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Dead Risen Discography (2009 - 2010)

1 Cor 13 (demo) 2009

1.Resisted to Bloodshed
2.I AM
3.Hour of Trial
4.The Knocking
5.Into Your Heart
6.Symbiotic Ghost

 Dysfunctional Rotout / Dead Risen / Hell Bovine (split) 2010
Cow Rot

1.Dysfunctional Rotout - Welcome To Reality
2.Dysfunctional Rotout - Autopsy:Insanity
3.Dysfunctional Rotout - Stolen Innocence
4.Dysfunctional Rotout - By the Hands of God
5.Dysfunctional Rotout - Deformed
6.Dysfunctional Rotout - Preparing the Way
7.Dysfunctional Rotout - Concept Within the Flesh
8.Dysfunctional Rotout - Mutilators
9.Dysfunctional Rotout - Breath of Hell
10.Dysfunctional Rotout - The Forgiving Power of Jesus Christ
11.Dead Risen - Resisted To Bloodshed
12.Dead Risen - I AM
13.Dead Risen - Hour of Trial
14.Dead Risen - The Knocking
15.Dead Risen - Into Your Heart
16.Dead Risen - Symbiotic Ghost
17.Dead Risen - Forever
18.Hell Bovine - Gigantic Cow Vs. Big Lizard
19.Hell Bovine - Drive Through Diner
20.Hell Bovine - Aussie Osbourne
21.Hell Bovine - Why Are You Dancing?
22.Hell Bovine - Rigorous Fart Tempo Change
23.Hell Bovine - Rotten Taco Sewage
24.Hell Bovine - Of Fate and Dentistry
25.Hell Bovine - Delete Your Liespace
26.Hell Bovine - Sorry About Using Your Name In Vain
27.Hell Bovine - Dysfunctionally Rotting Out

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