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Segør Discography (2009 - 2014)

The Man of God 2009

1.Divine Love To Mankind
2.A Prayer of Faith in Time of Distress
3.The Eternity of God, and Man's Fraitly
4.Save Me, oh God
5.Prayer Of Moses
6.True Judgment of Mighty 

The Everlasting Grace 2009

1.The Spirit of the Truth 
2.Sweet Jesus
3.Alpha & Omega 
4.The World of Life
5.Show Your Mercy on Us 
6.The Deep Ocean of Peace 
7.The Beauty in the Darkness 
8.The Everlasting Grace
9.The Last Ruin 
10.The Love of God
11.The Lord Is My Shepered 
12.Celtic Prayer 
13.Aria (J.S.Bach) 
14.Ave Maria (Guitar-Violin) 
15.Ave Maria (Revitar-Flute) 
16.Ave Maria (Klavisin-Violin) 
17.Ave Maria (Piano-Oboe) 
18.Ave Maria (Klavisin-Choir) 

10 Commandments (single) 2010

1.10 Commandments 

 Warmageddon 2013

1.Preparation for War (Intro) 
2.The Valley of the Shadow of Death 
3.Even When You Fall 
4.In The Presence of the Holy One 
5.Endless Madness 
6.Vision of the Beast 
7.A Prison Without Walls 
8.Kingdom of Heaven 
9.The Storm
10.Glory and Dominion 
11.Symphony of Heavenly Peace (Outro) 
12. Breath of Life (Aperture cover)

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