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Ordained Fate Discography (1989 - 2014)

Demo 1989

Side A
1.Midnight Exodus
2.The Light Bearer
3.Sweet Dreams

Side B
1.Trick of the Night
2.The Election
3.Mystic Wind

Ordained Fate (demo) 1990

1.Let's Make a Deal 
2.No Death 
3.Midnight Exodus 
4.Light Bearer 
5.The Haunted 
6.Temptation 2 
7.Wonderful Love

Ordained Fate 1992

1.Let's Make A Deal
3.Holy Wars
4.Wonderful Love
5.Gold Cross
6.Tame The Tongue
7.The Election
8.One Of The Insane
9.No Death

 Glimmer of Hope 1995

1.That's Entertainment
2.Parade Of Pain
3.So Many Hours
4.He's Alive
5.Gate Of Faith
7.Monkey On My Back
8.Divine Abandonment
9.Santa's Little Helper
10.Throne Of The Beast

 Demo Anthology (compilation) 2014

1.Minions of the Adversary 
2.The Pit
3.Midnight Exodus 
4.The Light Bearer
5.Sweet Dreams
6.Trick of the Night 
7.The Election
8.Mystic Wind 
9.Let's Make a Deal 
10.No Death
11.The Hunted
12.Temptation II 
13.Wonderful Love

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