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Spitfire Discography (1997 - 2008)

Straining Toward What's To Come EP 1997

2.Forever And A Day

The Dead Next Door 1999

1. Please Don't Go Out Tonight 
2. Two Forty Eight Lie
3. Render, Quench, Create 
5. A Glance at Quintessence 
6. Good Cop, Bad Cop 
7. All Indentured Lovables 
8. The Burgundy Room 
9. What Ever Happened to the Indie Queen? 
10. DJ Jazzy Steve 
The Slideshow Whiplash EP 2001
1. this ain't vegas and you ain't elvis
2. bulletproof and tall as jesus
3. slideshow whiplash
Self - Help 2006
1.Meat Market
2.Go Ape
3.Life And Limb
4.Dear John
5.Leap Of Faith
7.Great White Noise
8. Comfort (The Iceman Cometh) 
9. Suicide Cult is Dead 
10. Kings of the Food Chain 
11. Ohm Driver 
Cult Fiction 2008
1. Arrhythmia Drift
2. Chemo Therapist
3.Apnea 1
5. Mother Earth In Labor
6.Dawn Patrol
7. The Animal Kingdom of Heaven's Gate
8. Track Marxist
 9.Brain debris
10.Pro - Life
11.Meth Monster
12.Meat Maker
13.Apnea 2
14.In Vitro
Black Leather EP 2008
1. Arrhythmia Drift
2.Animal Kingdom Of Heaven Gate
3. Chemo Therapist

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