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Hguols Discography (2009 - 2011)

Epitome 2009

1....of Resurrections
2....of Unprecedented Deaths
3....of Threnodies Abided
4....of Burning Plagues
5....of Sovereign Toccatas
6....of Winter Moons
7....of Famine and Decay
8....of Sorrowed Hearts
9....of Blackened Skies
10....of Eternity
Reaver of Souls (single) 2010
1.Ozar Midrashim, Ariel's Lament
The Night Symphony (single) 2010
1.The Night Symphony
 Celestial Powers Intervened To True Supremacy  2010
 1.Destined to Find Sanctuary
2.I Found the Essence of Darkness
3.Within the Grip of Insanity
4.All But Life Was Lost
5.In This Exchange of Demise
6.Celestial Powers Intervened
7.My Eyes Have Opened
8.To True Supremacy
Maunstraut 2011
1.To Solace
2.Epitome of Unprecedented Deaths (Dark Destiny)
3.Epitome of Threnodies Abided (Hlodyn)
4.Epitome of Sovereign Toccatas
5.Epitome of Eternity (Trismegistus)
6.Destined to Find Sanctuary (The Eternal Story)
7.I Found the Essence of Darkness (Journey to Despair)
8.Within the Grip of Insanity (A Cryptic Welcome)
9.In This Exchange of Demise (Forsaken, Forever)
10.Hordes of the Undead (Rain)
11.Hordes of the Undead (Silence)
12.Zeir Grimholdt
 Depiction Under The Obscure Seclusion 2011

1.Depiction Unto Grief
2.Under a Watchful Scythe
3.The Inexorable Interlude
4.Obscure Entity Elapsing
5.Seclusion Being Assailed

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