Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

Call To Preserve Discography (2006 - 2011)

Unsinkable 2006

1.Hold Fast
3.You Broke Down
4. Force of Change
5.Life's Too Short
6. Thick as Blood 
7. Shellshock 
8. Stand and Fight 
9. Pay the Price 
10. Fight Til the End
11. Now and Forever
12. Unsinkable
From Isolation 2008
1. Sinking Sun 
2.So Low
4. Dear Galatia (ft. Johnny Intravaia and Drew Russ of Seventh Star) 
5.From Isolation
6. Hindsight 
8. Lincoln Street 
9. Waiting for Dawn 
10.First Light
11. Hope for the Fallen 
12.Open Your Eyes 
  Life of Defiance 2010

1.Life of Defiance 
2. Drawing Lines on All Sides 
3.Empty Promises
4.The Weight
5. Functionary 
7. Thin Skin 
8. Across the Isle (ft. Joe Musten of Advent)
9.Holding Embers
10. Lost at Sea 
11. Last Look Back 
Validation EP 2011
1. Exploit, Neglect, Condemn
4.To Become One

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