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Final Axe Discography (1989 - 2010)

Beyond Hell's Gate 1989

1. Baptised in Blood
2.Are You Reday?
3.No Time To Die
4.Soldiers Of Compromise
5.Blind Faith
6.Close To Deliverance
7.Thrown In The Fire
8.War Cry
9.Dont Run Away
10.Rated X 
Axe Of The Apostles 2006
1. Heads Will Roll
2.Burn In Hell
3.Ball And Chain
4.Hangin By A Thread
5. Dealing With Death
6.Vengeance Is Mine
8.Metal Missionaires
9.We're Not Heroes
10.Worlds Away

Define The Great Line 2006

1.In Regards to Myself
2. A Moment Suspended in Time
3. There Could Be Nothing After This
4. You're Ever So Inviting
6. Returning Empty Handed
7. Casting Such a Thin Shadow
8. Moving for the Sake of Motion
9. Writing on the Walls
10. Everyone Looks So Good from Here
11. To Whom It May Concern

 Beyond Hell's Gate Collector's Edition 2010

1. Beyond the Gate (instrumental)
2. Baptized in Blood 
3.Are You Ready?
4. No Time to Die 
5. Soldier of Compromise 
6.Blind Faith
7.Area 51 (instrumental)
8. Close to Deliverance 
9. Thrown in the Fire 
10.Don't Run Away
11.War Cry
12.Rated X
13.Eternity (instrumental)

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