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Secretion Discography (1994 - 2002)

Drained (cassete) 1994

1.Brain Erosion
2.Spontaneous Combustion
3.The Feast
4.Clinically Deceased
5.Internal Dissection 

Decay (demo) 1997

1.Living Remains
 2.Malicious Delight
 3.Cryptic Resurrection
 4.Mass Disembowelment
  5.Post Mortal Phetish
 6.As I Kil
  7.From Flesh to Pus

Freed from Torment  (demo) 2000

1.Spontaneous Combustion
2.Risen Sacrifice
4.Come All Neglected
5.Freed from Torment (instrumental)

 The Crucifier EP 2001

1.The Crucifier
2.Fight For Light
3.From Death to Life
4.Risen Sacrifice
5.Spontaneous Combustion

Reborn 2002

 1.Take it Back
 2.From Death to Life
 3.The Crucifier
 4.The Feast
 5.Freed From Torment
 6.Fight For Light
 7.Our Daily Prayer
 8.Found in Truth
 9.Mass Deliverance
 10.Risen Sacrifice
 11.Spontaneous Combus
13.As I Pray
14.Come All Neglected

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