Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Apostisy Discography (1994 - 2007)

Hell Needs No Savior (demo) 1994

1.Storm Bringer
2.Erik the Red
3.Winter Land
4.Awaken the North

 Risen From the Dead (demo) 1996

1.In This Demise
2.Forgotten Home
4.In Account of My Death
5.Gardens of Grim Defeat

 Beginning of Sorrows (demo) 2004

1.Blood That Covered All Sin
2.Gardens of Grim Defeat
3.Amongs the Shadows of Rememberance

 Blood That Covers All Sin EP 2005

1.So It Begins
2.Lest we Forget
3.Blood that covers all Sin
5.First Frost of a Winter's Day

 Famine Of A Thousand Frozen Years 2007

1.Sympathy for the Dead
2.In Account of my Death
3.And Thus it was and Forever will Be
4.Never to Return
5.On the Fields of Battle
6.Den Okande Krigar
7.Famine of a Thousand Frozen Years
8.Dance of the Dead
9.Snava Skogsstig
10.Det Kvarglomd

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