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Inked In Blood Discography (2004 - 2007)

Awakening Vesuvius EP 2004

1.Dead Men Rule Nothing
2. The Cosmos in a Box
3. Moments and Possibilities
4. Where the Enemy Sleeps
5. The New Empiricism
Lay Waste the Poets 2005
1. All That Remains...
2. Hoping to Dream and Never Return
3. Lest I Sleep the Sleep of Death
4. Fall From Your Eyes
5. Compassion Is My Own Dissent
6. These Sonnettes of Our Lives
7. Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry
8. Kiss the Lips of Your Betrayer
9. Comatose
10. ...All That I Have
11. Ending with a Question
Sometimes We Are Beatiful 2007
1. Call to Arms 
2. Angel of Lost Hopes
4. To Be Your One And Only 
6. This Moment 
7. Somewhere Familiar 
8. With Devils 
9. In the Wake of Loss 
10. Paradise Regained

Light The Way Discography (2016 - 2017)

 BRKN (single) 2016


Grace EP 2016

1.Note to Self
2.Black Waves
4.I'm Sorry

Note To Self (single) 2017

1.Note To Self (acoustic)

Dude,Lame EP 2017

2.So Stoked
3.Stag Line
5.Dead Head
6.Note To Self (acoustic)

Flee The Seen Discography (2003 - 2006)

Fighting Change EP 2003

1.My Prize Possession
2. The Perfect Mistake
3. Hindsight Disclosure
4. Bleed Through
The Sound Of Sirens EP 2004
1. Goodbye Father, Hello Brother
3.Escape Plan
4. Your Shattered Past
5. Broken Thoughts of Praise
7. Start the End Again
Doubt Becomes the New Addiction 2006
1. Celebrate the Static 
2. Wardrobe Full of Fiction
3. Do You Think Dallas Is Still in the Slammer? 
4. I'll Be Back on Sunday 
5. November 5th 
6. Wire Tap Out 
7. Broken Thoughts of Praise 
8. Walking Past You
9. Right Before You Disappear 
10. Start the End Again 
11. 300 Voices at Liberty Hall

Figure Four Discography (1999 - 2003)

No Weapon Formed Against Us 1999

1. In The Face Of Death 
3.No One Else
4.Broken Chains
5.New Day
6.To An Image
9.Last Night
10.Day By Day
11.Where I Stand 
  When It's All Said & Done 2001
1.True Colors
2. When It's All Said & Done 
3.So Much More
4.Reasons Why
5.Questins Of Truth
7. Sword From My Mouth 
8. Silence Expected 
9. Who Belongs 
Suffering The Loss 2003
1. State Of Mind 
2.The Loss
3.Hear My Words
4. Kill And Deceive 
5.The Cycle
6. Carried Away 
8. We Were Invincible 
9. Thieves Don't Knock 
10.Miles Away
11.Poison In Me

Fallstar Discography (2011 - 2015)

Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter. 2011

2.Black Clouds
3. Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter. 
4. Horse Without a Rider
5. Saratoga Springs
6. Lurchers
7. Drunkaholics Anonymous
8. Face the Floor
9. Contortionist

Backdraft 2013

1.Malbec Blood 
2.Shallow Believer 
3.El Rey
4.Drags, Drugs, and Bones
6.The Valley 
7.Alexandria 363 
8.It's in Our Blood 
9. Eclipse 
10.The New World 
11.Set My Face Like Flint

Future Golden Age 2015

1.What Roberta Sparrow Said 
3.Circle Above Me (A Silent Voice)
4.Death Worship
5.Impossible Dreamers (MFTM)  
7.Write My Name in Gold
8.Radio (NW Hesh) 
11.Under the Gun
12.Dance in the Desert
13.This Is My E.L.F. Weapon 
14.Eros & Psyche
15.Divine Spark

A Shattered Reflection Discography (2007 - 2009)

Lost but Not Forgotten EP 2007

1.The Age of Innocence 
2. Under the Wings of Grace 
3. In the Eyes of a Traitor 
4. Lost but Not Forgotten 
5. To the Heartless 
6. Knights and Thieves (In the Search of the Covenant) 
  A Shattered Reflection EP 2009

2. The Battle Within 
3. To the Heartlees 
4. Our Stand

Blood Drift - " Thrusting Plagues" 2007

Thrusting Plagues (demo) 2007

1.Winds of Persecution 
2. Thrusting Plagues 
3. Last Reign

Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

Everything In Slow Motion Discography (2012 - 2016)

Red (single) 2012


Phoenix 2013

1.Get Out
2. Speak (ft. Christian Lindskog of Blindside)
4.Most Days
5.You Are
7.The Fool
8.Come Down
9.Remember No More
10. Proxima (ft. Holly Ann) 

Laid Low EP 2016

2.Bad Season
3.I Am Laid Low

Dynasty Discography (2011 - 2013)

True Living with a Youthful Vengeance 2011

1.Worthless Will 
2.Voice of Truth 
3.Wisdom is Supreme 
4. Triumph and Truth
6.Back to Life
7. Demolish Strongholds
8.Way of the Wolf
9. Dangerous Minds 
10.Sitting Back 
Beyoun Measure 2013
1. Word Is Born
2. Brick by Brick
3. Rise to Victory (ft. Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns and Thom Green of Sleeping Giant)
4. Omni-Death
5. Hard Pressed (ft. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front)
6. Beyond Measure
7. Savage Mind (ft. Martin Stewart of Terror)
8. Undefeated
9.Death Solution
10. Burn in Me
11.Explicit Method
12. Get Live (ft. Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan)

Comeback Kid Discography (2002 - 2010)

2K2 (demo) 2002

1. All in a Year
2. Playing the Part
3. The Operative Word
4.Step Ahead
5. Without a Word
6.Give and Take 
Turn It Around 2003
1. All in a Year
2.Give and Take
3. Die Tonight
4.Changing Face
5. Playing the Part
7. Operative Word
8.Operative Word
9. Biting Tongue
10.Something Less
11.Never Fade
12. Without a Word
Wake the Dead 2005
1. False Idols Fall
2. My Other Side
3.Wake the Dead
4. Trouble I Love
5.Talk Is Cheep
6. Partners in Crime
7.Our Distance
8. Bright Lights Keep Shining
9. Falling Apart
10. Losing Patience
11.Final Goodbye 
Broadcasting 2007
1. Defeated
2. Broadcasting...
3. Hailing on Me
4.The Blackstone
5. Industry Standards
6.Give'r (Reprise)
7. One Left Satisfied
8. Come Around
9.In Case of Fire
10. Market Demands
Through the Noise (DVD) 2008

1. False Idols Fall 
2. Die Tonight 
4. Partners in Crime 
5.Changing Face
6. Industry Standards 
7. Defeated
 8.All in a Year
9.Step Ahead 
10. Talk Is Cheap 
11. The Trouble I Love 
12. Hailing on Me 
13.Our Distance
14. Lorelei
 15.Wake the Dead
16.Giver (Reprise) 
17.Final Goodbye
18. (DVD) Live in Leipzig Concert - 41 Min. 
19. (DVD) Our Distance - Documentary - 67 Min.
20. (DVD) Broadcasting... - Music Video 
21. (DVD) Wake the Dead - Monster Version (Music Video)
22. (DVD) Wake the Dead - Orginal Version (Music Video)
 Symptoms + Curses 2010

1.Do Yourself a Favor
2. Crooked Floors 
3. G.M. Vincent and I
4. Because of All the Things You Say
5. The Concept Says
7. Symptoms and Cures
9. Get Alone
10.Magnet Pull
11. Pull Back the Reins

Call To Preserve Discography (2006 - 2011)

Unsinkable 2006

1.Hold Fast
3.You Broke Down
4. Force of Change
5.Life's Too Short
6. Thick as Blood 
7. Shellshock 
8. Stand and Fight 
9. Pay the Price 
10. Fight Til the End
11. Now and Forever
12. Unsinkable
From Isolation 2008
1. Sinking Sun 
2.So Low
4. Dear Galatia (ft. Johnny Intravaia and Drew Russ of Seventh Star) 
5.From Isolation
6. Hindsight 
8. Lincoln Street 
9. Waiting for Dawn 
10.First Light
11. Hope for the Fallen 
12.Open Your Eyes 
  Life of Defiance 2010

1.Life of Defiance 
2. Drawing Lines on All Sides 
3.Empty Promises
4.The Weight
5. Functionary 
7. Thin Skin 
8. Across the Isle (ft. Joe Musten of Advent)
9.Holding Embers
10. Lost at Sea 
11. Last Look Back 
Validation EP 2011
1. Exploit, Neglect, Condemn
4.To Become One