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Last Battle Discography (2009 - 2013)

Through Thorns up to the Stars 2009

2.Faith of the Fathers
3.Shuts Off
4.Open Your Eyes
6.Through the Thorns Up to the Stars

 The Way Home 2010

1.Дорога Домой / The Way Home
2.Если Будем Мы с Любовью / If We Are Going to Love
3.Выбери Жизнь / Choose Life
4.В Городе Призраков / In the City of Ghosts
5.Скоро Злу Конец / Soon the End of Evil 
6.Восхождение / Ascending (instrumental)
7.Пойдем со Мной / Come with Me
8.Отправляйся с Богом / Go with God
9.Он Смерть Победил / He Defeated Death 

Arch of Thorns / Diamoth / Last Battle / Destroyer of Lie / Glamdring / White Funeral (split)
 Can't Take Away My God  2010

1.Glamdring - Sleep My Child
2.Glamdring - Consecrate
3.Last Battle - Vision
4.Last Battle - Faith of the Fathers
5.Diamoth - This Is War
6.Diamoth - Demonkiller
7.White Funeral - Waters to Blood
8.White Funeral - In the Midst of Battle
9.Arch of Thorns - The Coming Storm
10.Arch of Thorns - Sword of the Spirit
11.Destroyer of Lie - My Motherland
12.Destroyer of Lie - Destroyer of Lie

War 2011

3.Glory To The Heroes
5.Sky, Stars, Wind In Field
6.Conspiracy Against King
7.Eyes Full Of Pain
8.Till You Have Time
9.Last Battle
10.Path Of Warrior (Instrumental)

  Богатирі моєї Землі 2013

1.Народження Зірки
2.Богатирі моєї Землі
4.Джерело життя
6.Там де моя Земля
7.В цім світі
8.Народжені свобідними
9.Як сокіл
10 Мій шлях
11.У полум’ї битви

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