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Life In Your Way Discography (2003 - 2011)

The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets... and Still Our Time Is Endless 2003

1.For the Flames Beneath Your 2.
2.Not A Word
3. Rewrite My Concepts
4.Long Letters
5.Meant To Be
6.My Devotion
8. Behind Unseen Walls
9. When It All Comes Down
Ignite And Rebuild 2005
1.Hope Is War
2.Light In Mine
3. Threads of Sincerity
4.To The Edge
5. This, The Midnight Fight
6.More Than Efforts
7. Stability
9.When Rules Change
10.The Change
Waking Giants 2007
1. Reach the End
2. Worthwhile
3. We Don't Believe
4.Making Waves
5.The Shame
6.Salty Grave
7. Help! The Arm of the Mighty
8. Threads of Sincerity
9. The Beauty of Grace
11.Beneath It All 
Kingdoms 2011
2. Blind in Retrospect 
3. Growth in Passion 
4. Forsaken Me (feat. Matt Wentworth)
5. Ruler of the Air (feat. Jake Luhrs)
6. Take Notes
8.Buried Idols
10.Who I Am
11.Like A River
12.The Healer
13. Ascension (feat. Joel Davis)

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