
12.A Honra

  Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarsin 2013

1.Prelúdio das Forças Extremas
3.Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarsin
4.Predições do Célebre Castigo
5.Ao som das Trombetas
7.Marcha dos Que Clamam a Salvação Por Toda Terra
8.Supremo Poder de la Guerra
9.Bonus Tracks

Charms Of Sin 2015

1.Entering The Presence
4.Tremble Of Those Who Perish
5. Charms Of Sin
6.Flame Of The Battle In Hazeroth
7.I Surrender To Holiness
8.This Is Our God
9.King Of The Nation
10.A Honra

The Fulfillment Discography 2013

Origin EP 2013
1.Double Duke (Ft. Jesse Walrath of Six Reasons To Run)
2.Crimson Covenant
3.Legal Tender
4.Wolves' Mask
5.Withered Roads
My Hell and My Hands EP 2013
1.The Hurting
2.From The Mouth of Pigs
4.Worth the Weight
5.Sheep's Clothing

Смут Дискографија (2003 - 2018)


 Forever Is Not Enough 2003

1.State of Hate
3.Victims of War
4.Same Difference
5.Meaning of Life
6.Years of Pain
7.New Without A Face
9.Last Drop
10.Last Breath

All I Hate 2007

1.State of hate
3.Victims of War
4.Same Difference
5.Meaning of Life
6.Years of Pain
7.Man without a face
9.Last Drop
10.Last Breathe
11.track 11

Мемоарите на скршениот човек  2012

3.Моето изгубено јас
4.Земјата на сонцето
5.Црната птица
6.Улица паганска бр. 666
7.Срце на бина
8.Музејот на скршени срца
9.Гробот на предците
10.Човекот со пластично срце
11.Ова е за Вас

Smut 2014

1.Татко ми често збореше
2.Свет на лага
3.Same Difference
7.Крв за крв
8.Years of Pain

Татко ми често збореше (cингл) 2014

1.Татко ми често збореше

Додека cонував (cингл) 2015

1.Додека cонував

Сè или ништо (cингл) 2016

1.Сè или ништо

Тие cе насекаде 2018

1.Последниот куршум
2.Што ако ѓаволот си ти?
3.Три куршума
4.Тие cе насекаде
5.Во мојот град
6.Дали се сеќаваш на нас?
7.Револуција во крв
8.Сѐ или ништо
9.Додека cонував
10.Дојде време за крај

Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Born For Slaughter/Silence Means Death (split) 2012


Born For Slaughter/Silence Means Death (split) 2012

1.Intro (free)
2. Ниту еден гроб не е доволен да ме закопа
3.Dirty Power Game
4.Collision Course
5.Очи ме горат 
7.Yet Another Witch Hunt

Narnia Discography (1998 - 2019)

Awakening 1998

1.Break The Chains
2.No More Shadows From The Past
3.The Return Of Aslan
4.Heavenly Love
5.Time Of Changes
6.The Awakening
7.Touch From You
8.Sign Of The Time

Long Live The King 1999

1.Gates Of Cair Paravel (Introduction)
2.Living Water
3.Shelter Through The Pain
4.The Mission
5.What You Give Is What You Get
6.The Lost Son
7.Long Live The King
8.Dangerous Game
9.Star Over Bethlehem
10.Shadowlands (Outro)

Narnia / Saviour Machine / Wedding Party
 Music For The Next Millennium Volume I  (split) 1999

1.Pastor Dave Hart - Music For The Next Millennium
2.Eva O - Stand Before The Light
3.Eva O - Blood Lust
4.Rackets And Drapes - Home Street Home
5.Rackets And Drapes - Disease of Me
6.Narnia - Living Water
7.Narnia - Long Live the King
8.Wedding Party - War Memorial
9.Wedding Party - Bury the dead
10.Saviour Machine - The Night
11.Saviour Machine - Behold A Pale Horse - Classical Mix
12.Saviour Machine - Gog (Death March) / The Invasion Of Israel
13.Saviour Machine - The Whore of Babylon

Desert Land 2001

1.Inner Sanctum
2.The Witch & The Lion
3.Falling From The Throne
4.Revolution Of Mother Earth
5.The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
6.Angels Are Crying (
7.Walking The Wire
8.Misty Morning
9.Trapped In This Age

 The Great Fall 2003

1.War Preludium
2.The Countdown Has Begun
3.Back From Hell
4.No Time To Lose
5.Innocent Blood
6.Ground Zero
7.Judgement Day
8.Desert Land
9.The Great Fall Of Man

At Short Notice... Live in Germany (DVD) 2004

2.Inner Sanctum
3.The Mission
4.War Preludium
5.The Countdown Has Begun
6.Back from Hell
7.No Time to Lose
8.Long Live the King
9.Living Water
10.Shelter Through Pain
11.Dangerous Game
12.[guitar solo]  
14.Break the Chains
15.The Witch & the Lion

Enter The Gate 2006

1.Into this game
2.People of the bloodred cross
3.Another world
4.Show all the world
5.Enter the gate
6.Take me home
7.This is my life
8.Aiming higher
9.The man from Nazareth
10.Hymn to the north

At Short Notice... Live in Germany 2006

2.Inner Sanctum
3.The Mission
4.War Preludium
5.The Countdown Has Begun
6.Back from Hell
7.No Time to Lose
8.Long Live the King
9.Living Water
10.Shelter Through Pain
11.Dangerous Game
12.[guitar solo]  
14.Break the Chains
15.The Witch & the Lion

Decade Of Confession (compilation) 2007

Disc 1
1.In His Majesty's Service   
2.Into This Game  
3.Show All the World  
4.Judgement Day  
5.Innocent Blood  
6.The Countdown Has Begun (live)  
7.Back from Hell (live)  
8.No Time to Lose (live)  
9.Inner Sanctum  
10.The Witch & the Lion  
11.Revolution of Mother Earth  
12.The Light at the End of the Tunnel  
13.Trapped in This Age  

Disc 2
1.Gates of Cair Paravel  
2.Living Water  
3.The Mission  
4.Shelter Through the Pain  
5.Can't Get Enough of You
6.Dangerous Game  
7.Long Live the King  
8.No More Shadows from the Past  
9.Heavenly Love  
10.Break the Chains  
11.Awakening (live)  
12.Hymn to the North 
13.Show All the World (remix)

Course Of A Generation 2009

1.Sail Around The World 
2.When The Stars Are Falling 
3.Course Of A Generation 
5.Kings Will Come 
8.One Way To Freedom 
9.Miles Away 
10.Behind The Curtain 

 Narnia / DivineFire / Audiovision / Golden Resurrection 
 Metal for Jesus (split) 2013

1.Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross 
2.Narnia - Living Water 
3.Narnia - Long Live The King 
4.Audiovision - The Way 
5.Audiovision - We Will Go 
6.DivineFire - Divinefire 
7.DivineFire - Live My Life For You 
8.Golden Resurrection - Proud To Wear The Holy Cross 
9.Modest Attraction - Down On My Knees 
10.Golden Resurrection - The Final Day 
11.Golden Resurrection - God’s Mercy 
12.DivineFire - Never Surrender 
13.Golden Resurrection - Flaming Youth 
14.Golden Resurrection - Golden Resurrection 
15 DivineFire - Open Your Eyes 
16.DivineFire - Bright Morning Star 
17.DivineFire - The Way To Eternity 

 Reaching for the Top (single) 2016

1.Reaching for the Top

Messengers  (single) 2016



1.Reaching for the Top
2.Still Believe
3.Highest Mountain
4.Set the World on Fire
5.Thank You
6.Who Do You Follow
7.Moving On
9.One Way to the Promised Land

I Still Believe (single) 2016

1.I Still Believe

We Still Believe - Made in Brazil 2018

1.Inner Sanctum
2.The Mission
3.Reaching for the Top
4.Shelter Through the Pain
5.No More Shadows from the Past
6.I Still Believe
8.Drum Solo
9.Guitar Solo
10.The Awakening
11.Long Live the King
12.Into this Game
13.Living Water

From Darkness to Light 2019

1.A Crack in The Sky
2.You Are The Air That I Breathe
3.Has The River Run Dry
4.The Armor of God
6.The War That Tore The Land
7.Sail On
8.I Will Follow
9.From Darkness to Light (Part I)
10.From Darkness to Light (Part II)

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Exegesis Discography (2006 - 2019)

Lágrimas de Sangre 2006

1.Valle de Sombras
2.Terror Nocturno
3.Lágrimas de Sangre
4.Profundo Silencio
5.Destrucción del Dolor
6.Manto de la Muerte
8.Desde el Infierno

Espiritu Artificial 2009

3.Almas Mecanicas
4.Anunciando una Condena
5.Despertar en la Oscuridad
7.No me Rendire
9.Por Sangre
10.Antes de Morir
11.Guerreros del Rock

Exegessis EP 2015


Insurrection 2016

1.Wake Me Up
2.I Will Never Go Back
4.Elli Elli
6.Grito mas duro
9.Sombra de un paraiso

Amen 2019

2.Sangrienta Raza
5.Llegare hasta el final
7.Perdida de conciencia

Liva Discography (2000 - 2013)

Liva EP 2000

1.Dies Irae 
2. Tuba Mirum 
3. Hostias 
4. Kyrie

 Requiem 2002

1. Kyrie 
2. Dies Irae 
3. Tuba Mirum 
4. Rex Tremendae 
5. Recordare 
6. Confutatis 
7. Lacrymosa 
8. Domine Jesu 
9. Hostias 
10. Sanctus 
11. Agnus Dei

De Insulis 2007

1. Omnis Mundi Creatura 
2. Rosa Marcet Oriens 
3. Sic Mors Bitam 
4. Mortis Est Conclusio 
5. Luge Penam 
6. Regula Mundi 
7. Lucido Lunae 
8. Terra Superbit 
9. Lingua Fidelis 
10. Postludium

 Human Abstract 2013

1. All That's Past
2. Desert Places
3. The Last Word
4. Human Abstract
5. The Indian Serenade
7.Evocation (instrumental)
8.Come In
9. Interlude pour Italo (instrumental)
10.Winter Days