Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

What's Left of Nowhere Discography (2014 - 2016)

With Clean Hands 2014
2.Imitation Is the Highest Form of...
3.ThecSpoken Truth
4.Fate of a Sinner
6.Another Candle Lit Another 
7.Enough Is Enough
8.A New Reform
9.It's No Longer a Dream I Have Salvation
10.Silence Is Also Suicide
11.For His Sake
12.His Dying Breath

The Saved and Broken 2016

1.Amongst the Saved and Broken
2.Dissonant Truth
4.All Went Wrong
5. Aboard the Shattered Scene
6.This Place (feat. Wesley Forque)
7.You Will Suffer
8.Dreams and Nightmares    

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