Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Frank Needs Help Discography (2012 - 2016)

 I Am a Believer (single) 2012

1. I Am a Believer (Demo Edition) 

Mister Rich's Decay (single) 2013

1.Mister Rich's Decay 

The Storm Is Still Raging 2013

1.Intro (instrumental)
2.Outside Inside 
4.Mr. Rich's Decay 
5.Red Heart on a Paper 
6.A Song For You
7.I Am a Believer
8.Take Me As I Am 
10.Mission Love: Failed 
11.King Of Love
12.Storm Is Still Raging
13.Gifts (instrumental)
14.Bread for the Deathmachine 
15.Frank Needs Help 
16.Mr. Rich's Decay (Bonus Edit) 

 Dead Man Alive (single) 2015

1.Dead Man Alive

Dethroned EP 2016

2.Mexican Standoff
3.Tunnel Digger
4.False Prophet
5.Fake Promises (feat. Askara)
6.Follower (feat. Lena Tiefenthaler)  

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