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Hell Bovine Discography (2009 - 2015)


Tool of Satan (demo) 2009

1. MIDI Brutality Anointed
2.Righteous Action Through Holy Ghost Power 
4.Never Falling From Grace 
5.G0d Iz GR8! 
6. Unashamed of the Gospel
7.Victory Through Praise 
8.Stay Busy
9.Job Skills: Breathing 
10.Give Me Your Door
11.Reach For The Pie 
12.Necessity Vs. Luxury of Tacos 
13.Stink I
14.Get Divorced On Myspace 
15.Marine Corps Kung Fu Fighting Program 
16.Dead For A Long Time 
17.Sugar Coating Things Isn't Always Necessary... But It Tastes So Good  
18.Vegetables Of Death
19.Tool of Satan

Food !!! (single) 2009

1.Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

 Cow Rot - Split with Dysfunctional Rotout & Dead Risen 2010

1.Gigantic Cow Vs. Big Lizard
2.Drive Through Diner 
3.Aussie Osbourne
4.Why Are You Dancing? 
5.Rigorous Fart Tempo Change 
6.Rotten Taco Sewage 
7.Of Fate And Dentistry 
8.Delete Your Liespace 
9.Sorry About Using Your Name In Vain 
10.Dysfunctionally Rotting Out 

 EFODDPHC - The Early Demos  2010

2.Leaving The Church Of Disobedience
3.Love is Grind
4. Killing Utensils
5.Saviour Of My Very Soul In The Key Of F Major 
6.Satan Will Die A Brutal, Gorrific Death 
7. Car Crashes Rule, Unless You're In One 
8.Patient Endurance Through Impossible Trials 
9.In My Heart There's A Grind Named After You 
11.This Song Sucks Even More! 
12.Grinding For God! 
13.Grind Praise Ear Death
14.Eating All Your Food In The Key Of Ab Major 
15. It's A Good Day To Grind 
16.Set Me Free
17.Christ Kills Demons 
18.Grinding Till The Day I Die 
19.Life Needs Frogs (Inspired By Jose Blanco) 
20.It's Moosic!
21. Just Makin' A Joyful Noise 
22.Banjo Grind!
23.What Was I Thinking?! 
24.Let All Who Have Breath... 
26. Where Will You Go When You Die?
28.Baptized in Water
29.Oh, Thine Heavenly Blastbeats 
30.Ballpoint Pen Grindage 
31. Disembowelment Of The Fallen Angels 
32.Get Mind Out Of Gutter 
33.Satan Will Die A Brutal, Gorrific Death (W/ Vocals) 
34.Just Makin' A Joyful Noise (W/ Vocals) 
35.Intro (W/Vocals)
36.Christ Kills Demons (W/ Vocals) 
37.Killing Utensils (Gore Version) 
38.A Moment Of Gore
39.Some More Gore
40.Untitled 1 (Jazzgrind) 
41.Untitled 2 (Piano n' Organs) 
42. Untitled 3 (Acrapacoustic Guitarded) 
43.Untitled 4 (Stupid Cheese) 
44.Littering And... 
45. Using A Convenience Store Receipt As Toilet Paper 

5 Lessons In Musical Scatology (5​-​way Split) 2010

1.Hot Beef Corrosion
2.When The Cow Comes Around 
3.Take A Shower, You Smell 
4. Ignorance Sandwich 
5.Rated R For Retarded 
6.Moose Redemption
7.Mutilation In The Groin Area 

 Dirty Taco Agenda 2010

1.Midnight Squirrel Jousting Fights In The Middle Of The Road 
2.Dirty Taco Pt. 1 ("This Mexican Pizza Sure Looks Suspicious, But I'll Eat It Anyway") 
3. Dirty Taco Interlude (Immediate Regret Consumes My Being As The Abomination Explores My Digestive Tract) 
4. Dirty Taco Pt. 2 ("That Was Way More Painful Going Out Than Coming In")
5.Bottom Feeder Rock 'N' Roll

 Punch You In The Pituitary Gland! 2010

1.Punch You In The Pituitary Gland!
2. Ereeerrab Bkmlmkbh (Pocket Dialing)

 Dire Diner's Diary of Diahrrea: A Collection of Mouth​-​Watering Abominations  2013

1.Melted Bowel and Organ Salad with Olive Oil And Chunks Of Grilled Brain Matter
2.Deviled Brain Delicacies, With A Dash Of Paprika, Chives And Eyeballs 
3. Human Skull Cereal Bowl Filled With Crunchy Wheat Things Soaked In Rotting Demonic Bovine "Milk" 
4.Disgusting, Rotted, Vomit-Soaked Hands Smothered In Foul-Smelling Soy Sauce 
5.Charred Fast Food Hors D'oeuvres, Sprinkled With Regurgitated Fingernails Of People Afflicted With Pica 
6.Enchilaburritacodillas, Containing The Aftermath Of An Explosive Cannibalistic Food Fight 
7.Gore Sandwich With Goretato Salad Topped with an Intense Desire to Murder A Nearby Lifeform 
8.Obliteration Of The Soft Palate By Intense Burning Mexican Food 
9.Severed Helping Hands That Laugh At You As They Travel Down Your Esophagus 
10.Regurgitated Blood Broth Soup, With Stewed Tomatoes and Offal Chunks 
11.Decapitation Beach Volleyball 
12. Lamb Offal Patty, Cooked On A Grill With Onions And Topped With Glow-In-The-Dark Cheese Product 
13. Chicken Gore Soup With Magical Fairyland Talking Mushrooms
14. Hot Dog Burger Taco Casserole, Deep-Fried and Splattered with Scalding, Flesh-Melting Butter 
15. Baked Flesh Potato Chips With Fresh Sewage Salsa (The Chunky Kind) 
16. Traumatizing Flesh Burger Made From The Smiles Of Conniving Space Clowns 
17.Eskimo-Style Blubber Slurpee With Whipped Cream (Or Sour Cream, Not Like It Matters) 
18.Finger Lickin' Good Scientologist-Cannibal Salad, With Bacon, A Surgically Removed Appendix And Mechanically Separated Chicken 
19.Flayed Vermin Projectiles Launched In Your Mouth With A Trebuchet Constructed Entirely Out Of Human Femurs 
20.Splattered Cranial Remains Of Some Pour Soul Who Listened To R. Black's "Friday" And J. Bieber's "Baby" One Too Many Times 
21. Intestinal Spaghetti With Sulphuric Wine Vinegarette And Questionable Foliage-Based Toppings 
22.. Pre-Digested Pizza Burger In Human Bile, Served With A Variety Of Ungodly, Indescribably Inhumane Toppings
23.The Hungry Hungry Emaciated Vegetarian Cannibal Salad Made From Meat-Eating Plants 
24.Oodles Of Poodles, Mutilated and Made To Look Like Noodles 
25.Fish That Smell Like Feet (100% Bird Nest) 
26. Slow-Roasted Wildebeest Tenderloin, Cut Into Four Triangles, Served On A Melted Plastic Plate, With A Dash Of Gravy Butt-Butter 
27.Severed Leg Recovered From Demon-Infested Lands, Tenderized And Soaked In Childrens' Tears And Horseradish (Mr. Wirt Approves) 
28. Indiana Jones' Intestinal Rope 
29.Glittery Vampire Blood Slurpee Sundae (With Extra Cherries) 
30.Mashed Eyeballs With Singed Eyebrow Hair Catsup 
31. Ring Around The Toilet (Onion Rings From Unspeakable Places) 
32. Hollowed Out Heads, Brought To A Slow Broil In The Jacuzzi With Carrots & Onions 
33. Stuffed Pancreas Surprise (Pockets That Are Hot) 
34. Rib Cannon Held Together With Radioactive Meat Glue Recovered From The 9th Level Of Traitors And Murderers 
35. Sentient Zombie Tacos With A Side Of Deep-Fried Ranch Dressing 
36.Delicious Fried Egg Burger, Made By A Blind Recovering Alcoholic With Leprosy And Attention Deficit Disorder 
37.Apricot Chicken With Asparagus, Sprinkled with Teflon Flakes And Burnt-On Cheese 
38. Diabetic Carnivore Cannibal Zombie Apocalypse Meat Cream (Mr. Brimley Approves) 
39.Armaggedon Super Fun Time Ice Cream Slamwich
40.Rocky Road Corny Chocolate Abomination 
41. Flesh Ke-Bobs, Grilled and Served On Recycled Hercules Hooks 
42.Filet-O-Brains Sandwich With Boiled Carnivorous Oysters And Vampiric Butt-Faced Creatures Of The Abyss 

  DxTxS / Hell Bovine Split  2013

1.DxTxS - Xanthobacter autotrophicus
2.DxTxS - Xanthobacter flavus
3.DxTxS - Xanthomonas albilineans 
4.DxTxS - Xanthomonas albilineans 
5.DxTxS - Xanthomonas ampelina 
6. DxTxS - Xanthomonas axonopodis 
7.DxTxS - Xanthomonas campestris 
8. DxTxS - Xanthomonas fragariae 
9. DxTxS - Xenorhabdus luminescens
10.DxTxS - Xenorhabdus nematophilus 
11.Putrefied Mucus Factory 
12. Regretfully Consuming Outback's Misteak 
13.Virulent Hamburger Domination 
14.Ramsayan-Style Reverse Ingestion 
15.Death to Bovine
16. Frankly, I Could Do Without Hot Dogs 
17.Flatulent Symmetry 
18.MRSA Milkshake at the Local In-Patient Hospital 
19.Unhelpful Bowel Relocation 
20.Verminous Halberdier 

A Very Bovine Christmas 2014

1.North Pole Preparation of Unnatural Ethereal Mega-Transport Sleigh Ride For Santa Claus on Christmas Eve
2.Rockin' Around the Pagan Idol 
3.Defying the Laws of Space, Time, and Gravity to Deliver Brand New Xbox Consoles to Deprived and Needy Children 
4.Triple Bypass Surgery Necessary for Transportation Through Middle-Class Home Chimneys 
5.Reindeer Fecal Matter and Coal Placed in Oversized Socks for Ill-Tempered and Misbehaved Children 
6.Santa Performing Illegal Omniscient Surveillance on All Potential Gift Recipients 
7.Stockings Stuffed with Holiday Cheer and Diabeetus 
8. Rudolph's Billion Dollar Law Suit Against The North Pole For Racial Discrimination
9.Torn Apart into Indiscernable Viscera By Santa's Claws 
10.Residents of the Island of Misfit Toys Performing Pagan Rituals to Spread Holiday Cheer And Savings Everywhere 
11.The Little Drvmmer Boy Joined a Trve Kvlt Norwegian Black Metal Band and Enjoys Blast Beats Thorovghly 
12. Frosty the Snowman's Permanent Death Due to Global Warming Attributed to Toxic Levels of Exhaust From Santa's Sleigh 
13. Greed-Driven Consumeristic Mindset Causing Borderline-Cannibalistic and Homicidal Tendencies in the American Public (Holiday Spirit) 
14.Decking the Halls with the Aftermath of Santa's Slay 
15.Santa's Beard is Chuck Norris 
16.Santa's Affiliation with Beelzebub 
17.The Greatest Gift Ever Given is Jesus 

 Bell Hovine + Unreleased Tracks and B​(​ovine​)​-​sides 2014

1.Bell Hovine
2.Enivob Lleh
3. Bev Holleni 
4.Bleh Onilve
5.Elven Bolhi
6.Bole Vhleni
7.Olive Nehlb
8.Vine Bohell
9.Blovie Henl
10.Vile Hoblen
11.Vell Hobine
12.Bile Vlohen
13.Henob Velli
14.Veil Obelhn
15.Hole Meib
16.Hoe Benlvil
17.Vino Behell
18.Level Hobin
19.Oven Billeh
20.Vein Ohbell
21.Nevi Hellob
22.Nobell Hive
23.Bevel Ohnil
24.Hellno Vibe
25.Eve Bilolhn
26.Love Helnib
27.Lob Liveneh
28.Lie Novhebi
29.Levole Bivn
30.Bovine Hell
31.Believ Ohin
32.Evil Henlob
33.Hell Bovine
34. Keep Your Hands to Yourself 
35.God Grant Me Strength 
36.His Holy Arsenal
37.Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Other Version) 
38.Negativity Causes Cancer 
39.Unreal Estate
40.Saving Up Money for a New Keyboard 
41. Controlled Chaotic Environment 
42. Got a Keyboard I Couldn't Afford 
43. An Opinionated Crowd 
44.Cranky Doucheface Anthem 
45. The Faint Taste of Bacteria Grown Overnight in Your Mouth 
46.An Undesirable Tongue Lashing 
47. His Holy Arsenal (Other Version) 
48.Sludge Butter Relish Cream Hot Dog 
49. The Just-Got-Punched-Through-The-Face Blues 
50. All Day I Dream About Pancakes 
51. Orthodontic Resin Nightmares 
52. Apocaggedon Armapocalypse 
53.Deadly Milk Mortality! 
54. The Physics of Grind 

 Equine Vs. Bovine: Origins (DeathToStrangers / Hell Bovine Split)  2014

1.DeathToStrangers - Slaying The Horse
2.DeathToStrangers - You Better Be Here By The Time This Song Ends 
3.DeathToStrangers - You Have Been Riding On That Horse For Too Long Now 
4.DeathToStrangers - Noisey Lazy Horses 
5.Bevel Ohnil
6.Bole Vhleni
7.Evil Henlob
8.Hellno Vibe
9.Vell Hobine

The Slaughtered Lamb Split 2014

1.Meticulous Bovine Enhancement Through Invasive Extradimensional Procedure
2.Continuous Process Improvement, Made Possible Through Ham Sandwich and Sausage Gravy Induced Vigilance 
3.Evil Demons Sent Into Fecal Terror Overdrive Through Presence of the Omnipresent 
4. The Goat Simulator Equates To Satan's Activities on Planet Earth 
5.. Enlightenment Achieved Through Early Morning Visits To Breakfast Establishments 
6. Spawn of Satan Meat Hoagies, Served With Potato Chips and Warnings of Eternal Damnation 
7. Saints of Jesus Christ Protected Through Holy Spirit-Empowered Kevlar Helmets 
8.Systematic Disembowelment, Dismemberment, Decapitation, and Demoralization of Satan's Defeated, Decrepit Corpse

  I Accidentally A Song​.​.​.    2014

2.Pardon My English...

 Raw Grind Resurrection (Split w/ SNB)  2015

 1.Shitnoise Bastards – Revenge Of The Cat
2.Shitnoise Bastards – Beer Hunter
3.Shitnoise Bastards – Once You're A Poser, You Will Be A Poser Forever
4.Shitnoise Bastards – Bad Communication
5.Shitnoise Bastards – Freak Appetite
6.Shitnoise Bastards – You Go To Wrong Way
7.Shitnoise Bastards – Napalm Fire
8.Shitnoise Bastards – Teach Me How To Be A Grindcore
9.Shitnoise Bastards – Say No To Police Violence
10.Shitnoise Bastards – Noisecore For Wrestling Theme
11.Shitnoise Bastards – Can You Hear The Sounds Of Shit?
12.Shitnoise Bastards – Noisejunkie
13.Shitnoise Bastards – If You Don't Have Money Please Stop To Be A Vinyl Collector, Do A Better Thing Like Collecting Stamps
14.Shitnoise Bastards – Better Do Something Than Talking Too Much Because It's Show How Stupid You Are
15.Hell Bovine – Big Ol' Cow With A Big Ol' Battle Axe
16.Hell Bovine – Allow Me To Ruin Your Day With 20 Selfies On Your News Feed
17.Hell Bovine – Myrtle Beach, SC Residents Are "Rattled" By Rattlesnakes
18.Hell Bovine – Obamacare: It's What's For Dinner
19.Hell Bovine – Scrumption Roadkill Possum Stew
20.Hell Bovine – Life Makes More Sense With Jesus
21.Hell Bovine – Satan Got Dysentery And The New Nickelback Album For Christmas

 Desiccant Taco Appendage 2015

1.Deconstructed Trivial Appendectomy
2.In Retrospection Of Digested Waffles
3.The Ghost Of Painful Bowel Movements' Past
4.Trifecta Of Misshapen Tragic Vending Machines
5.As Protective As A Styrofoam Door
6.Why Is My PODX3 Giving Me Troubles?
7.Unhealthy Obsession With Sunflower Seeds
8.Bible Study Time At My Favorite Breakfast Location (Waffle House)
9.Carefully Removing And Cleaning My Brain-Housing-Group
10.The First Law Of Physics And The Second Rule Of Gun Safety
11.A Torrent Of Wind And Illegal Downloads
12.Soldering Yourself To Death
13.I Forgot To Bring My Ditch Witch
14.Terrible Movie Adaptation Of Your Favorite Video Game
15.Inescapable Cloud Of Depression (And Mosquitos)
16.Infernal Bovine Is My Hell Bovine Cover Band (Blizzard Please Don't Sue Me)
17.Curved Screens Are For People With Curved Faces
18.Throwing Powdered Bleach Into Random Washers At The Laundromat
19.Today, The Lowcountry; Tomorrow, The World
20.Phyrexian Sleeper Agents Vs. Hilton Head Real Estate Agents
21.Life Without Jesus Is Like Salsa Without Onions
22.I Desiccan't Do This Alone
23.Reconstructed Swinery Conspiracy; Deophobic Cleric Of Bovine Flesh Amelioration
24.Why Are You Throwing Socket Wrenches At Squirrels?
25.Dirty Taco Pt. 3 (Diagnosed With Post-Tacomatic Stress Disorder)

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