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Audiovision Discography (2005 - 2013)


The Calling 2005

1.The Calling (3:28)
2.The King Is Alive (4:21)
3.Evil Or Divine (4:12)
4.The Rock Of My Soul (3:58)
5.Read Between The Lines (4:29)
6.Face To Face (3:49)
7.Show Me The Way (3:47)
8.Love Is Like Oxygen (6:36)
9.Hold Me (3:56)
10.Colors (4:46)

Focus 2010

2.Keep the Fire Burning 
3.We Are Not Alone 
4.The Son Will Come 
5.You Are the Reason 
6.Fruit of Love 
7.We Will Go
8.I Will Belong to You
9.The Way
10.The Gate

 Narnia / DivineFire / Audiovision / Golden Resurrection 
 Metal for Jesus (split) 2013

1.Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross 
2.Narnia - Living Water 
3.Narnia - Long Live The King 
4.Audiovision - The Way 
5.Audiovision - We Will Go 
6 DivineFire - Divinefire 
7.DivineFire - Live My Life For You 
8.Golden Resurrection - Proud To Wear The Holy Cross 
9.Modest Attraction - Down On My Knees 
10.Golden Resurrection - The Final Day 
11.Golden Resurrection - God’s Mercy 
12.DivineFire - Never Surrender 
13.Golden Resurrection - Flaming Youth 
14.Golden Resurrection - Golden Resurrection 
15.DivineFire - Open Your Eyes 
16.DivineFire - Bright Morning Star 
17.DivineFire - The Way To Eternity

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