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Inhale Exhale Discography (2006 - 2012)

The Lost,The Sick,The Sacred 2006

2.By Grace
3. Frail Dreams and Rude Awakenings
4.Dance All Night
5. A Call to the Faithful
6. Touch of Deception
7. Your Walls...My Words
8. Tonight We Die Together
9. Sons of Tomorrow (to Noah James)
10. Roses Among the Ashes
11. The Lost,The Sick,The Sacred
I Swear... 2008
1. I Need a Space Ship (Instead I Got Problems) 
2. Its Myself Vs. Being a Man
3. The Impatient Will Suffer 
4. Is the Fact That I'm Trying to Do It, Doing It for You ? 
5. I Live the Bad Life (You Make It Worse) 
6. No One Is Invincible
7. The Words that We Have Chosen 
8. Drink Till We Drop 
9. Ill Die with No Friends and a Grin on My Face 
11. Knowledge = Priceless 
Bury Me Alive 2009
2.Did You Ever Have a Touch to Lose
4.Over And Out
5. A Dark Place For Your Mind to Be
9. Better Her Than Me
10. Thin Black Lines
11.An Era 
Movement 2012
2.Party Drama
3.A Poise  For Poison
4. Mirage in the Middle of Summer
5.The Collectors
7. Carpe Diem
8.Ain't No Trip to Cleveland 
9.See You Later
10. Under Sheets Stained in Blood

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