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Once Nothing Discography (2005 - 2013)

Voice Of The Paragon EP 2005

1.This Song Is Ridiculous 
2. When the Light Turns Yellow, Don't Push the BREAKDOWN
3. Put Some Stank On It 
4. Wanna See My Bone Collection? 
5. North Carolina, 'Cause It Feels Like Home 
Earthmover EP 2007
1. Gunfire is the Sound of Freedom
3. All My Heroes Are Cowboys
4. Goodbye Hollywood
5. Put Some Stank On It
6. Forgive Me, Father 
First Came The Law 2008
1. The Intimidator
2. Avoid Me Like the Plague
3. Juliet or at Least What's Left of Her
4. Gunfire is the Sound of Freedom
5. The Dust of a Town 
6.My Sweet Medusa
7. Columbus Wasn't Looking for America
8. Then There Were Nine
9.All My Heroes Are Cowboys
10. The Truth About Me or Someone Like Me
11. Whiskey Breath 
12. ...And then Came Grace 

  The Indiana Sessions EP 2013

1.Darkest Days 
2. Kentucky Straight 
3.For Memories

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