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Grave Forsaken Discography (2005 - 2017)

Grave Forsaken (demo) 2005

1.The Calling
2.The North Wind
3.Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part I
4.Death on the Cross

Grave Forsaken EP 2005

1.The Calling
2.The North Wind
3.Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part I
4.Death on the Cross
5.Back to Basics

 Beside the River of Blood 2006

1.The Calling
2.Play it Loud
3.Death on the Cross
4.In Theory
5.Buried Alive
6.Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part I
7.The North Wind
8.Tribulation Cometh
9.Harder to Hate (Studio Demo)

 Horror and Sadness EP 2007

1.Horror and Sadness
2.Burried Alive
3.Light the Hall (demo)
4. emple of the Blessed (demo)
5.The North Wind (live)

 Destined for Ascension 2008

1.Warriors Of Light
2.Perish The Thought
3.Eternal Destiny
4.Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part II
6.Horror And Sadness
7.Destined For Ascension
8.No Eye Has Seen
9.Blood On The Scales
10.The Road To Damascus

  Light the Hall (live) 2009

1.The Calling 
2.Warriors of Light 
3.Perish the Thought 
4.Destined for Ascension 
5.Horror and Sadness 
6.Harder to Hate 
7.The North Wind 
8.No Eye Has Seen 
9.Wasting Power 
10.Death on the Cross 
11.Light the Hall

This Day Forth 2009

1.No News... Ain't Good News 
2.Mother of Harlots 
3.This Day Forth 
4.Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part III 
5.Wasting Power 
6.Death Undone 
7.Holy Blood 

 Fight to the Death 2010

2.Fight to the Death
3.War Is Hell
4.Black Saturday 
5.The Years of Carnage 
6.Call Me a Dreamer 
7.Destruction Comes
8.In Our Time of Trial 
9.This Dying Day
10.Light in the Shadow

 Reap What You Sow 2012

1.Reap What You Sow 
2.End of Days
3. Kill Your Idols 
4.Silent Screams
5.Victory or Death 
6.Ghost Light
7.Coming Home 
8.Situatuion Mass
9.Master of the World 

  Plugged In The System EP 2013

1.Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
2.Plugged In The System
3.Dare To Dream 
4Heaven Waits
5.What's Next 
7.So We Carry One 
8.Prisoner Of Consequence 

 The Fight Goes On 2015

1.The Fight Goes On 
2.There Is No Peace 
3.Politics of Popularity 
4.Four Creatures 
5.Duluth Airbase Intruder 
6.Strike the Oppressor 
7.God Is with Us
8.Glimpse of Armageddon

It Has Begun 2017

1.Run for Your Life
2.We Stand United
3.The Mission
4.It Has Begun
5.The One Who Knows
6.Battle On
7.Thoughts And Memories
8.No Longer The Broken Man
9.The Seafarer

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