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Rotting Serpent Discography (2003 - 2013)

Seduced by the Ghosts of Rotting Serpents (the Death of Antichrist) 2003

2.Dove on Distant Oaks 
3. Death of Antichrist 
4. The Cleansing of Exposed Filth 
5. Putrid Abscess 
6. The Midnight Blood Dripping from the Moon (Exodus from Pain) 
7. Black Funereal Mist 
8. Celebration of Praise (Katachthonios) 
9. Tragedy is her Lover 

Unblack Metal Ist Krieg 2012

1.Empowered Ritual Abuse Victim 03:32
2.Demons in the Congregation 04:23
3.Forced into Life 07:19
4.Toward a Place where no Death is 05:32
5.Freezing Stormclouds of Depression 04:51
6.Upon the Scorched Winds of Addiction 06:02
7.In the Presence of the Living God 05:16
8.Unblack Metal Ist Krieg 08:44
9.Where the Carcass is, the Birds will Gather (bonus track) 19:13

Raping the Grave 2012

 1.Autumn of Eighteen Exorcisms 12:57
2.Dogs will Lick Your Blood in the Streets 14:12
3.It's Good to Suffer when You're Young 28:52 Show lyrics
4.Only Fools Deny 08:24

5.Your Self does not Exist 12:03 

 Listen to the Donkey 2012

 1.Jesus is My Hope when I am Hopeless 14:15
2. ...then Face to Face 12:16
3.A Tower of Smoke by Day, a Pillar of Fire by night 08:23
4.Choking in Occult Entanglement 27:07
5.He Who Holds the Keys to Death and Hell 18:07 

 In the Dead of Winter 2012

 1.There but for the Grace of God Go I 07:33
2.In the Dead of Winter (Sun Won't Rise cover) 16:06
3.Break the Curse (in Jesus' Name) 06:07
4.Tolerance Will Not Be Tolerated 13:59
5.In Service to the God You Despise 08:52
6.Let the Dead Bury Their Own 11:17
7.Psalm 88 12:53

 Where is My God Now? 2012

1. Where is My God Now? 
2.Death Swallowed Up in Victory 
3.Je Suis Pathetique 
5.Bludgeoned to Life by Truth Undesired 
6.Kill Yourself for Jesus (original) 

 The Last Noel 2012

1.Dead Holly 
2.Drowning in Loneliness 
3.The Christmas-Eve that Would Not Die 
4.My Misery Compleat 
5.The Dance of Thirteen Dead Reindeer 
7.Journey to the North Pole 

 Extreme Conditions 2012

1.Shattered Spirits 
2.Abstract Faith 
3.Autumn Breeze 
4.Crystal Truth 
5.Farewell to Lovers and Friends 
7.Hate Me Then 
8.Locked in the Catacombs 
9.Ruins of Life 

 Solstice of Failed Prophecy 2012

2.Decompression v2.0 
3.Defecating Satan 
4.Divine Slavery 
5.Don't Forget the Sacrifice 
6.Inferno of Frost 
7.Perverse Incarnation 
8.Soldier of Misfortune II 
9.Through It All 
10.Unceremoniously Flung to the Outside 

  The Future Is Dead...2013

1.Flailing in a Fecal Sea 
2.Catholic Lies
4.The Last Step to Self-Destruction 
5.The Future Is Dead
6.Character Assassination 
7.Technological Advancement to Redundancy 
8.The Dead Coming Back to Life (bonus track) 

  Suicidal Ministries 2013

1.Uncompromising Display of Militance 
2. Warriors of Pure Light 
3. The Road to Hell Is Wide Enough for Everyone 
4. You Have Been Deceived 
5. Truth Is Not Relative 
6. Read the Bible Before You Choose to Oppose It 
7. Stupidity Is the Only Reality Created by Belief 
8. Gazing at the Altar of Souls 

  Breathless Mourning 2013

1.Funerailles Mort 
2.Beatiful Death
3.Bitter Embodyment 
4.Sterile Crypt
5.Mists of a Breathless Morning 
6.Performing My Own Autopsy (demo) 
7.Enraptured and Embalmed (demo) 

  Christian Funeral 2013

1.I Won't Be at My Funeral 
2.Suffer Inside a Shallow Grave 
3.Scared to Death of Living 
4.Threatening Decisions 
5.Trudging Through the Cemetaries of the Living 
6.Happy Valentine's Day 
7.Dreams of Dead Snakes (demo)

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