Freitag, 25. Dezember 2015

Orphan Project Discography (2003 - 2009)


Orphan Found 2003
1.Coming into View I 
2.Discovering New Surroundings 
4.Full but Lonely 
5.Leaving My Seat at the Table 
6.Trickle Down
7.Coming into View II 
8. Encircling Arms of the Father 
9.See What He Sees
10.Orphan Found
11.Parts as One 
12.Paupers Unfulfilled 
13.Coming into View III 
14.Gazing Down on Golden Streets 
15. Outro: Wonderous Love 


Orphan Project II EP 2008
1.Angel's Desire 
2.My Goodness
3.Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover) 
4.Empty Me
Spooning Out the Sea 2009
2. Angels Desire 
4.To Me
5.One Dark Moment (Providence) 
6.My Goodness
7.Head on Your Platter 
8.Empty me
9. The Battle Rages On 
10.Spooning Out the Sea

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