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Torn Flesh Discography (1988 - 1989)

Thrashin  EP 1988

1.Living Active
2.Dead to the World
3.No Surfin' in Hell
4.Love Kills

Love Kills (demo) 1988

1.Hollywood Heaven 
2. Living Active 
3.Eat and Run
4. Dead to the World 
5. You Are Not Alone 
6. How Do You Feel 
7. No Surfin in Hell 
8. Sowing Machine 
9. If I Could Just Say No 
10. New Volume Zone 
11. GODog 
12. Where Worms Never Die 
13. The Hammer (Prelude) - instrumental
14.Love Kills

 Crux of the Mosh 1989

 1.Torn Flesh (Crux of the Mosh)
2.End the Fight
3.World Pollution
4.Dead to the World
5.Fire Escape
6.Happy Birthday
7.Kill the Dead
8.Gay Rights?
9.Man's Best Friend
10.Innocent Eyes
11.Hollywood Heaven
12.The Ultimate Finale

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