Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Betraying The Martyrs Discography (2009 - 2014)


The Hurt, The Divine, The Light EP 2009

1. Out Of Egypt
2. The Covenant
3. The Righteous With The Wicked
4. The Hurt, The Divine, The Light
5. Being Your Servant

 Breathe In Life 2011

1. Ad Astra
2. Martyrs
3. Man Made Disaster
4. Because Of You
5. Tapestry Of Me
6. Liberate Me Ex Inferis
7. Leave It All Behind
8. Life Is Precious
9. Love Lost
10. Azalée
11. When You're Alone

Phantom 2014

2.Where the World Ends
3.Walk Away
4.Let It Go (Disney's Frozen Cover)
5.L’Abysse des Anges
6.Phantom (Fly Away) (ft. Gus Farias of Volumes)
7.What's Left of You
9.Legends Never Die
11.Your Throne
12.Our Kingdom
13.Closure Found

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