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Grave Robber Discography (2008 - 2015)

Be Afraid 2008

1.The Exorcist
3.Burn Witch Burn
5.Rigor Mortis
6.Buried Alive
7.Screams Of The Voiceless
11.Dark Angel
12.I Wanna Kill You Over And Over Again
13.I, Zombie
14.Army Of The Dead

Inner Sanctum (Retroactive) 2009

 1.Inner Sanctum [instrumental] (1:46)
2.Detonation A.D. (2:57)
3.Shadows (2:48)
4.Altered States (2:55)
5.Fear No Evil (3:16)
6.I'm Possessed  (2:11)
7.Tell Tale Hearts (4:01)
8.The Night Has Eyes (2:45)
9.Valley Of Dry Bones (3:35)
10.Men In Black (2:54)
11.I Spit On Your Grave (3:05)

12.Children of the Grave (3:43)

 Your're All Gonna Die! (Rottweiler) 2011 

 1.Flatliner [intro] (1:34)
2.You're All Gonna DIE! (3:09)
3.Paranormal Activity (3:17)
4.Invisible Man (4:27)
5.Something Wicked This Way Comes (3:14)
6.Nightbreed (3:51)
7.Haunted House (3:30)
8.Incredible Shrinking Woman (3:59)
9.Last Man On Earth  (4:18)
10.Fill This Place With Blood  (3:39)
11.Curse Of The Werewolf (5:11)

Straight To Hell (single) 2015

1.Straight To Hell

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