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Divinefire Discography (2004 - 2013)


 Glory Thy Name 2004

1.From Death To Life
2.The World's On Fire
3.Never Surrender
4.The Sign
5.Out Of The Darkness
6.Pay It Forward
7.Live My Life For You
8.Free Like An Eagle
9.The Spirit
10.The Way To Eternity 

 Hero 2005

2.Secret Weapon
5.United as One
6.Leaving the Shadows
7.Open your Eyes
8.New Beginning
9.Cryptic Passages
10.The Show must go on 

  Into A New Dimension 2006

1.Vision Of The New Dawn
2.Passion & Fire
3.Time's Running Out
4.Into A New Dimension
5.Facing The Liar
6.Live Or Die
8.All For One
9.The Final Victory
10.The Last Encore
11.Free Like an Eagle (Bonustrack for Europe/USA)
Masters & Slaves (Bonustrack for japan)

 Farewell 2008

1.Calling The World
3.You Will Never Walk Away
4.Pass The Flame
5.Grow And Follow
6.My Roots Are Strong In You
7.King Of Kings
8.Heal Me

 Eye Of The Storm 2011

1.Time For Salvation
2.Hold On
3.Unchain My Soul
4.Bright Morning Star
5.To Love And Forgive
6.Even At My Lowest Point
7.Send Me Out
8.Masters And Slaves
9.The World's On Fire
10.Never Surrender
12.Close To The Fire

 Narnia / DivineFire / Audiovision / Golden Resurrection 
 Metal for Jesus (split) 2013

1.Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross 
2.Narnia - Living Water 
3.Narnia - Long Live The King 
4.Audiovision - The Way 
5.Audiovision - We Will Go 
6.DivineFire - Divinefire 
7.DivineFire - Live My Life For You 
8.Golden Resurrection - Proud To Wear The Holy Cross 
9.Modest Attraction - Down On My Knees 
10.Golden Resurrection - The Final Day 
11.Golden Resurrection - God’s Mercy 
12.DivineFire - Never Surrender 
13.Golden Resurrection - Flaming Youth 
14.Golden Resurrection - Golden Resurrection 
15.DivineFire - Open Your Eyes 
16.DivineFire - Bright Morning Star 
17.DivineFire - The Way To Eternity

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