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Flesh Denial - " 2-Way Perversion Holocaust" (split) 2007

 2-Way Perversion Holocaust 
 Eternal Mystery / Flesh Denial (split) 2007

1.Eternal Mystery – Intro - GxSxFxGx
2.Eternal Mystery – Desecration
3.Eternal Mystery – Betrayed, Beaten, And Slaughtered
4.Eternal Mystery – Waging War Against The Forces Of Evil
5.Eternal Mystery – Deceived By The Goat
6.Eternal Mystery – Turn Back
7.Eternal Mystery – Decaying Thoughts Of Lust
8.Eternal Mystery – The Reek Of Hypocrisy
9.Eternal Mystery – Persecuted
10.Eternal Mystery – Faithless Belief
11.Eternal Mystery – Infected With Disease
12.Eternal Mystery – Mind Transplant
13.Eternal Mystery – Half-Rotted Corpse That Thinks It Still Alive
14.Flesh Denial – Denial Of The Flesh
15.Flesh Denial – Dismemberment Of Pornographic Material
16.Flesh Denial – Abortion Of Evil
17.Flesh Denial – A Few Seconds Of Truth
18.Flesh Denial – JxCx
19.Flesh Denial – Hacksaw Decapitation Of Sexual Immorality
20.Flesh Denial – Puking Out Fleshly Ways
21.Flesh Denial – The Screams Of those who Rejected Salvation
22.Flesh Denial – A Soundtrack To The Apocalypse
23.Flesh Denial – Surgical Removal Of The Cancer Of Sin
24.Flesh Denial – Evisceration Of Perversion
25.Flesh Denial – Chainsaw Dissection Of All Acts Of The Sin Nature

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