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God Discography (1994 - 2014)

Iconografic (Your Eye) demo 1994

1.The Polished Dirt 
2.Your Eye

Iconografic II (The Eye of Superior Knowledge) demo 1995

1.The Unique, Eternal and Indefinite...God! 
2.The Prayer and the Answer 
3.The Eye of Superior Knowledge
  Iconografic III (The Antropomorphic Image) demo 1996
1. Byzantine intro 
2. The Antropomorphic Image 
3. The Magic Moon and the Black Sun 
4. The Prayer and the Answer 
 From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne 1997
Side A
1. Intro/From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne 
2.The Waiting...
3.My Romance
4. Black Judgement Day 
5.Diabolus in Musica 
Side B
1. Pity of my Own Grief 
2. Și... 

God / Dies Irae
A Perennial Spleen / Iconografic & Apotropaic (split) 1997

1.Dies Irae - Nostalgia of the Origins 
2. Dies Irae - Rigor Mortis 
3. Dies Irae - Into the Symbolic Dimension
4. Dies Irae - Remorse 
5. Dies Irae - Chant of Penitence 
6. God - Diabolus in Musica 
7.God - Și...
8.God - My Romance 
 Sublime 1998
Side A
1. Intro to... 
2.Dreaming About You...
3. Prelude to... 
Side B
1.Vodă, Lăpușneanul 
2. Here Comes the Night... 
3. La răscruce... 
Aura 2002
3.Spirito sancto 
4.You're Everything 
6.I'm Nothingness 
10.Vodă Lăpușneanu (bonus)
11.My Romance...(bonus)
Hell & Heaven EP 2006

1.The Promised Land
2.Riders Of Hell & Heaven 
3.Barbarian Gods
4.Mystic Song
5. Riders from Hell (Hell's Angels version) 
 The Complete Works (compilation) 2013

1.From The Moldavian Ecclesiatic Throne (1997) 
2.Sublime (1998)
3.Aura (2002)
4. Hell & Heaven (2006) 
5. The Forefathers (Work In Progress) 
 Zal Mox EP 2014

1.Legea Pământului 
3. Greuceanul 
5. Tribes of the Frightening Forests

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