Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

Dark Woods Discography (2009 - 2014)

In the Protection of the Strong Tower 2009

1.I Am
2.In the Night Song Woods 
3. Lord of Armies 
4. Into the Perpetual Light 
5. Salmo 42 
6. Ticket for Perpetual Light 

Destroying the Gods Northern 2010

1. Destroying the Woods Northern
2. In a Dark and Shady Hill
3. Long Night that Extends in the Horizon
4. Only Shades and Light
5. Is Firm My Son, I am Coming Back
6. Passage
7. The Antisatan
8. Twilight of the King
9. My King
  Entering the World of Dark Woods 2012

2. And If They Hide In Caves 
3. Never Crawl 
4. For Dark Night 
5. The Second King Returns 
6. Twilight of the King PT II 
7. The City Is On the Hill

  Cold Ice 2014

1. Cold Ice
2. Close Frost Eyes of Death
3. The Frost Orient War
4. Glimpse of the Land of Ice
5. My Soul in the Horizon
6. In the Deep Frost Caves
7. In the Winter Close my Eyes
8. Dark Woods - The Choice and His
9. The Lost Ancient Sound of Lord

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