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W. Discography (2008 - 2009)

Circle of Dead Demons EP 2008

01.The Salvation Machine
02.Total Life
03.26 Years
04.Moses Parted The Ocean Between Us
05.Lamb's Blood
06.Wooden Hearts and Open Sores
07.A Cure for Cancer
08.Eliminating Death
10.Promises Kept

Eternal Mystery / W. (split) 2009

 1.Once You Have Seen Black...
2. Then You Will Understand
3. 01. Zombie Nation
4. 02. Mutilation of Truth
5. 03. Peace, Love, and Intolerance
6. 04. Portrait of the Human Heart
7. 05. Religious Capitalism
8. 06. A Cesspool of Corrupted Thought
9. 07. Brain Anesthetic
10. 08. Years of Wasted Life
11. 09. Mortuary Sunrise
12. 10. The Neptune Watchtowers
13. Ignore the Silent Whispers
14. Ignorant Falsity
15. Where Art Thou?
16. Realities Last Moment
17. Cursed and Fallen
18. Where Shepherds Mourn
19. Caravans to Cold Void Communion
20. The Ultimate Reflection
21. Four Walls, a Straightjacket, and a Feeling of Emptiness
22. 10 Fingers and One Throat
23. No Remorse
24. Harvesting
25. The Narrator's Last Wish
26. . V.196-X28001 (Grains of Sand Allowed in the Primitiveness of Rational Failings)

Spiritual Grind Battle EP 2009

02.Final Warning
03.End Of Days
04.Entombed, Untombed
05.Walking In Spirit
06.Dead To This World
08.Breath Of Life
09.Rising Against All
10.Power Of God Unmatched
11.Spewing Scriptural Spears
12.Firethrones and Whiteflags
13.In The Belly Of The Beast
14.Assyrian Hunger
15.Grinding The Serpents Head
16.Pool Of Baptismal Waters
17.Anti-Satan / Anti-Evil
20.Keys To Hell, Earth and Heaven
  Circle Of Dead Demons - Part 2 2009

01.Finality Is Not So FInal
02.My Death
03.Castrate The Follower
05.North Of Chaos
06.Alpine Codices
07.Forever Plagued
09.The Everlasting Fire
10.In The Shadow Of Hell
11.Cult Of Parasite
13.A Familiar Fury
14.Slowly Walking Away
15.Born From Sin, A Mistake Of Life
18.Apocalypse Culture
19.For All Slaves Of Life...
22.Fail, Loss and The End Of Hope
24.The Salvation Machine
25.Total Life
26.26 Years
27.Moses Parted The Ocean Between Us
28.Lamb's Blood
29.Wooden Hearts and Open Sores
30.A Cure For Cancer
31.Eliminating Death
33.Promises Kept

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